May 2nd, 2009


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I am looking for some new friends since some of mine have decided to stop updating.

My name is Whitney.

I am 23 years old as of April 24th.
I am a fraternal triplet.
Interests: music, going to church, tattoo's, livejournal, trying new alcoholic drinks, meeting new people
Music I like: Dave Matthews Band, Modest Mouse, Incubus, The All-American Rejects, Dashboard Confessional, The Hush Sound.
TV Shows: Heroes, Psych, King of the Hill, Veronica Mars, Weeds, Dexter, Castle, Harper's Island, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Intervention
Movies: Role Models, Pineapple Express, Step-Brothers
My Journal: I try and update everyday but sometimes life gets in the way. I love posting the writer's block when I think the question will generate a good response, I post about my day at work (which can be boring, I do work at a daycare), I write about going to the gym, church and out with friends.
I am not to picky about who adds me as long as you come with an open mind.  The only thing, I am picky about is that you update often.  You don't have to update as much as I do, but what is the point of making new friends if one of the friends only updates once in a blue moon. 

Comment here or my friends only post.

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Hello! My name is Helena and I am from St. Petersburg, North Western RF.
Currently I am a student at St Petersburg State University, majoring in Computer Science. I am also an amateur cellist and awfully bad pianist.

I do not like
- to read about your personal life
- typical day posts
- ramblings about relationship with some Greg or Craig or whatever
- cliché thoughts about High School
- they (it)-are (is)-SOOOOOO-TEH-cool-LoL posts
- endless My-Life-Sucks posts (Well, we all have our moments but post this stuff all the weak ?!)
- today-I-bought posts Collapse )

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Hi all :) My name is Lucy.
I've been a member of lj for years, under another name. I just made this journal because I wanted a clean break from the old journal, the old me, and the old problems I kept facing. I also wanted some anonymity, and I have one well meaning RL friend who keeps tabs on my other journal, which is sweet but a little overbearing at times.

I'm living in New Zealand and have been for most of my life, but eventually I'd like to move to America. I'm not picky about where in America. The last of my family in the US was living in NY but he died recently, so I don't really have any familial ties. I'm 24, turning 25 in a couple of months, and I work in a supermarket. It's not glamorous, but it pays the bills.

I like (in no particular order)
Twilight, A Series of Unforunate Events, Watership Down, the Redwall series, The Power of One, Goodnight Mister Tom, Asterix, Tintin

Moulin Rouge, Twilight, Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead, Mean Girls, High School Musical, Hannah Montana, the Brady Bunch, the Cosby Show, Family Guy, the Simpsons, House, My Name is Earl, Scrubs, That's So Raven

Hanson, Eisley, Evanescence, Libera, Hannah Montana, Paramore

I'd love to meet a bunch of lj friends who share my interests :)


PhotobucketI would like to make friends with anyone who likes:

-Hello kitty
-Weird art
Info on me:
My name is Melissa and I Just moved back to Nebraska. I have people anxiety but it is getting better! I love animals And can't wait to get a dog. I just turned 22 in Jan. I have a boyfriend of 3 1/2 years :) We just got a house we are remodeling. I went to beauty school in Tampa Fl, but did not finish. Just got a job at a Gas station! I love most thinks that are hot pink :) tee-hee, and I'm super nice! I always have picture post! I'm gonna start learning how to make cute cupcakes lol! Want to be my friend? Add me.

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One can never stay away from LJ for too long...

My name is Reanne. I will be turning 21 on May 12 (less than two weeks away!) I live in Michigan and attend Western Michigan University. I have varied interests, ranging from computer and video games to music to Sailormoon, I am in love with Sheri Moon Zombie's character 'Baby' in The Devil's Rejects and House of 1000 Corpses. I used to model, and I still visit my old photographer for the occasional shoot. I am in college; I like to live like a typical college student now and again. I drink. I go to parties. And when my birthday comes, I'll hit up the bars as well. However, I may look like a typical sorority college girl, but I could not stray further from the stereotype. I pay my own bills; I take out loans to pay for my school. I'm not a spoiled bitch, but I don't mind if you are. If you enjoy World of Warcraft, we'll probably get along rather well (choose your faction wisely...) I'm intelligent, but I'd rather not be too intellectual via LiveJournal. I am incredibly easy to get along with; it takes a lot to rub me the wrong way or piss me off. So go ahead and add me!

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