April 11th, 2009

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my name is nicole, i'm 20 years old and i'm from new york.

I'm not new to livejournal but i haven't used my in forever so i decided to make a new one. Which is the reason why i lack in the friends list area.

i'm down to earth and really easy to get along with. I enjoy rainy days while drinking coffee & listening to Bob Dylan. I love photography & my cannon rebel, i take it everywhere and use it all the time. I can be loud and talk a lot when i'm nervous, i sometimes take things too seriously. I believe in karma to the fullest and i think i care about people way to much. Anyway, i like to read peoples journals and comment so just add me & i'm sure to do the same. 
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Hello my name is Tiff and I have a horse named Beautiful whom is a b&W paint mare. I love twilight and harry potter. I love to play on the comp and to watch movies. I LOVE comments :)

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I haven't done this in forever.

I'm julie.
I've been using LJ since early high school, though not the same journal. Stuck with this one for a few years & plan on continuing to do so.
21, communications major, sarcastic, restless, hyper, & a million other things. I'm a grammar nazi & I write about all sorts of dandy things. There's no censorship here. I also love photography & frequently post pictures.

I update multiple times a week & comment when I can. I'm busy with all sorts of things, so don't expect a comment on every single entry. But really, don't expect a comment on every other entry either. I assure you, I do read. Nor do I have any kind of demands of frequent comments either.

I'm no druggie & I rarely drink. not that I don't like drinking, I just find no point in doing it often..or have any desire too. I'm more of a loner by nature & constantly in my own thoughts.
I do my own thing, no matter what...& yes..I really mean no-matter-what.
People say I'm pretty funny, I take pride in that. I love alternative music, it's my favorite genre. I listen to all aspects of rock 'n' roll though.

I hate my job. I'm an EKG tech in a local hospital & despise it more each & every time I go there to work. I'm trying to find other options, but it's a struggle. I often write about ridiculous happenings..which consists mostly of my co-workers & bosses being total douchebags.

Drama is not very fun, thus I tend to avoid it, at all costs. Unfortunately, I can only hide for so long. It's not your typical eye roll, oh-god-shutup-stupid situations, sadly. I only wish it were. Too young to deal with it, getting too tired to care.

18+ are more than welcome to friend me.
No one who only writes about their relationship, relationship drama, druggies of any kind, party kids who think they're oh so cool for writing about it in LJ, anything along those lines. I have no interest, I don't care.
I want intelligent, creative & people with great senses of humor. who have substance, who actually have some kind of a life, goals, aspirations, all the good stuff.
Oh & active. Not "I update every two or so weeks!" often..but atleast once, or twice a week.

Comment here, or on my friends only post.