May 4th, 2009

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i'm bailey & i am 16
i am of the female gender ,
and i live in aurora, ontario, canada
i am part of, what preps and other shallow, judging persona would call, the dirts,
or sometimes known as the poor class, emos, nerds, but most of all dirts.
i like that title :) although i am in no way dirty <3
i have a free spirit, i do what i please, i am not a huge fan of following the crows, or anything preppy per say .

i have an amazing boyfriend, of 6 months today, named brandon, and i am in love.
i smoke weed and cigarettes, but my breath is always fresh don't worry.
i drink.. obvi baby ;)
at the beginning of the school year , i attended all my classes, in the 10th grade. a month in, i dropped out of normal school to join an the Aurora Alternative Learning Educational Program (AALEP) due to a terrible ex boyfriend. i then got 2 of my credits there and went on back to my highschool on february.. where i then dropped 3 of my classes, and now i only attend 1 class a day from 8:15 - 9:30 , then i'm off .
so i am a 75% highschool dropout in the tenth grade :)
my life is going no where at the moment, but i don't mind. i'm young and have realized that trying to deal with that at this age is a bit too stressfull.. i will deal with that when the time comes haha.
i like hanging out with lots of random people, but my boyfriend and a few of my better friends will come up a lot.

my journal will mostly be filled with my deep-ish, teenage musings, problems, sex stuff (sometimes), boyfriend stuff, drama, drug stuff, parent/family stuff (that is a very complicated subject) and other random bajingles and shitt.

sorrrrry if you don't like my attitude.
lol , for your information though, i'm not a stupid uppy prep or an outgoing scene skinny colorful slut.
i'm me, and i'm going to stay that way babes, take it or leave it .

comment on my friends only please and add,
i appreciate comments every few entries, and i will of course do the same for youu ! :)

by: thatcagedbird


Well...  My friends list is dead.  Many of them leaving lj and such.  XD  Sooo, I could use a few good buddies. 

The Postives:
I like EGGS!!
I am a decent person...  I guess.
I try not to be elmo...  I mean emo.
I comment when I feel I have something to say.
I read your entries.

The Negatives:
I only update a few times a month.
Sometimes I spam.
I <3 chu.

The Facts:
I am 22 years old.
My boyfreind and I have been fornacating for the two years as of today!  Oh yea its love.
College Students with a suck ur ass GPA.
I live in H-town.  I hail from A-Town.
Anime is a hobby of mine.
Pikachu is my hero.
More spam?

Add me now?

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I'm Ivy and I'm disgusting.
I'm loud, obnoxious, rude, and don't forget offensive.
I laugh at things that aren't funny.
I think train-wrecks are the all-time funniest things ever.
I'm also one of the most caring, sweetest girls you'll ever meet.
I live my life like I'm going to die tomorrow and you'll see a lot of entries in my journal describing my adventures.
Sometimes I post long entries, sometimes I post just pictures, sometimes I'll post an entry in gibberish that only I can understand.
I enjoy being unpredictable and just a little batshit.
My introduction entry in my journal has more random information, if you care to read it =]

Oh yeah, and this is my face
Only Nate gets to see the rest of this picture )
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My name is Jenee.
I am 26.
I am from Long Island, New York
I am married since June 27 of last year
I have a son who will be 6 months tomorrow
I post a lot about my son and my life. I also post lots of pictures. I also talk a lot about parenting.
I love horror movies, Photography ( mostly of my son ), Urban Exploring ( not so much anymore ), reading ( currently reading and almost done with Breaking Dawn ), and i am addicted to Free Cycle.

Below the cut is a picture of me and one of my son.

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I'm Nikki, a 21-year-old Canadian. My journal focuses on my art, my photography, my relationship, my travels, and my daily struggles. Entries containing drug use and sex are not uncommon, so if you find either offensive, I suggest you steer clear. I add everyone who friends me. I hope to be reading about your life soon!

This is me:



wow, hai.
I'm Natalie, most online people call me ONIN, short for Oh No It's Natalie. I tend to use this screen name a lot, lol.

Well I'm a very literate person, I talk more through the Internet than I do IRL. weird, right? I thought so. Lol
I live in San Diego, California I trust you not to stalk me.

I'm one of those psychopaths obsessed with music and techno and rock.
Naturally, I despise the people that decide to take the phrase "good music" and use it to describe their 'music'
I'm talking about the Jonas Brothers, The Naked Brothers Band, Hannah Montana, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Neyo, etc. You get the point, right?
Hah, I'm more into the Rock/Alternative/metal/screamo/emo/punk genres. That's just how I roll, baby.

FYI [to all the people that didn't know this]
'EMO' does not mean EMOTIONAL.
In fact, it means emotive. So do some homework before you diss something.

RAP means RAP.
In fact, I believe it stands for something.

Don't you think so?

I'm a true friend to those who return the favor. I would never, ever, betray a friend if I didn't had to. I'm honest most of the time and I'm a big day-dreamer. I fall in and out of depression, but forgive me for not going deep into that subject.

Add me, I love messaging and talking. Read my blog, I have a dark and twisted mind and I love sharing ideas. Ty (:

AIM ME: I usually keep up the conversation if you don't want to. Don't be shy, ok?
AIM- natalieisboredx




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