March 29th, 2009


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Hey! My name is Cindell in i live in AL,USA
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-21 years old
-i love the sun and being outdoors, yet i love cuddling up on the couch to watch some tv also.
-i love kurt halsey art and i love to doodle...all the time.
-i take wayyy too many pics for my own good b/c i love to edit them ^_^
-i have a strange fear of the palms of my hands, the bends of my elbows, and the bends of my knees (yea...i dunno)
-i love my boxer-Rusty
-im very open minded and have agnostic religious views...basically i believe in God but have my doubts, but don't believe in organized religion.
-i analyze everything...its a strong point AND a weakness
-i love any kind of really liking The Postal Service lately...ummm RHCP, Rilo Kiley...anything i promise.
-i don't censor my grammatical or spelling errors...they are usually on purpose or just dont care...just fyi
-i love having fun and im extremely spontaneous
-i always look innocent, but im usually into something...nothin illegal or bad...but yes, always into something...

If ya wanna know anything else, or think you may enjoy reading my journal or that i may enjoy reading yours...just add me or private msg me and i may add you back...most my journals are friends only...arrivederci
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Hi there! My name's Tracy
- Sales Associate & Model
- Criminology/Music Student
- 20 years young
- Sagittarius
- Singer, Dancer, Pianist ( somewhat guitar and drums lol)
- in LOVE with the Carebears and the show Arthur =)
- Fear of Driving
- Enjoys Thought Provoking Documentaries, Movies, Books
- Old School Music <3 ( by that I mean really old school 20s-80s stuff) but I also enjoy some mainstream stuff as well...
- Fitness Freak
- Can't get enough of FOOD and SLEEP
- Sewing & the number ;) LOL
- Photography, Fashion Design
- Open-minded, talkative and optimistic
- Animal Activist and Vegetarian (most days)
- I'm always reading something!
- Not very much liked by females - so hoping to make new friends on lj ^___^
- Everything my dog does makes me smile
- Complex life...
- I CHOOSE to be a happy person, even through my darkest days...
- I tend to write LENGTHY entries about everything that goes on in my life; I don't expect you to be able to read it all but a comment here and there would be nice
- I keep up with friends' entries and comment frequently
Interested in being friends? Comment to this entry and ADD ME =]


So.. This Is Me

Hey There,
I'm a 20 year old acting major. I also do improv/sketch/standup comedy in the city when I have time. I love movies, I write (plays, teleplays, screenplays, and fanfiction just for fun sometimes). I pull little pranks and film them. I do just about everything and anything for a laugh but that doesn't make me stupid. I'm actually a fairly well brought up and fairly intellectual individual.
I am the only adopted child in my family and I am the oldest of four kids. Some people find that weird, I've never really been horribly curious about it.

My journal consists of every day entries/updates, videos from shows/pranks, and then some photo posts.

I tend to get along with everyone as long as strong douchebaggery doesn't take place.

I try to comment as much as I can but my free time constantly changes pending on my schoolwork/productions/stuff.

Feel free to ask me questions and I'll answer them here if you're not too keen on adding me just yet... But maybe this will help convince you...



IASIP :: Charlie and Mac

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i live in massachusetts, my favorite food is lettuce, i am manic depressive and i have an unhealthy obsession with a man i shouldn't be interested in. i also am completely homosexual, but i am dating a man because i dont know how to tell him i don't like cock.

i need more friends, more people to know whats going on with me and more people to know about.

i aspire to be something more than what i am.


Hi everyone!

I'm looking for some new LJ-friends who update regularly :)
There are only a few people left on my friendslist who still update, so I thought, why not find some new friends?

My name is Florien, I'm 20 years old and I live in a small town near Amsterdam in the Netherlands.
I study Neuropsychology, if all goes well I'll have my Bachelor's degree in a few months.
That's my own head in my userpicture by the way. Hurray for MRI-technology ;)
I'm quite ambitious but I also enjoy going to rock concerts, hanging out with friends, and I love to travel.
In fact, next week I'll be in Switzerland for a few days.
I get along with most people although I am a pretty straightforward person and I like people who say what they think too.
I love watching films (arthouse films mostly but also classics like Monty Python) and I like music.
My favourite music at the moment; Patrick Wolf, the Prodigy, the Answer, the Dandy Warhols, NIN, Amanda Palmer.

I update regularly, comment often and I'm genuinly interested in getting to know people.
I write mostly about things I do, sometimes with pictures, most often without.
I guess it's mostly about university, work, friends, and going out.
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hi, my name's Hannah.

I had an lj aaaaaaages ago but not anymore, I deleted it but now I'm making a new one.

I cut my own hair because I don't trust other people and it looks better that way anyway. I do all my friend's' hair and they love it. Everybody asks where they got it done, and one day I will have my own salon.

I love road trips, z0mbies and red bull!!! hahaha.

I can be a bitch but so can everybody. I tell the truth, so just shut up and take it.

So what if I'm into the scene? People tell me every day that that 'trend' got over in 2006. Well, suck it, it's not a trend for me, its a way of life for me and a lot of my friends. I'm not going to be conformist like all the other girls that aren't scene anymore just because it's not fucking trendy enough for them. It's my livestyle choice and I love it.

add me if you can handle it.


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I'm a biracial girl with no biracial friends. I created a journal where I can write about my experiences and to specifically reach out to other biracials so we can all discuss our experiences, opinions etc. It'll cover a lot of topics that most biracials have to deal with at one time or another. Please add me and let's talk! :)


Hullo. My name is Jazmyn. I'm 17 and live in Iowayy. However, not for long.
-I LOVE history
-I love Harry Potter
-I am an avid film watcher
-I love anything Balkan!
-I love music (my favorite bands are Wilco, Cursive, Brand New, and Alkaline Trio) check out my
-I write. A lot. I have two novels in the works, but that will probably take me ages.
-I love politics. I think if you're a straight laced republican, we won't get alone. Sorry!

I think that's it.

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Hey all, my name is Sam. Up until now, I've been keeping my journal for me only, but I've decided I could use some friends so here I am! I'm your typical 16 year old girl, right now my world full on revolves around the social and academic scene of highschool (in that order), and I'm looking for anybody who gets what I'm going through. I'm pretty much chronicling my life day by day in my journal, writing down what happens so I can look back on how things change over this year. I'm not a picky sort of person, so anybody who plans on reading my entries is fine by me (and, of course, I'll be reading yours too).

Oh, and I love a lot of things, but I really love to read. I've been a little sidetracked lately, but I'm going to start reading a lot more now, and I'd love someone to talk books with (you know... share opinions, debate, be offered recommendations,etc.).

Some of my faves:
Authors & Books: Megan McCafferty, Mitch Albom, Libba Bray, Sarah Dessen, Ellen Hopkins, Deb Caletti, Markus Zusak.
Bridget Jones's Diary, Looking for Alaska, Play it as it Lays, The Time Traveler's Wife, Perks of Being a Wallflower, Stargirl, Eat Pray Love, The Lovely Bones, A Separate Peace, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, A Tale of Two Cities, Metamorphosis... I could go on forever. 

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Hi everyone.

I'm 20 years old.
I live in Illinois.
I'm in love with Chicago.
I go to school in a super small town, and miss home like crazy.
I'm studying english and spanish.
I'll be spending July in Argentina :)
I'm pansexual.
I love music, see my profile for more info.
Mixed cds/playlists are amazing.
I believe music can say things that we can't.
Obviously, I love to read.
I watch crap tv (reality shows)
I love the food network.
Movies are great.
I love candles and incense.
I have anxiety issues, but I'm learning to deal.

Please note:
- I created this journal because my old one was all people that I knew. This journal is my escape; it's where I vent. That is reflected in my entries, so If you don't want to read about my drama don't add me.
- Please don't add me if you're under 18. No offense, I just prefer people who are closer to my age.
- I may write about sex, nothing graphic, but if that might bother you then don't add me.
- I am pansexual, so if you're homophobic don't waste your time.
- Although I'm an english major, I don't pay much attention to spelling/grammar on I said this is my escape, not one of the tons of papers I have to write for school :)
- I do read all of my friends entries, but I don't comment spam. If I have something to say, then I'll comment. Or sometimes I'll comment just because I want you to know that someone read what you have to say.

I'm pretty open and I'm super honest. If you want to know something, just ask. Looking forward to meeting new people.
Comment here or send me a personal message.
World Geography
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Looking to add friends

Hi I'm Jessie. I've recently changed journals feeling that I needed a fresh start. I'm at a crossroads in my life right now and going through a lot of changes, figuring out my future, what I want to do with my life, looking for my place in the universe (who isn't?)

I am:

♥ 20
♥ College Student Double Majoring in Political Science & International Studies with a History Minor (possible Pre-Law track?) attending an all women's college in the middle of nowhere Virginia - it's not as fun as it sounds.
♥ Lived in Ireland, Israel, England and the US (have US, Irish & Israeli citizenship)
♥ Bi but in a relationship with the greatest guy ever :]

I like:

Reading, Writing, Poetry, Photography, Politics - conflicts and cultures, History - how the past influences the present, Horseback Riding (family has been breeding Connemara Ponies for nearly 50 years), Learning Languages (studying Japanese for my International Studies degree).

My Friends Only Post Here gives a good account of my interests, favorite books and tv shows etc.

My Journal is rather random and eclectic. I try to post several times a week. Posts can be anything from my favorite poetry and photos to music and soundtracks I have made for various things that are going on in my life and to suit my moods to current events and happenings in my Political Science courses that get me thinking and analyzing or snippits of every day life and convo's between me and my friends and Boyfriend. The occasional meme.

Add me and I'll add you back. It's as simple as that.

Hey [:

Heyyy. My name is Trevor. I am vegan and straight edge and I love to talk to people. I'm twenty years old and I am big into music and film. Add me if you are interesting. :)

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I just made a new one of these, after being MIA for years.


× My name is Teresa.
× I'm 21 years old.
× I drink a lot.
× Sometimes I don't make sense but I always say what I feel and mean in my journal because its my only outlet.
× Im music obsessed, and I love writing.
× My mom killed herself when I was 17.
× I have a tendency to sleep with guys I don't care about.
× I'm not bragging, im not proud of this, but it's apart of me.
× I'm madly in love with my best friend but I don't tell him so.
× I write about him a lot.
× If I like your journal I comment a lot.
× Tanning is rad.
× Starbucks is love.
× If you can match my music taste you amaze me, I like too much random shit.
× I'm weird but I'm sweet and I have been through a lot so sometimes I can be good at giving advice.
× and I don't know what else to say.

kay bye!


Hello !!
I'm new here. I'm a 24 yrs Japanese girl living in Japan.I'd like to make lots of friends around the world.
My native language is Japanese and not English so if there are some mistakes I'm sorry!

I like traveling,chatting wiz my friends,shopping,clubbing and so on.
to travel somewhere I have never been is always fun!
I have been to America more than 10 times.Countries I have ever been are Thailand,France,Korea,Austria and England. I want to visit Australia and Germany this yr!

I used to work at a clothes shop for about 2yrs and 4 months and I'm into fashion so much :D
if you are interested in me plz be my friend :)
thank you for reading!
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