April 12th, 2009


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Looking for some fresh faces :)
Check out the interests, etc to see if
we might be compatible.  But I adore
diversity, so add me even if we seem
like total opposites!
Let me know if you add me, so I can add you back :)

Hey There

'Ello there all.
I'm new to this community and to LJ and I'm only lookin for friends who are interesting, have a sense of humor, and are kind.
Here you can call me
~*Jinx*~ and I'm a person who takes a genuine interest in others' posts and always promises to comment. I hope I meet a few people who can do the same. =)

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I have to be nameless, because my livejournal is basically a collection of notes that I would send to people after I die.  In essence, suicide notes.  I have no intention of committing suicide, but I find writing out these angsty letters to be a real release sometimes.

I would love to get feedback and comments and even make a friend who is going through the same sort of tumultuous relationships in a tumultuous life as I am.


Hello, my name is Kirsty.
I am 19, Taken and a student.
I run a fashion blog called bellefantaisie.net
I'm new to livejournal but I love making new friends and contributing to communities, which I am used to over on my blog!
Comment me and we can be friends!


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Last time I did this I got some awesome friends so why not do it again? :)

I'm 20 years old. This journal was created for the purpose of documenting my internal growth as a person, but you'll catch me writing about other, meaningless things as well. I try to keep those types of entries to a minimum though, and will often delete them.

I don't like the conventional ideas of God and I find the more unorthodox ideas of what God and spirituality are to be really fascinating. I'm not a fan of any sort of dogma as I think religion limits us as human beings, spirits, and creative entities. But if you're religious, I won't judge you...unless you write about gays being sinners or something equally as stupid.

I'm totally against the government. I'm always fighting the power. I didn't support Bush and I don't support our current president either. I may vent once in a while about how much Obama is getting away with, and I'd love to discuss politics with you, as long as you can do so calmly and respectfully. I don't consider myself a part of either party, and although I usually side with democrats, I wanted Ron Paul as president. I wish I lived in London so I could protest the bullshit with the masses. Here in America no one really gets pissed about people taking away their rights. But it's cool at least some people are protesting against the taxes. Hey, it's a start! I don't ever mock a protester because it means they at least have the balls to fight for what they believe in.

I'm a biology student and I'm going to become an oncologist. My deepest passion is the cancer movement. I believe there's a natural cure we don't know about yet and I want to help people find it. I work as a receptionist for a doctor now and the corruption of the medical field is astounding. I'll be part of the change...not just a legal drug dealer.

I'm a vegetarian and I love animals.

I love money, and sex.

I live in the midwest but sometime in the near future I will be moving to New York City -- any people from there are especially welcome, then.

Talk to you soon!