March 18th, 2009


Hi Everybody!  

My name is Brandon, not Dr. Nick.

I am 32, married, and looking for a few more LJ Friends.  No drama queens please.  If we have somethings in common, please comment, and I will add you.

A little of What I like;  The Watchmen, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Transformers, Def Leppard, Rob Zombie, Tattoos, Xbox 360 video games, Netflix, Computers (PC person).

I am
a very liberal person.  
a democrat.
a friend to the LBGT community.  
a cat owner (3 to be exact)
a casual gamer.
a hobbiest video editor (currently using Premiere Pro CS3).

I orignally grew up in NW Pennsylvania.  I moved to Hilo, Hawaii in 2004.  I met my wife onegroovy_chick  in an LJ community.  We spent about 3 months talking on the phone/texting/IM'ing before she came to Hawaii.  At which time we married after only 4 days.  It's been 3.5 years and we haven't killed each other yet!  In 2005 we moved to Yuma, AZ.  Stayed there for 2 years before moving to Oklahoma (which is where she is from).  

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Hello, I'm Sam. My 18th birthday is tomorrow. :) I am absurd/silly because I like to make other people laugh or brighten their day if I can. But I can post entries that are serious and honest. I write scripts ranging from victorian brothels to modern day teenage drug abuse. I love learning about people and everyone I know can share huge differences but I enjoy them all the same. I'm getting into the groove of posting pictures with my entries. If there's anyone who wants to ask me something, I'll be honest with my answer. And yup, that's all I can think of right now.

If you'd like to add me, comment here so that I know to add you back. :)

Looking to Make Some New Friends

So I'm 21 and in my senior year of college. I'm going for my bachelors in Psychology at RPI. After I finish that I'm going to grad school either in Arizona or DC. My LJ is a place where I post whatever thoughts come into my head. About 20% of my posts are friend locked, so feel free to go through and read anything I've written.

I really don't know what else to say, so this is kinda of a cop out, but posting some of my LJ bio here.

I grew up an only child and lived with parents that hovered over me. Because of that fact I came to RPI, where I'm currently finishing up my bachelors in Psychology. I'm half way through my last semester, then it's off to grad school somewhere. In the meantime I'm enjoying my last few months here, just living my life.

Other random stuff about me
-Born and raised in Michigan
- Top five movie in no order: Stranger Than Fiction, Gladiator, Return of the King, The Dark Knight, and Big Fish

You know here's some more random stuff about that I stole from a facebook note that I wrote.
1. I trust people a lot, and trust that if they say something they will do it. I've gotten burned by this trust a lot, but still maintain it.

2. I sometimes wonder if I'm manic depressive, because I am usually really happy for a few days, than because of almost nothing I become really depressed.

3. I'm continually questioning whether I say fuck, and man to much.

4. I know that I bitch a lot, and have tried to stop, but it just feels good to vent to people.

5. I know most of my problems with the world exist in my head, yet I still make them into larger issues than they actually are.

6. I already know what I want as my second tattoo

7. I feel at peace the most when I'm on the water, either wakeboarding, on my Jetski or just relaxing on the shore.

8. Most of my dreams are like action movies with me as the hero.

9. I really wish I knew if I was on the right path to take me to a job I will love.

10. If I didn't have friends who I knew I could tell everything and anything, I think I would go insane.

11. I love Seattle and hope to live there one day

12. I have a hard time changing anything about me and an even harder time implementing advice people give me, because I'm so set in my ways.

13. I believe in true love, even though I haven't found it for myself.

14. I do believe in karma to some extent, and this makes me wonder about some of the stuff that happens to me.

15. I would love to get in an actual fist fight with somebody once

16. I love peanut butter sandwiches and at them almost exclusively throughout most of my school years, that's 1st-12th grade.

Also here are some more random words about me.

Loyal, Social, Logical, Easily jealous, Rather reserved , Highly attentive, Likes to criticize, Needs close friends, Ambitious, serious, Smart, neat and organized, Hardworking and productive, Loves to teach and be taught, Quiet unless excited or tensed, Sensitive and has deep thoughts, Knows how to make others happy, Searches for the greatest romance, Resistant to illnesses but prone to colds, Romantic but has difficulties expressing love.

If you'd like to add me, comment here so that I know to add you back and we'll go from there.

the act of being polite

hi everyone.

I don't know why I'm making this post exactly, considering I'm not too fussed if I don't get 500 people adding me in the first hour.
I used to have a Livejournal account, but that went to hell, so I'm starting fresh I suppose.

I'm 16 years old.
I don't fit in with any teenage social stereotypes, well, I fit in multiple stereotypes.
I actually do listen to most music, not like those other people who say they listen to everything, but won't go near music that wasn't released this decade.
I love old films, and foreign films.
I'm pretty cynical and sarcastic, I can't help it though.

That's all, I don't like essay length introduction posts.
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be happy love life


My name is Caity (19). I recently deleted a lot of my friends because I didn't have a lot in common with them, and I was hoping to find some friends who have a lot in common with me.

I'm a Christian girl. I have a boyfriend of over three years. I'm a Beauty School student. I love fashion and shopping. Lately I've been really into reading and writing. I'm currently reading "Club Dead" which is the third book in the "Dead Until Dark" series (which is a show on HBO called True Blood). I am a virgin, and I don't drink or smoke or anything like that. I have strong opinions and I'm not afraid to share them.

Anything else you need to know...just ask!

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hi! my name's heidi. im 20 years old. i don't go to college. i don't party. i don't drink alcohol. i love my life. i have a 9 month old little boy. his name is jaxon and he is my everything. i live with my boyfriend aka his father. we fight. we argue. we bicker. we love eachother. i smoke weed on the daily, but it NEVER interferes with my son. i post a ton of pictures, usually of jaxon. i like music but i couldn't tell you a single song that's on the radio right now. i could tell you the words to all of the songs my son's toys play, though. i used to be bellybump but i lost the bump 9 months ago so i figured it was time for a name change. im looking for some kickass journals to read, so go ahead and pleaaasee add me. :)


Snowie. 19. girl. nerdy. college kid. gay. vulgar. loud. weird.
LIKES; anime, manga, reading, sleeping, concerts, loud music, disney.
LISTENS TO; the blood brothers, nine inch nails, and a lot of other crap i'm too lazy to list.
USUALLY FOUND; at a coffee shop (cliche, i know. but i like wifi :3) home on her fat ass rp-ing, on the floor of a library.


Hi Everybody...

My name is Dan

I am 18

Some random facts about me: I am an obnoxious yet exotic mix of black/Puerto Rican/Greek and British
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Japanese culture. Not just anime. I love their history, their horror, their music, their delicious food, religion, people, and my god their fashion is outta this world! Where the hell are all the Japanese designers during fashion week and other events? Maybe they've been there all along I just don't really follow fashion, oh well...whoops, I'm getting off track!!!!
I love music! I know it's a cliche, a huge one at that, but music saved me at a very drastic time in my life so I'm thankful for that. Metalcore is one of if not my favorite. I also love goth rock/metal, symphonic metal, alternative, electronica, post-hardcore, J-rock and French rock. Lots of stuff!
I've already joined an add me community and the response has been a tad overwhelming! I mean that in a good way, Im making friends =D I joined this one for some more =)
WHOOPEE! ...huh, does "Whoopee" count as a random fact about me?
I plan on dyeing my hair sometime in the summer if not sooner. Dark colors are what I need to go with. I'm thinking a dark purple tint or a blue...
I love Forever 21
I love Urban Outfitters
I love Hot Topic
Banana Republic has some good stuff, but overall too constricting for me
Vampires are the best mythical creature ever! They kick ass! And I've been thinking that BEFORE the Twilight craze.
I think thats it!
I'm a laid back guy! Feel free to add me as long as we have a few things in common! I prefer you be in the 18+ age range. If you 17, its cool go ahead and add me.
Lets see what happens!
Take Care,
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