March 31st, 2009

what at

open up your eyes.

hi there. i'll keep this short and simple.

my name is steph. i'm totally new to livejournal and i'm looking for some friends.
i'm 18, and i'm from st. john's newfoundland canada.
graduted high school last year, doing nothing now so i have 24/7 to live my life and have fun.
i always drink way too much, and downtown nightclubs are my home away from home.
i love house music, but i'm really open to anything.
living in newfoundland is such a crazy adventure, there's not much to do here so you have to make your own fun.

i always have something to say. i haven't updated yet, but i will start soon enough.
hope i intrigued you. and enjoy.


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He's my mini me.

I'm a guy.
I'm 21 and in college.
Music runs my life.
I'm probably an insomniac.
I love blunts and bongs.
I hate people who do things just to fit in.
I usually never make sense.
Sarcasm is the shit.
Blacking out after drinking is a big hobby of mine.
I get along with almost everyone I meet.
I trust people too quickly but never trust them completely. (if that makes sense)
I'm far from a boring person, too much shit has happened in my life.
I have the weirdest thoughts, but usually always keep them to myself.
I never hesitate to help friends with anything, yet I never ask for help from anyone.
At any given moment, I'm probably thinking about 3 or 4 different things.
If the world was ending tomorrow by some divine comet, I would be the guy to pull up a lawn chair and say let's get high and watch the fireworks.
leave a comment...or not.

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My name is Vada, and i am twenty one years old. I live with my boyfriend, of close to four years and my two children. We stay in the basement of my in-laws, whom i more times than not despise. On March 9,2009 i began my externship for Medical Assisting, at CHCWM, where i failed miserably and are waiting to be re-assigned. I enjoy reading and am taking part in the fifty book challenge.I have recently been big time into the video game World of Warcraft, where i have quite a few blood elfs, yet my highest leveld toon is 30!  I have my ups and downs, i go through hard times and i have my good days. Lately, there have been more bad times than good. My boyfriend and I have recently exchanged our "I love you's" and thats kinda weird to me. I am just looking for some good friends, that will talk with me on here, possibly in
email, and messanger.

Hibari Bloody


Hi my name's Nikki and I'm 17.

That's me. Don't ask, I'm just weird. ^_^

I'm probably one of the most random people you will EVER meet.
I like to hunt, watch anime, read (a lot), write, draw, use photoshop, drive, being a teenager, and hanging out with friends.
I'm completely random, and my moods can change on a dime, but I'm still a great listener and am fun to talk to. (Or so I've been told. I have no idea if it's true or not.)
I'm going through a lot of hard times right now... so I just need friends that are willing to talk and stuff.
I love conversation and i also love making things for my friends: be it avatars or wallpapers and stuff. (I've been a little addicted to Photoshop, go figure. :/)

I love my family and my friends more than anything in the world.

So add me if you want to get to know me! ^_^

Comment me if you want, too.

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I'm Leigh. I'm 20. I'm Scottish.

I'm not looking for friends to comment, etc, although I am not opposed to the idea, I am just looking for people with somewhat interesting updates that can entertain me while I procrastinate my student life away.