May 1st, 2009


Knock me up ;)

Im snoringbeautee .
I need new lj blood, many have been lost in the chaos of their own lives.

+I'm a female.

+I just turned 21.

+Im a newlywed of 8 months.

+No kids, just pets.

+Im a gyspy type and move around the country as I please.

+I like to post pictures and video of my daily activity.

+Im not in school, but does not mean I'm not educated.

+My husband and I have always been on our own financially.

+Im very opinionated, which can be a negative trait. But I'm always honest.

+I update often. (anywhere between once a week to 4 times a week)

+I read my friends list every day (though usually lurking and not commenting)

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let's be friends! :)

-college student. english major.
-divides time between massachusetts and manhattan.
-smokes, drinks, has sex, and talks about these topics in journal. just a warning.
-raised on classic rock. the beatles, zeppelin, pink floyd, the who, yes. i know real music ;)
-appreciates the simple things in life.
-war, what is it good for?
-likes to go barefoot. likes dirt and mud and doesn't cry when a nail breaks.
-spontaneous, unpredictable, and overall just a good time. be my friend :)



So, about me. I live in a small country called Estonia, which you most likely haven't heard anything about (That means I'm likely to make some grammar mistakes). I'm female, and 15 years old, Yeah i know what you're probably thinking, she's just a kid, let's ignore her, right? I am quite mature really, I rarely act according to my age (though you might think otherwise, when reading my lj...).

Interests: I'm a huge fan of Harry Potter, a bit smaller fan of LOTR and the Inheritance Cycle. I love music, and I'll listen anything worth listening to. I love reading fanfics (currently Harry Potter ones only), and I've recently started taking interest in writing some of my own.

So, when you add me you can read: about my life, my rants, and maybe even some fanfics I plan to write in the near future.

Oh, and the girl on my dp picture? Me as Luna "Loony" Lovegood.
Yeah, I'm a freak.
abe vs jesus

add me on facebook!

so, I'm looking for some new facebook friends, and by friends I mean people that I will actually interact with, in other words I don't want to add a jabillion people just for the sake of adding people, you know?

anyways so here's a little about me, and if you find me interesting at all send me a friend request on facebook, use as the email address to find me under.

ok so, I'm a 30 year old hispanic male from los angeles, california. I have a girlfriend who I love, we're both vegetarians. I love indie and emo music, I love nerdy TV shows like Heroes and The Office, and I like and do a whole bunch of other stuff, so yeah... there you go, just a small taste :)

Wanna go for a ride?

I'm Sarah. I live in Central Scotland. I go to college and study Social Science.
I eat a lot of McDonald's, but I'm skinny so it's ok ;)

My favourite bands are The Smiths, My Ruin and Mindless Self Indulgence.
Morrissey and Britney Spears are the loves of my life.
Big big Kevin Smith fan.
Seth Rogen's no' bad anaw.

ADD ME! I'm friendly, smart, arty
and I don't take myself too seriously.


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Hello, all! I'd rather not say my name at this time (ooh, mysterious), but here are some facts about me:

HUGE Harry Potter fan. I talk about HP a lot, especially fanfic communities and how excited I am about the next movie coming out.

Okay, but, seriously, the basics: Twenty-two, female, not in college, full-time job in a sucky warehouse. I don't complain about work often (unless I'm angsting about unwanted crushes and the like). Yeah, I rant, I angst, sometimes. Mostly I'm pretty bubbly. I'm bisexual but currently in a serious relationship with a man, though I fantasize about red-haired women a lot.

I am always questioning odd and random things. For instance, I find it very curious that there are 32 U.S. states listed in this community's interests list. Why have the others been shafted? I personally am offended that my home state has been left off the list. Am I not cool? (Not really offended, just very confused.)

Basically I'm into writers (I write fanfiction myself), curious people, funny people, anyone basically normal, Harry Potter fans a definite plus plus plus, people who type with capital letters. I'm not really into the whole,

"i write small and disjointed. and i never capitalize anything. it makes me look cool.
and i randomly center things."

It just feels pretentious to me. I try to comment as often as possible but lots of times I find it difficult to word my thoughts in a way that's not too simple or redundant.

I do not find it necessary to post a picture and I find it silly when other people do. We're here to communicate, not look at one another. Will you turn away from somebody interesting just because you don't know what they look like? Oh, and I end a lot of sentences with a smiley face. =) Just in case that sort of thing bothers you.