March 22nd, 2009

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If I were to just list off the basics, I would inform you that my name is Sonya, I'm nineteen, and I currently reside in Maine. Oh, and this would be me. However, I'm much more than a name, number, and location. For that reason, I'll continue.

I'm a pretty simple girl, in my opinion. I find most of my joy when I go to the ocean in the summer. I have three pet kitties that I adore more than anything else in this world. It's because of them, and my love for animals, that I'm trying to get in to college to become a vet tech. I find happiness in things such as driving around with my windows down, blasting the music with no destination, swinging on swing sets, flashlight tag, bike riding, and visiting the local animal shelter. I'm currently in the process of creating a road trip with my mother to visit Houston & Denver to look at the colleges I want to attend. I must mention I'm pretty stoked about this.

Most of all, I like to get to know my LJ friends. So if you're looking to just increase the number on your friends page, I'm not interested. I have a big heart, and ears that will listen for hours. Let's be friends. (:

I am me; nothing more, nothing less.

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hi. my name is melody.
- i am a twenty year old libra.
- i was born and raised in hilo, hawaii, but now reside in westminster, ca.
- photography is my passion; also my major.
- i love cooking and baking just as much.
- i have a boyfriend i have been dating for almost 3 years.
- i love stars, beaches, and the color midnight blue.
- i can be very emotional.
- how i met your mother, friends, lost, and scrubs are the shows for me.
- i just started to post and comment regularly.

i have lots more to say, but i will just leave it at that.

comment here or on my friends page to let me know you added me
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Hey people. Here's the deal: I'm one of those minglers that derives my ideas from other people's stories/experiences/ideas/etc. I've got some original ideas, too, of course. My point is I like LJ friends who enjoy discussing things, sharing ideas/stories/opinions... I need some really cool people to litter my brain-dumps with feedback, to extend my view of this ever-expanding (albeit doomed?) world. I carry my journal out as though it were my personal, hand-written diary, and I'd like other friends who do the same.

I'm 22 years old, and I think System of A Down is the best thing that ever happened to the music industry. I'm young, but I have a bit of an old soul. I like old rusty Volkswagen Beetles (even though I drive a Chevy ;P), The Beatles, classic dystopian literature (Brave New World, A Modest Proposal, etc). Oh yeah, and I ♥♥♥ playing video games, too. Particularly survival horror. I'll enjoy anything that involves flesh-eating zombies.

I can get along with just about anyone. Everyone has a story to tell, and I want the chance to hear every single one. many as I can, at least. |;

I also enjoy:
deep space photography; cult classic movies like The Rocky Horror Picture Show, A Clockwork Orange, and The Wall; Cypress Hill; The Mars Volta; cartoons like Duckman, Ren & Stimpy, Super Milk Chan, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force; staring into the void of space; philosophy; reading (about things like Doomsday theories, Conspiracy Theories, massacres, space phenomena, and other "odd" things)...

So come sniff around my journal and comment letting me know you added me. All ages/types/shapes/backgrounds are welcome.


I'm Andrea I'm new to LJ and I'm looking for online blog buddies :) :) I go to art school and I plan on majoring in Photography and minoring in Video... I'm a big talker so feel free to add me :P :P xD
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 okay so I feel like my original post was kind of lame!!!!!! so now i'm posting a new one...

I'm andrea

I'm kind of crazy.... I go to art school for Photo and Video

I want to have crazy people to chat with on LJ...


What I'm into:

Nude Photography
Meeting Crazy New People

actually pretty much anything!!!!!

so if you want to chat drop me a line sometime...

see ya

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My name is Salem and I'm 17. I do yoga every day and I work at Coffee Break. I also live with my boyfriend who I've been with for four years.
In the past few months I've been trying to grow up and find a medium between having a good time and being responsible. It's been going pretty well so far even though sometimes I go off the path a little bit. I love underground rap, eyeshadow, raves, creative writing, and Newports. I like to laugh, a lot, and I'm loud, and very stubborn. I complain about my boyfriend all the time but in all honesty I think he is the most amazing person I've ever met in my life. I love being happy.
I don't like snobs and my moods swing around a lot, but I can usually keep it under control. I used to be really narrow-minded when I was younger but over the past couple years I've changed that and now I really like talking to people who think differently than I do.

Add me? (:
Coffee Love

Let's be friends?!

 My parents gave me the god-awful name of Amanda. Nowadays I go by Mandy, except for legal matters. On June 24th 1989, somewhere around 8am, I was brought into the world. I grew up in Florida, but currently live in North Carolina. I have loved, and have been loved, I have hurt, and been hurt. I am human, which means if I haven't already, I'll probably let you down, disappoint, or displease you, but the truth of the matter is, I wasn't put on this earth to make you happy, I've FINALLY come to grips with that. I use to live my life to please other people, those days I wanted to end my life. So, I stopped living for others, and now I live for me, and I haven't wanted to die since. I don't love myself, AT ALL. I'm working on changing myself into who I want to be. (Ask me about my 5 year/10 year plan. ) I am NOT a Christian. I do however believe in God. I'm not perfect, just forgiven. I forgive way to easily and give too many "second chances". I don't stick up for myself,and I will probably (If I haven't already) let you walk all over me. But, if you dare cross my loved ones, I'll be the first to give you an earful,and swing a punch if necessary. I am a hopeless romantic,and fall for people too easily. I've had my heart broken several times,I blame only myself for that,hence why I'm single and happy,and NOT looking to change it any time soon. My sense of style is constantly changing,not to keep up with the joneses,but rather,to how my mood,and my life change. (Example:If I'm sad and upset, you'll most likely find me in sweats and a t-shirt) Contrary to popular belief: I AM NOT O.C.D. I just like things in their place,and neatly. I like my house clean and smelling good. I believe your home is a reflection of you. I stress. ALOT. About everything. I worry myself sick sometimes...okay alot of times. I lose alot of sleep because my mind just won't rest until it finds a solution for all the problems in my life. I don't sleep very much. I can't remember the last time I slept 8 hours in one night. I have nine piercings (3 in each ear,the top of my right ear,my nose,and my lip) don't judge me because of them! I like tattoos,and will be getting a couple. Music is a huge part of my life! I like everything from musicals to booty bumpin' beats , to knee slappin' lyrics. If a song explains how I'm feeling, I'll listen to it till I know the lyrics backwards and frontwards. If I'm having a bad day you'll probably find me in a bubble bath listening to my music so loud that I can't hear myself think. Sometimes it's just better that way,trust me. I scare most people with my driving. I STRONGLY dislike people who can't drive. I will pass you if your doing the speed limit or under. If you want to drive slow thats fine,but obey the sign: "Slower Traffic Keep Right"! And if you see me coming up behind you:MOVE! Don't just sit there and wonder if I'm gonna ram your ass,I will. Get to know me, and you'll know more!

Think we'll get along?  Do we have stuff in common?  Feel free to add,I always add back!  Questions? Ask em'! Feel free to read some of my journal to see if my crazy chaotic life would entertain you at all?
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I am eighteen, a girl, and I live in a pretty big town in the south of Ireland. My name is Kellie, and I am on here mostly because I love writing, reading (even journals) and I would really like to meet some new people. I had an LJ years ago and maintained it with the curious obsession only a thirteen year old can muster; in the intervening years I have gotten a life, thankfully, but there is something really gratifying about keeping a journal and reading the journals of others.

I am about to head to college in September having left the course I initially picked because it was both unstimulating and not what I wanted at all, and so for the moment I am tipping away at the local pharmacy in order to contribute somehow to my household. I am a pretty social person and have a lot of good friends but I am also quite introspective, which lends itself to journal-writing, I guess. What you'll find in my journal? My life, I suppose - what you'll find in anyone's journal, really - but hopefully the juicy bits and none of the tedium :) I update regularly - but not too regularly - and do try to make picture posts when possible.

My favourite book is Lolita and my favourite film is Annie Hall; I like all types of music but bonus points for indie, especially The Decemberists. I also quite adore musicals but please don't let that put you off. I'm very easygoing, loving and trusting - there is no point in being anything less.

Oh, and here's a pic. Sorry for the moodiness, I'm usually pretty smiley (if rather hammered in that picture).

You should add me if you are looking to make friends, to read a journal and to have your journal read. I would love to meet anyone at all, so everyone's welcome! Just comment on this post, the friends only one on my journal, or add me, and I'll add you right back :)