March 19th, 2009


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I'm not new to Livejournal, I had one a few years ago. I thought it was time to give the site another chance. Problem is, I don't know anyone else on here. So, lots of new friends would be fun!

Here's the basics on me -

My name is Drea.
I live in North Carolina.
I would rather live in Japan.
I'm in love with the culture, fashion and food.
I'm also currently learning to speak Japanese.
I have pink and black hair, it changes a lot.
Doing my own and other people's makeup is fun.
Horror films are my favorite.
Old black && white monster movies are great.
Remakes can't compare to classics, in my opinion.
I also watch a lot of artsy films. Candy being my favorite.
Halloween is my favorite day of the year.
I like zombies, vampires, bats, spiders... anything creepy!
Yes, I love the Twilight saga.
But it didn't begin my love for vampires.
I'd blame that on Fright Night or From Dusk Til Dawn.
I read a lot, books and also comic books.
I like anime... a lot!
As far as music, I'm all over the place.
I listen to a little bit of everything.
Hello kitty is an addiction!
I like cute things like rainbows, cupcakes, 80's cartoons...
I make kandi a lot, I'll probably post pics from time to time.
And if you ever want to trade, that'd be awesome!

Mainly I'll post about my daily events, but I may post surveys, lyrics or movie quotes every now and then.
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Boo :)

Hey! I'm Holly.
I'm 19 years old and I live in Florida.

I'm looking for more people to converse with and read their journals and for them to actually read/respond to mine. I don't want just numbers!
So PLEASE, comment my Friends Only entry, add me, and I shall add you back.

If you add me without commenting, I most likely will not add you back, fyi.
If I also recognize you from my "personal life" I will definitely not add you back. No harm intended, but I'd rather not anyone I know be on my journal and know the inner-workings of my mind ;]

I'm a diagnosed moderate sociopath (i.e., antisocial personality disorder, as they call it now). I deal with it. I'm a lot better than I was a little over a year ago.
I have a problem showing any emotion for anyone. And when I do, I can never tell if it's real or not.

But generally, I'm a fun-type of girl. And I enjoy dark, serene things.
I loooove to party and hang out with my friends.
I love those long, endless nights that you NEVER want to end.

I enjoy photography, listening to metal/80's music, writing, reading as many books as possible, learning new things, walking, shopping, doing my hair for no damn reason, watching cartoons, and many other enjoyable things.

I have one half-brother, same mom, different dads. He's married with an almost two-year old baby girl, named Kayla.

I live with my asshole of a father. If you get into reading my journal, you will learn just how much of an asshole he really is.

My wonderful boyfriend is named Alex. We have our spats and our eternal hate for each other sometimes, but we pull through. And I love him! We've been together on and off for two years, but we have so far been completely on for 6 months now! Remember me stating I was a sociopath? This is the one person, who actually showed me that I could care.

I'm 5"4, and I have body issues. I use to weigh 250 lbs. And have lost a lot of the weight until now. Guess my weight, I don't care, haha.
I'm still struggling to lose about 20 more lbs. It's something I really want to do. I use to have a lot of confidence even when I was at 200. And it seems I've lost a lot of it due to insanity for a few months at the end of last year.

I'm on a healthy lifestyle journey, in hopes that I will ultimately reach my goal weight, but it's not just about that. It's about gaining my confidence back, and learning to be happy with myself again, no matter what.


I'll quit blabbering on. Want to know more? Check out my userinfo.

Then add me. Comment the Friends Only entry. And, we're good to go.

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So, about me:

-I'm Megan
-Turned 15 about 3 weeks ago
-Just moved for the first time in my life
-I'm addicted to music, I listen to mostly any form of rock. No heavy metal though. It makes me sick.
-I love everything about Sweden. Kind of weird, but Sweden is amazing.
-I know German, but I have a hard time pronouncing the words. 
-Panic at the Disco & The Cab are my two favorite bands.
-I like to make headers for my journal & I like to make them for others.
-I can count to 10 in 12 different languages.
-I like stupid humor and bad horror movies from like the 60s.
-Twilight needs to go bye-bye. Or at least not be everywhere.
-I'm hypersensitive to temperature change, so I love the spring and fall where the weather is the same in and out of a house.
-I miss the 90s where everything was so awesome.
-I love the colors Purple and Blue a little to much.
-I love to watch stand up. Demetri Martin & Jim Gaffigan are my two favorite comedians.
-LOVE LOVE LOVE the Boston Bruins. Huge hockey fan.
-I love the Red Sox also.
-Love the Movie Happy Gilmore, and every Adam Sandler movie.
-Yeah, that's about it.....

Only one request. Even if you don't want to add me, suggest some music. I'm looking around for some new stuff. =]
If you want to add,  go ahead.
See you around.

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Hi! I'm Angela.. aka Ange. I'm 22 I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia in a little town. I'm very friendly. I like all kinds of music, mainly rock & metal. I love making new friends, I need some new journal friends.. add me!


That's me btw.
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uk body

Needing new friends

Hello LJers. My name is Lydia, I'm 18, 19 in June and I would really like some new, interesting friends. Even if your not interesting I would still like to be friends.

I am very music orientated. If you have a very good taste in music then you will have my utter respect. I have a very long list of Music in my userinfo, but a few would be: Tool, Radiohead, A Perfect Circle, Cog, Birds of Tokyo, Deftones, Lily Allen, Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age, Silversun Pickups, The Bird and the Bee, Empire of the Sun, The Presets, Explosions in the Sky, Sigur Ros, as you can see it's really hard for me to choose a "few".

I am a Bass Player in a band. We are very stoner rock/grunge. I guess you could say a cross between Nirvana/Smashing Pumkins/QOTSA/Kyuss. Although we don't have a vocalist yet, it's so hard finding the right person.

Art is another big part of my life, Drawing, Painting, Crafts, Photography things like that. Anything that i can throw my creativity into is perfect for me.
So also writing is something I love to do. Although I haven't properly sat down and written a chapter in my novel or any of my short stories in a long time. (I hate work)

I'm also your stereotypical otaku. I love Manga, Anime, Anything Japanese. Don't hold it against me :] I've always been this way since I first saw Sailor Moon.

If you think you would get along with me I'd really like to hear from you, give me a comment either here or on my FO page and I'll be sure to comment back!
BUFFY *animated* Faith Heart

Cat Jolie

Hi! My name is Cat. I have been on LJ for a while now but am looking for some fresh blood so to speak.

I am 22 years old, bi-sexual, am currently in a relationship (with a girl), I love Angelina Jolie and reading Shakespeare.

I try to post as often as I can, and the same goes for commenting. I don't want anyone who considers "friend-ing" me being under the illusion that I will comment on every single post you make.

I can be random and weird. I am loyal and if you confide in me, it will stay only between us. My sense of humour can be dark. I sometimes comment about drugs so if you have something against that, then you should probably avoid me.

Otherwise I don't care about your age, although the mentality of someone over the age of 18 would be good.

I have a friend post on my journal, so feel free to comment <3

Look forward to meeting you!

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» Lexi.
» Female.
» Seventeen.
» Five foot three.
» High school senior.
» I'm shy and reclusive.
» I'm very much a night owl.
» Forgetful and absent-minded.
» I love Jeopardy and MythBusters.
» I'm fascinated by technology and art.
» I will be attending SFU in the fall of 2009.
» I love the smell of rain, paint, and oil.
» I love learning about the human mind.
» Calvin & Hobbes is the way of life.
» Doodling in my moleskins is fun.
» I procrastinate way too much.
» I think Pixar is awesome.
» I don't talk very much.
» I might like you.
» I wear glasses.
» I'm a bore.
» Hello.

Lisa. Female. 22. Florida. Nice to meet you. :)

Hello everybody!
Just looking for some new peoples to befriend.
I have a user profile. Look at it. Not completely updated, but you'd get the idea.
I have journal entries. Look at those too.
Those should give you the general idea. :)
Comment here if you want to add me, or just some entry on my journal, so I can add you back.

I post about my life, my newly forming relationship, work, random things. Some are friends only, others are obviously not.
I'm pretty chill.
I like commenting on people's journals (not obsessivly, and probably won't comment on every post), and don't expect you to comment on mine all the time.

I. Don't. Like. Drama. As in... What is written in my journal, stays in my journal.
I'm an active member of too_much_info among others (guess what, there is a list of the communities I'm in on my user info page! Who woulda known?). So basically, I have no shame.

Would love you meet you. :)

PS. I'm really not that big of a bitch as I came off to be.
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add me ?

name : katie. age : sixteen. state : alabama.

journal = friends only. cmt in the "friends only" entry in my journal if you wanna be added. : ]
mentalist - Teresa &quot;sky&quot;


Well, I'm looking for some new friends and journals. I met a few nice people the last time, so I wanted to try again.

So some facts about me:
- I'm 26 and the third kid out of five (yep, we're a big family)
- I'm Turkish, but born and raised in Germany, so English is my third language (hence all the mistakes in my entries :)
- I love to read, but a the moment I don't have much time for that, so I try to read at least a book per month (reading is important)
- my music taste is really "eclectic", so I listen to lot of different things
- you can call me a tv junkie, my favorites are Battlestar Galactica, Law and Order, Primeval, Cold Case, The Simpsons, etc.
- I love Star Trek, okay, I love nearly all kinds of sci-fi
- I don't drink, don't smoke and am at heart a couch potato
- I totally loose at video games (the last time I played one was "Tekken 3" on my brother's PS1 and "Tetris" is still my favorite)
- I try to comment on friends entries, but only if I have something to say

So, what do you say?

Or don't add me.Hell I don't care.

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New comment by </a></b></a>mylifebeginsnow on an entry in </a></b></a>keeperofthewall.
we dont really have much in common, i'd rather not add you, sorry.
1 day ago
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If I was looking for people just like me I would be stuck with stereotypes and white people. Who wants that?

Ok, if you do want to add me go ahead. If you don't go right on ahead and don't add me. Do we really need a discussion on why? There are many people I have not added and that is my deal but I'm not going to tell you why.

I have an open mind and don't judge your deal, all I ask is don't judge me as we don't know each other anyway.

So Add away or not its all cool.

                                                                               - Not in common

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