April 3rd, 2009

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Hi! I'm 21 years old student from Russia.
I learn IT-security and languages(English and French).
I interest about everything: sport, music, computer, food, flowers, etc.
I want to correspond with everybody.
Add me =)
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I am Amber Dawn. This is me at my prom.
I like art and toys and things that cost less than a dollar.
I love any combination of the two.
I am a writer and an artist and a student.

My journal is for

A. entertaining myself
B. entertaining you

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hi, my name is allison and i'm eighteen years old. i'll be a high school graduate in may, and a freshman in college majoring in journalism come fall.

i tend to be very introverted and shy before i get to know people, and this often leads others to think i'm either anti-social, stuck up, a bitch, or all three; in reality i am a very nice person who is far more bitchier in my head than i could ever be out loud. i'm not one to surround myself with a lot of people, and while i love being independent and bragging about how i don't have more people i call "friends" than i can actually count on, i am working on coming out of my shell more. my passion is writing, the two things i love most in the world are my dog, rory, and my mom.

i enjoy watching scrubs every night at 11PM, it is the only thing that makes sense in my life right now when i am overworked and underslept (mostly because of the crazy sleep schedule i impose on myself). i am an avid reader and the librarians at my local library say hi to me whenever i come in, i want to volunteer at the library this summer. i love dogs--all dogs, from the big intimidating ones to the small ones who will actually do more damage. i'm not big on tv but the things i do watch are: csi, bones, svu, SKINS, ac 360, the soup, and true blood. i love music...a little bit of everything, and some of my favorite artists are arctic monkeys, m.i.a., kanye west, lily allen, ben kweller, john mayer, jason mraz, john legend, sondre lerche, etc. i am interested in politics, although i'd like to know more about how the political system actually works. i am an agnostic who is genuinely interested in all of the religions of the world, but i don't like people trying to force their beliefs on me; i am a skeptic and believe if something sounds too good to be true when it comes to religion then well...it's probably a cult. my mom thinks i'm too sarcastic for my own good, but i learned in 7th grade that there's never a such thing as too sarcastic. i am an optimist and a realist, although i've noticed most people seem to think realist and pessimist are interchangeable.

my entries aren't that interesting. they are all about me being confused (about a lot of things), how much everything annoys me, what i watched on tv, school, my friends and my love/hate relationship with them, why that guy isn't into me and if anyone will ever be interested in me, musings, repeat. i've talked far too much about myself when i'm probably not even going to make any friends from this anyway. but if you DO want to be friends, feel free to add me :)


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Hello everyone! I'm Josh and I am super new to livejournal. Just looking for friends or whatever.
I'm 20, live in Virginia, have a job. Ummm, I don't know what else to say haha.
Add me if you wanna!

bim skalla bim

I'm a 31 year old married male.

I am originally from Massachusetts. Lived in Hawaii for 3 years (my wife was born and raised on the North Shore). Presently living in Italy and I've been here almost 2 years).

I am a left wing, pseudo intellectual, quasi anarchist, anti theist, semi socialist, anti racist, anti sexist revolutionary and I am very, very bored.
I want to start an independent nation state on a deserted tropical island.
I have a fondness for the arts. I'm primarlily interested in indie rock and reggae. I have a history with punk. I like to ski, hike and spend time underwater or as far away from humanity as I can get. I loathe my job.

I am a pessimist by nature.

I would like to find some new LJ aquaintences who have "interesting" lives and are active users of their LJ. It'll give me something to do at work besides working on my masters degree. There's nothing too profound in my LJ, mostly just daily accounts of my life and rants about how the world is unfair.
Add me and if I like what I see in your LJ then I'll add you back.

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those are all me.
me, being lindsey, a 19 year old chica living in the bay area [the cali version.]
i like weird, quirky people.
i like people who take a shitload of pictures
(under an lj cut, of course.)
i like people who like rainbows, unicorns, and dressing like a 5-year old.

i don't like adding people who post about nothing but anime fandoms.
or fandoms of any sort. they're okay once in a while.
but only once in a while.

i like marijuana.

add me if we fit, so i can love you forever <3

[x-posted a wee little bit.]

P.S. - Please let me know in my FRIENDS-ONLY entry if you add me :D it's the first one on my journal.
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