May 8th, 2009

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hey i'm dean, im 22 and live in miami, fla. i'm an artist 24/7, a skater, a college student, a hippy ( as some like to say), a daddy, an ex drug addict and sometimes alcoholic.. you can party as hard as you want though, i don't care live your life, i'm encouraging it. i write a lot of stories that i've written in my journal as well as poems and thoughts... i'll write about a crazy day too occasionally or chick problems. for the music nazis my favorite band is modest mouse and right now i can't get enough of the silversun pickups or kings of leon, i am into a whole lot of different types of music and shit though. i'm not sure what else to say, i've had my journal for 5+ years and some of my friends on here are like family ( how weird is that?).. it doesn't matter to me how old you are, or what you talk about or what you do. if we don't find each other interesting we can always unadd each other, right? give it a chance.

tell me if you do though so i can make sure to add you back.


Hi! I'm Cara. I enjoy smoking fat bowls while watching The Adventures of Pete & Pete, thrift shopping, being socially awkward on the internet, and dark alleys. I love banjos, the blues, sunshine, words words words, skirts, and other girls. I do not enjoy mean people (hate all y'all), poorly applied make up, HAVING NO FRIENDS ON THE INTERNET, and hipsters.

I'm 22. I have a cat that drinks orange juice and eats watermelon. I'm in college, but I wish I had become a tragic folk singer instead. I still have time.

You should add me if you live close to Minneapolis and want to go out for some cheap rum & cokes. Or you want to develop and play a To Catch A Predator drinking game with me. Or you are just generally one awesome muthafucka.

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Hi! The name's Rocco. I'm a 17 year old Australian, with an X and Y chromosome.

I'm extremely sarcastic, and I like to think I'm funny. Unfortunately, this presents a problem as many people have trouble telling when I'm sarcastic because I am so often. A ha.

I have this unfortunate thing where I often become obsessed with certain things. At the moment, the biggest thing is Doctor Who - and has been for quite a while, now - along with Will & Grace. ^^; I'm also a little pedantic about grammar, so if ur jrnl is lyk diisss, don't bother adding me. But of course, I often use internet lingo which I suppose is a little hypocritical. Hobbies include reading, Photoshop, driving my car and the odd walk.

My entries are pretty irregular, both in content and regularity; they vary from rants, reports on the day's events, talk of my latest obsession and the occasional meme. I can also go days without posting, or posting many times in a day. As for comments, I don't care if you don't comment on every post, just maybe one here or there to know people actually read. Because I don't expect you to comment on every post, I would hope you wouldn't want me to either. If I have something to say, however small though, I will comment.

If I sound remotely interesting, by all means comment here and add me. Alternatively, comment on my Friends Only post. If you want to know anything else, just visit my profile.