March 23rd, 2009

to be a friend or not to be.

        I'm typical.
I'm not anyone special, my life revolves around others, and I do everything in my power to make a better life for my son, and two step kids.
I'm not married, I'm engaged.

I'm 23 I'm a chick...My name is christ-eee-ahhh  (Christia)
I can't spell, I can't punctuate properly. My bad, and a spell check don't help none.

I'm very average, and my journals, are about my life. My stress. my accomplishments what I want to accomplish, and my minimum wage job, which sucks, and I'm over qualified for.

I am very much me. My stride is living day to day, and taking it all in as I can, and problem solving all my problems and about 50 million other problems that aren't mine... As they come. I'm a listener and I am full of advice. I love to make people laugh...

I threw all my Hopes , Dreams, and goals out the window when I turned 19/20. Sad....
But I picked a more meaning full life, wear I know I deserve everything I have. Because I've earned it and worked hard to get it.

I'm cranky and most people tell me I'm bitchy day to day, unless I have my monster in hand.

I'm not fatty I'm Puffy. It's true... So I'll soon shave off my puffiness.  well SHED it off.
I love to make people laugh, and I love to meet new people,. I like reading journals and I comment pretty regularly. I'll warn you if I wont be on for more than a few days, most of my absents are due to I'm busy, I'm schedualed 3 days a week, but I get called in alot more than what I should be. Ehhh MOney is Money...   Oh and I have 3 kids if you didn't catch that...

I'm also commonly a smart ass! 

so give me an add.  :)


I'm a 19-year-old college student living in Texas. I mostly write satirical dialogue in my journal, and a lot of people seem to agree that it's pretty funny. So I think I can entertain you :)

I'm asking for ljfriends again because my friends page has somehow become full of people (girls) who only complain about their weight and how many calories they've eaten and how many times they've thrown up that day, etc. It's really, incredibly depressing and I'm pretty sick of it.

I'm looking for livejournal friends who are intelligent enough to not let shallow things like that get to them (or at least not post about it every single day), who will post relatively regularly, who have a sense of humor and who understand the basic concepts of the English language.
haylie - pretty princess

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leah. 20. full - time mommy. taken by George since o7.03.07. south jersey girl. oldest of 3. assistant manager at sbarro. shorty. coffee and reeses addict. loves to take walks in the rain. talks too much. 25% italian. party animal. beach babe. avid facebooker. html novice. camera whore. loves music. arachnephobic. favorite color is turquoise. loves pasta.loves to watch movies. ADD ME ! I do comment when I have something to say.

Scared and Hurt

I will start out with my name. Everyone calls me Josie I live in the Suburbs of Chicago. 21 Years old. I am a pretty nice person. Lately I have going through tough times. I have friends but it seems like there all busy and most of them don't understand what I am going through. I just got my heartbroken by the love of my life and I can't seem to mend. On top of that I have this really bad eye infection and it may need surgery and I am so scared I never have gone through anything like this. Its so hard for me to think positive I feel like nobody cares and I have nobody to talk to about these things it seems nobody understands so I hope I can find a friend who can help me get through this and has gone through something like this. Fill free to add me or message me. Thanks.

Hello :)

So i think i'd better introduce myself.
My names Leah, i'm 16 from Scotland.

A bit about me:
-  Artistic.. love art, drawing, photography.
-  Sporty.. love running, trampolining, most team sports.
-  Love music and gigs.
-  Like to have lazy days watching movies.
-  Like to meet new people.
-  I like to stand up for what i believe in.. not afraid to stand my ground.
-  Love to meet new people.
-  Friends and family mean alot to me.. even if i don't always show it.
-  I really value other peoples oppinion.

Sooo any friends adds are welcome.. though i value friends who actually comment me and want to talk.. and i'll do the same in trying to comment regularly also. Being added then not keeping in conversation is not cool.


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So, I'm 20.
I live in Florida.
I go to school.
I'm not picky,

If you're a dumbass, don't add me. If you're going to be a cunt in comments, don't add me.

I don't post all the time and I don't comment. Doesn't mean I don't read though.

Just addd.