April 23rd, 2009

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hey guys,

so who am i, i am brian, a 23 year old cancer, although i dont know what that means short of the date breakdown. i run an indie internet radio show out of my bedroom. thats a really neat way of saying i podcast, but i am hoping to step out of that in the future and do something more with it. I am a real music nerd, I collect records that your parents wouldnt want anymore, make mixtapes all the time, and hunt for rarities every chance I get. my goals are to one day start a small scale 7inch record label, write a semi-fiction novel about mixtaping and unrequited love, and then to retire in my record store, where i live upstairs from. i take high fidelity way too seriosuly, although i blame john cusack for that, not nick hornby. who would of thought the movie would have been better right? I realize I am only really talking about music, but with me there is not a lot more too it than that. I work a blue collar assembly job building oil valves. I used to work 13 hour days, but apparantly we are in a recession, so i got my hours cut. This means I have plenty of time to become an actvie livejournaler again, and I need interesting people to follow around. I dont expect anything out of anyone, comment if you are interested in what I have to say, or wait till the next go around. I have no issues with that

add me so i can love you

it needs friends just as much as i do

more about me,

favorite bands:
nada surf
kevin devine
the forecast
billy joel
apollo sunshine
the anniversary
the one am radio
band of horses
the weakerthans
all get out

favorite movies:
city of god
love me if you dare
last life in the universe
united states of leland
waking life
the godfather part 2

Hi :)

 Hi. My name is Kerry. I'm a 17 year old girl. I love fashion and style. I wear costume jewelry because I can't afford real pearls, but that's okay :). I collect perfume/perfume bottles. I have my own little glass menagerie of perfume bottles. They're very pretty to look at, especially illuminated in the right light. Like I have prisms and color spectrums right there in my bathroom. But I digress.

I write. I write short stories, poems, plays. I also act in plays, but only on a high school/community level. I am by no means Grace Kelly, believe you me. 

I enjoy a good song or two. My favorite artists are The Shins, Rilo Kiley, MGMT, Girl Talk, Death Cab For Cutie, and Elliott Smith. Careful when MGMT or Girl Talk starts playing, though-I'm liable to start dancing like a maniac.

I like parties. I don't drink excessively, but I have gotten a bit blackout-y once or twice. I don't smoke excessively, either. Well...that's a lie. I smoke a lot.

Oh, and also....I'm on a boat. Ahaha, just kidding. I wish. 

add me!

this seems overwrought

My name is Kaylen. I'm 23.

I started over and ditched my old journal. Most of my friends I know outside LJ, but I felt too uncomfortable to post everything and I don't like locking things. I feel more comfortable with strangers.

I post a lot of introspective things. It's therapeutic for me: a way to explore myself. I have a wide variety of interests but because of this no deep knowledge of any one thing. I am just getting into feminism. I am beginning a pre-pharmacy program. I am a sporadic writer, photographer, and web designer. I am really into (listening to) music. I'm a vegetarian. I'm idealistic.

For all my lengthy prose, I am a simple person who enjoys complex things. I am enamored with the human condition: the good and the bad, our emotions, our private thoughts.

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this journal is a personal venture.
i am so used to seeing the same frame of mind, it's time to broaden my horizons.
hopefully this can be an eye-opener for you too.

each week i will post a new question here, relating to any aspect of life.
answers can be anonymous or not, it's up to you.
participation is definitely appreciated :]

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[im on the right, the chica on the left is my bff kel]
People call me Jess.
19 and finishing up my first year of college, holla!
summer is my all-time fav. season and im excited for it.
uh im a super chill chick and i just like to have fun.
random fact: i plan on owning a duck in the near future.
you can learn more about me in my user info.
other than that my journal consist of my life and what's going on at the moment.

so comment on my friends only page then add me and ill most likely add you back :)

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I'm 21 Years of age, California and Hawaii grown and raised but, grew up as a Marine Brat,and now I'm married to one.

I love to speak my mind because it hurts to bite your tounge and I believe everyone should know the truth no matter how much it will hurt, and I never have boring moments I'm Very Random.

I just moved to Camp Lejeune North Carolina Not loving it but for now I call it home.

I love to surf and hang out on the beach, I shop in thrift stores to find decorations for my home, I dont like the stuff in walmart everyone else has.

* Is a Disney Freak and frequent the parks often.

You can find me on here,

: Yahoo messenger at lostbeforedark56
: Facebook email is lostbeforedark56@hotmail.com - feel free to add me I love commenting and getting them back.



ok, let's see, ummm....

i'm 14, about to graduate 8th grade and can't wait to get away from those freaks, live in philadelphia, but i go to school in the burbs...
i like anime, music, talking to people, i don't do any sports, uhh.... that's all i can think of lol
i'll friend pretty much anyone, i really enjoy stalking people and i will do my best to comment on your entries.... 
also, i would appreciate it if you don't do that thing where you only post from twitter or another site....
my entries... i don't know if they're necessarily interesting, but they have substance, like, i don't usually have only 2-3 sentence posts... and i usually have alot to complain whine bitch talk about when i post... sooooooooo..............

friend me if you want!
i also have like a myspace and stuff, i'll post the links later.
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