March 30th, 2009


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I'm Natalie.
i love a lot of things. Some of them things include... Blunts, Food, Cooking, Movies, Redbox, Livejournal, Damien Rice, My sisters, Dank buds, Boos, Game Green cigarillos, Biggie Smalls, Country music, my baby sisters, and my brother too. my boyfriend, Robbie. Thunderstorms, The beach, My camera, 7up cherry antioxidant,the Twilight saga, Xanax, Tylenol 3's & 4's, the loop, rides with berto, blazin, and lots and lots of other things:) if you'd like to learn more about me, add me, maybe? & check out my photojournal too andsoitiss

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Here's the run-down on me:

I'm 24 years old and hold a BA in Creative Writing. I'm currently working on getting a BS in Communication Arts and Literature Secondary Teaching and my teaching certificate, a BS in Communications, and a BA in Literature. In a year, I'll have graduated again with four Bachelor's degrees and will be corrupting the minds of the teenage youth of America. Yay.

This is me dressed as a zombie during a recent Zombie Walk. I'm the girl in the middle. This is a picture taken of a television hooked up to a security camera, thus the awesome photo. Collapse )

I'm a member of American MENSA and thus have a low tolerance of stupidity. My LJ is filled with my rantings of my various encounters with idiots.

I used to be a radio DJ and it was kick-ass. I met a lot of great bands, interviewed them, got into the green rooms at various venues, etc. I have a refined music taste that could best be described as "twee with an alt-folk flair." I hate country and have a low tolerance for rap.

I am also an artist and, from time to time, post art I've done. It's mostly awesome with a mild hint of "suck" in there. But you'll find it interesting. Here is a drawing I recently did: Collapse )

You should add me if:
- You're not an idiot.
- You like reading my semi-humorous rants about morons as well as my semi-humorous raves about thus-and-so band.
- You want to!

You shouldn't add me if:
- You're an idiot.
- You like Twilight so much, you can't stand if I sometimes poke fun at it.
- You don't know how.

Um, so yeah. That's it. Peruse my public posts to see if I'm up your alley. I mostly maintain a friends-only journal, so you may be troubled by that.

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Im a geek
I hate odd numbers
I have ADD, OCD, and DP/DR among other things
I have the coolest weird-hat collection
Im  a metalhead, classic rocker, etc but you would never know it by looking at me
I laugh at things that happened days ago
I enjoy sarcasm
Im amused easily
X-Files and Rescue Me are the greatest shows ever
Quit reading this and add me
I smile everytime I see a midget
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hi im 20
my birthday just passed
i am currently in the army
this is now my outlet for those few times i am about to loose my mind
i like to write stories, poems or anything that comes to mind
i usually write things down in a book or on little pieces of papers
i just found this website
i typed in journals on yahoo search and thought i would try this out
i am the oldest in my family and i have to younger siblings
i love reading and going to school
i have friends from all over the very small world
i like going new places

im looking for friends who know who they are
not afraid speak their minds
and are cool

i am currently looking for new friends to share my thoughts with
and who wont mind me letting my ever so crazy thoughts roam
care to add me as a friend
maybe when i leave i could still keep in contact with you
naked smoke

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Hello! I'm Kryss, a 20 year old college student from Phoenix, Arizona.

I'm looking to add a bunch of new friends in hopes that I find a few I can connect with :] I'm interested in any sort of person at all, whether or not we are totally alike. Everyone has something different to offer, and I firmly believe everyone should be meeting as many people as they can. You can learn so much from others.

Add me/read me and we'll go from there. If you must know details then ask me, I'll be happy to tell you more specifics about me. And I'd appreciate a comment/message letting me know who you are!

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That's me behind the hair. ;)

I’m Nicole, an 18 year old bisexual girl from Sweden. I’m awesome.

Words are my art. I’m a shy person, people scare the hell out of me.
I’m a pessimist and a daydreamer. I have no idea what to do with my life.
I can’t live without my computer and I’m obsessed with certain TV-shows.
I believe in chocolate, ghosts, love (even if love doesn’t seem to believe in me) and some kind of higher power.
I sometimes feel like I was born too late. Life seemed to be much cooler back in the 60’s and the 70’s.

My LJ is about my not-so-interesting life. I post about things like life in general, my horse Alice, TV-shows, friends, family, school, pictures... That kind of stuff.

What are you waiting for? Add me!
Peace Out


I have learned something valuable from being in this community. That is, not to judge people based on their introductions. Not to make decisions based on first impressions. Get to know people a little more. I don't believe I've ever been majorly judgmental though. But on here I have taken chances on people who I've judged as slutty, arrogant, stupid, etc and have found out that they are actually really wonderful people. Thus I am open to anybody adding me. I don't mind for who you are or what you express in your journal.

I firmly believe everybody has some good in them and everybody has something amazing to offer others. It may not be a huge amount of people you're impressing, but at least one person you meet will love you completely. I'm all about finding the good in people and pointing it out to them. I love complimenting people, and it's natural to me.

I love conversation over most other things. If you ask me what I'm doing, it's probably talking. I love talking about life, memories, people and our place in the world, experiences, philosophy, psychology. I LOVE sharing my full self with others and having them open up to me about everything. I'm fascinated by everything, even down to the fact that I'm typing on a keyboard and random people all over the world are reading this. How amazing is that? Seriously. I love people who appreciate things like that.

I'm very self-aware and reflect inwards a lot. I like to think. I prefer people who are very open and know a lot about themselves. Better still, people who love to share everything that they know about themselves.

I have taken a long break from keeping up to date with commenting, but I feel that I'm back in the zone right now. I want to add more people and keep in touch better. 

I honestly don't care if you comment my journal, I just would like to read about your life. I don't want you to expect regular comments from me because I may not provide that. I always read though, because I am genuinely interested in the events of other people's lives. Please don't delete me just because I can't keep in touch every entry (you shouldn't add me if you want this).

Most people consider me talkative, outgoing, positive and deep. I prefer Indie over most music but that doesn't mean I am limited to it. I love pop, hip hop, rnb, rap, rock, classical, country, jazz, Arabic, Indian and everything else. My favourite music comes from Jack Johnson, Elliott Smith, Fleetwood Mac, RHCP, Dashboard Confessional, Eminem, Britney Spears, Yann Tiersen and Blink 182. I love the radio and listen to everything on there.

I have a profile you might like to check out.

You don't need to comment to add me. Just add away :).

By the way, my name is Mia.
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Hey! My names Beki :)

☺ I'm a geek at heart even though no one knows it.
☺ I love comic books and just normal books.
☺ Music rocks and I can't get enough of it.
☺ I get obsessed with things easily and don't stop loving it, but who doesn't?
☺ I work part time in child care even though I don't have an ambition in that line of job.
☺ I love films. You name a film and I've watched it. (Mainly horrors!)
☺ Black and curly is what my hair does, but I like it.
☺ I'll dress however I want and no one could tell me different.
☺ I'll rant about stuff no one cares about or I'll tell you something interesting.
☺ I'm friendly and as nice as anything.
☺ I won't bite :)
☺ 15 going on 16

Add me if you like :D
It's what I came here for.

Add me here, and I'll add you back.

hi, i'm me can call me art.
i'm 16 and you could say i'm an artist, tomboy, general freak of nature. but the english language still fails to define me...
okay, so about me...
i like to paint, draw, run, play video games, go camping, hiking, swimming, and party, work out, act, and write.
i'm really out-of-the-box.
i watch a lot of movies and tv "for acting". i really like a good story i love a good character.
if i had money, i'd probably freak out. i've always been poor. i'm really cheap. lol
i want to live in NYC as soon as possible.
i haven't been many places but i really want to travel all over the world someday.
i paint the kind of work that makes people scared to meet to artist.
i'm laid back and crazy at the same time.
i don't "fit" anywhere. and i like that.
i'm bisexual. nobody in my life knows.
i have to always be doing something new or i go insane with boredom.
i'm the kind of person that you pick out and notice on the street when there are tons of people around, which is a good and bad thing. most of the people i know say they noticed me before they met me. i've gotten used to it and it's actually made me confident.
AND i'm new to livejoural and looking for people to "talk" to about random things. so if you want to be friends let me know :-)

also... it's me! but you can't really see me. i still think it's the shit.

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