April 14th, 2009


Very new.....and not a bot!

Basically what the subject line says. I just signed up for LJ and don't know a soul on here...minus three real life friends who need to tell me their usernames!

My name is Elisa and I'm a single girl from Illinois. I'm 18 and still deciding what I want to do with my life. I'm easy going but very much a girly girl. I love makeup, glitter, sparkly things and anything else that makes a girl squee.

I have a dog named Izzy. You can see a pic of me and her on my profile. I love dogs! I used to work at a pet store but quit when I got tired of cleaning the fish tanks. My next job was at a bookstore which was alot less messy!

Speaking of books....I love to read! My fav authors are Mary Higgins Clark, Dean Koontz, J.R.R Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. Suspense, the supernatural and fantasy are my favs because when I've had a long day, I'm able to escape to another world.

I love most types of music including, pop, r&b, country and rock. Some of my fav artists are Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, (Say what you want but she's still hot!) Rascal Flatts, Justin Timberlake, Flo Rida, Lady Gaga, U2, Julianne Hough, Christina Aguilera, Coldplay, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift and so many more I lose track.

For movies I'm into comedies, fantasy and a bit of satire. Titles of movies I like are The Princess Bride, Employee of the Month, Clerks, Groundhog Day, The Naked Gun, Heathers, Lord of the Rings, Wayne's World and more. Two of my favorite actresses are Elizabeth Taylor and Hedy Lamarr so I like the classics too!

Next is TV! I'm addicted to The Young and the Restless and the Bold and the Beautiful. I also watch Paranormal States, Dancing with the Stars and American Idol. I hope Adam Lambert wins!

My hobbies are endless. I'm always up to trying new things. Painting, moasaic art, diving, biking, friends, and video games. I just got Animal Crossing on the Wii! Oh I like the Sims 2 too. I wish I had a self sim, I can paint but my artistic abilities there fail epically!

My dream vacation would be to Scotland. Paranormal Investigation, yea!!

Want to know something else? Ask. I wonder if anyone is still reading by now................:D
flowers and bows

So nice to meet you...


My name is Amber.
My age is 19. I'm a virgo with a scorpio rising sign.
I have been a member of livejournal since 2003, the other day I decided to make a comeback. None of my friends use livejournal anymore so I am more than ready to make some amazing new friends!
I thoroughly enjoy photography, writing, travel, films, books, music, journals, scrapbooks, collecting, graphic design, psychology and spontaneous moments of outrageousness.
I'm insane at heart and a free spirit.
I'm agnostic and bisexual. I'm in a relationship with a man ten years older than me.
I'm honest. I'm candid. I'm raw. I'm real.
Feel free to be my friend :)
octopus; diona

a heart is a heavy burden

my name is diona reneè. i will be 26 this july, but i still feel like a teenager most days. usually pretty happily married.
i love taking pictures and am continuously working on my photography skills. i'm nowhere close to being professional.
animals play a huge role in my life. i have horses, chihuahuas, cats and hamsters, but wouldn't mind owing a farm or small zoo!
i have eight tattoos and about eight more in the works. i have a sleeve that isn't complete, but once it is i will have my other arm sleeved.
i've had a total of 23 piercings, but currently only have my labret in as well as my ears which are gauged to a 2. i'm thinking of going to a 0g.
i write. i've started a book and will ask for proof readers from time to time. i love music. i like making blinkies, but just got back into making them.
i love anime. my favorite director of all time is hayao miyazaki. my favorite anime is tied between howl's moving castle and spirited away. ♥ ♥
if it's oriental, i have to have it. one of my biggest dreams is to visit japan and china one day. greece is second on my list of places to visit.
i'm a caucasian mutt. my heritage includes english, native american, jewish, spanish, irish, scottish, dutch, danish, & african american.
i'm finally active again here on livejournal. i've owned a lj account since 2002, but i've changed accounts a handful of times since.
i'm usually pretty good about commenting on my journal, but not always so great at commenting on other's. getting better tho!
that's it unless you want to ask for more. profile is here while this is my friends only entry. comment wherever. last.fm

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My Life

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Here are the rules:
1. If you friend me, don't cut me.
         Reason: People tend to cut other people for: "You don't write anymore" Or, "You don't comment enough" Or, "I'm an attention whore and I need comments every fucking post. EVERY FUCKING POST D: PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!"

If you are the last person then don't add me back anyway.

I write when I feel like it. My posts mainly consist of news headlines, celebrities dying, stupid AIM conversations with my friends, my hatred for various things, and my life. My life is seldom the topic though. I like to have debates in my post. If I hate it and you don't tell me why. Don't be a pansy. Speak your mind. Debate doesn't mean argument and not a lot of people understand that. We can still be friends bb, I promise.

The second statement.. add me back if you can handle not comments all the time. NOT COMMENTS. I will comment when I feel like it. Hey that sounded familiar. If you had something interesting in your post, I shall comment. If you talk about your life and want advice, I will comment. If something bad happened to you I will most likely comment with a generic "That sucks =[" but if it was really bad then I'll be not that generic about it. I read your entries so don't get your undies in a knot unless you want a "I READ THIS POST" after everything you write. If you do, well I'm flexible, I'll do it just for you.

My life is a fucking mess. My mom died almost three years ago and it's caused some mental issues with me. I'M CRAZY! No jk. Well maybe a little. I have memory mind-fucks (I also curse a lot). I can't remember stuff, and as much as you think that would make me obsessively Journal, it doesn't because I don't care. My family is cool. I luff them. I live with my boyfriend. He's cool. I luff him.

I'm open-minded and tolerant of things. Just not the things I hate. If you're into a thing I hate but are a chill person anyway, then it can be water under the bridge. If you are into a thing I hate and are a dick, then we have problems. I'm going to add people that posted entries to this community anyway because you all want friends.

OH YEAH- I LIKE ANIME AND COMICS. ALSO I HAVE BOOBS SO WHOA TIME VORTEX CONTINUITY ERROR OVER HERE.Retcon me quickly, captain! As if. I also use outdated phrases. Oh well. Whatever.

Pretty please???


I'm the original [info]nieven.

My account has been hacked by a monster!!!!!!!!! Aaaaack!!!!  T^T
I was hoping i could get new lj friends and also get all my lj friends back again. T_T

My name is Rei.
My friends gave me the title Guillotine. LOL
I like all things awesome.

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Hi there -

I've decided it's time for me to expand my friends list a little, so here I am!

I'm a 22-year-old Aussie girl, who loves to dream. I'm currently only employed on a casual basis, but I'm looking for something more as I attempt to get into University for next year (with a hope of studying Multimedia Design). I write, read and obsess over music. I also sketch a lot and tinker in photoshop and create icons and other graphics (they aren't in my journal though, they're at laceandfaeries).

The only thing I request if you're going to add me, is that we have something in common. Whether it is that we're both Aussie's, both love to write, are both artists, or share some interests or fandoms. My interests can be found on my profile, but I also have my about me page.

I also like reading my flist (I'm not always good at replying, but I always read), and I'd appreciate the same in return.

Hope to get some more friends! :D


I should also note, that I have the tendency to post very frequently, rant a lot, be opinionated, but I try to keep an open mind because who knows what you could learn! :D

Also, leave a comment here or at my LJ, add me, and I'll probably add back :) I like friends so as long as we have something in common, I'll probably add back :)
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Well hello, you can call me Jayne.

If you get to know me, I'll tell you my name.

I'm 20 years old, pansexual and polyamorous. I'm a secular humanist, a student, and a slutty virgin with a distance boyfriend. I'm Australian. I love to write, I like to read and I love film, especially classic-style animation. I'm interested in philosophy, people and relationships.

I live with medicated type 1 bipolar disorder. I like to wear top hats, bowties, neckties, candy-striped stockings, chunky boots, fingerless gloves, etc. I identify with cats, I'm born in the year of the dragon and am an Aquarius, which is a pretty crazy mix I think. I keep a Tamagotchi. All in all, I'm pretty awesome.

Read my journal to get a better feel for who I am. For a little more content (this one is only just over a week old, with daily updates) you can read the stuff I wrote back in 2007 to dancingpink -- I was pretty awesome then, too.

All my icons are pictures of me. A bigger picture is posted a couple entries down in my journal.

I'm particularly interested in meeting artistic, expressive, intelligent people. But really, anyone interesting. So comment/friend me if you're interested, if I like the look of you, I'll friend you back and happily exchange comments.

Feel free to comment with any questions, also.

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hi. my name is melody.
- i am a twenty year old libra.
- i was born and raised in hilo, hawaii, but now reside in westminster, ca.
- photography is my passion; also my major.
- i love cooking and baking just as much.
- i have a boyfriend i have been dating for almost 3 years.
- i love stars, beaches, and the color midnight blue.
- how i met your mother, friends, lost, and scrubs are the shows for me.
- i post almost regularly & comment waayy too much. (if i have something to say, that is.)

i have lots more to say, but i will just leave it at that.

add me & comment here or on my friends page to let me know you added me.

(no subject)

 Reasonably soon I'm going to be doing a massive friends cut. Which means I need some new friends.


I'm Froggie. My age doesn't really matter. 

I'm an enthusiast of hair in general. My hair's been pink, purple, baby pink, bright red, dark red, orange, black, brown, blue and multiple greens. However, it's always been long. Between my tits and my ass, at least. Sometimes dreaded, sometimes not. Always have a fringe, which has been multiple different lengths and styles. Every one I can think of, at least. I'm a big fake hair enthusiast, too. Dread falls, rexlace, etcetera. 

I'm engaged to and in a D/s relationship with the most amazing guy in the world, my Eddie. Currently a long distance relationship, unfortunately. Love him more than words can say.

Music? Industrial, Darkwave, Electronica, Synthpop, Trance, Dark Ambient, Metalcore.

Television and film... I'd post it but I don't consider it a large enough part of who I am to be bothered. If you care, ask. That's all.

Object love? Hand sanitizer, duct tape, handcuffs, needles.

Genres? Horror, Science Fiction, Futuristica, Thriller, Indie.

Sexual loves? Boobs, anal, oral, needleplay, bondage, medical gear, latex, water, spanking, vacbeds, torture.


Warnings - I'm pansexual. I'm opinionated. Although not much, my journal does contain sexual references along with random outbursts of my love for genitalia. There's some swearing. There's a bit of whining, but not much dramaz. 

If you add me, please comment either here or in my FO entry. <3 Thank you!




Hey everyone, I'm Kerri, 21 from Sydney Australia. I'm currently a student at the University of Sydney studying Psychology and Philosophy.

I'm posting here again because a lot of people have gone on "hiatus" and they never come back. I suppose life just gets too busy!! Anyways, I'm looking for people who actually update on a regular basis because if you're not updating, then there's no point having you right? I comment on a frequent basis because.. well I practically live on the internet if i'm not out with my friends, boyfriend or at work/uni.

I'm pretty much your average 21 year old. My Journal pretty much entails what I do, what I don't like, what I like and anything else I feel like putting in there.

Theres more info on my favourite tv shows, music and all that jazz HERE So have a look and comment here or in my friend's only post if you want to be added.

Heres a photo:

Have a good one

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(no subject)

Just trying to get from A to B and along the way I got signed to a few record labels, wrote for a handful of magazines (most of which still owe me money), travelled around the world, got married/divorced and became a father to two amazingly kick-ass boys. I'm a fairly decent shot with an AK-47 but better with a shotgun, I've worked in the bowels of submarines and warships, I've been lost in the middle of Cambodia, I've been homeless and I've had money to burn, dropped acid off the coast of Florida, worked on a Goldmine in the outback of Australia, can be a prick to idiots and a nice guy to everyone else, I've flopped/fallen out of a plane at 14,000ft and bungee jumped from 300ft, I never take myself or life too seriously, I'm a little addicted to the gym, I might've spent the odd night in a police cell, I can ski but I can't cook and I'm probably just like everyone else. What's your story?


Hi! I did  friends cut. that`s why I need some new friends.
Info about me you can read at my journal
if you like it you could comment the first post and add me, then i`ll add you back )
erin kelly

Do ya wanna new friend?

I'm Emily.
I've just got back from the gym so im slightly hyper and excitable - excuse me if i make a twat of myself.
I'm 19, and nearing the end of my first year at uni - im studying psychology and religion.
I'm really liking it altho i've no idea what i wanna do with it after my 3 years.
I feel like my flist no longer care about me *sad face*
so im looking for some new lovely people to care, i do have times were i dont have the time to read every entry and thats often when im writing essays for uni, or when my st Johns is coming on thick.
But im a nice girl really =)
And im easy to get on with.
My journal is about what ever happens on that day, in that week or during an hour. It changes.
I'm random but hell who cares. hehe.

Add me?
Check out my user info to no more

Hylas and the Nymphs


Hello! I am here looking for new friends. About a year ago I'd use my journal all the time, but then got stuck with tons of schoolwork from University and neglected this thing.

I'm back!

Most of my old friends have stopped using their journals (I've been a member since 2004) so I am now looking for new ones. Yay!

I am 20 years old and will be 21 in a month and a half. I'm from Mexico but am studying in Canada. I like to think that I'm kinda smart since I do well in class. I'm part of the Varsity Reds cheerleading squad and my position is flyer. I enjoy all types of music (except country!) but my favorite genres are gothic rock, old school punk, deathrock, industrial, ebm, and female fronted metal. As for movies, I enjoy classic horror movies and the odd comic one. My favorite TV shows are Invader Zim, the Girls Next Door, and the Addams Family.

In my journal I write about stuff that happens in life. Sometimes it's really personal, sometimes it's just random. Oh, and I like posting pictures of myself and the things I do. :P Seriously. Expect lots of pictures of myself... maybe I shouldn't have gotten that webcam. LOL.

As for commenting, I have a simple rule: I comment on your journal, you comment on mine, I comment on yours, and so on. Only when I'm super bored will I comment on somebody's journal even if they haven't commented on mine. I obviously don't expect a comment on every entry, and you shouldn't expect it from me either. We all have lives, no?

Anyway! This is getting supper long so I'll shut up now. :P


Ps. If you do add me let me know by either commenting here or in my friends only entry. I can't check this entry forever so my journal is the better way to go.