May 11th, 2009


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Дурак и литератор, или, как принято говорить - сетевой писатель. Взамно рад практически всем. 

who doesnt love a good breakdown here and there?

ok so names Kris >.<
brand spankin' new to live journal.
anyone who loves any of the following.... add me!
-guitar                            -anime
-metalcore                    -final fantasy
-drum n' bass              -breakdowns
-philosophy                  -painting
-ketamine                     -lucid dreaming
-making imaginary places and traveling there

im 21, live in Toronto Canada, and i play guitar in a metalcore band March of the Masses.
It would be cool to meet people in the area, people with same interests, OR people in JAPAN.
cause... i want to move to japan in the next few years.
It would be awesome to know some people when i get there xD

lets be palz.


Give a bit a stars born...

A fabulous journey inside my head...

Add me here: <A href="">At Ms.JaxAttacks</a>

I'd also like to mention that I am not classy in ANY way possible.
I am obnoxious and rude most of the time.
I bitch a lot and fucking love it.
I am moving across the country with my boyfriend:
This is the journal about my journey from Trash to Class.

Haha.. okay not THAT bad! But... kind of.


Yeah, I've had this LJ for about a year now. Well, almost a year. I've posted on here before, but I've found that the majority of my friends have either dropped off the face of the earth and very rarely post and comment or they've just deleted their journals unexpectedly. 

Basically I'm 19, male, live in Australia. I work in retail, bitch about customers and co-workers regularly. I spend a lot of free time playing video games. Mostly on the 360. But I also, reluctantly, have a World of Warcraft account and play that too often.
I'm also kind of a musician. I've been playing drums for about nine years and guitar for about a year or two. I play drums in one band and I'm in the midst of starting a new band on guitar.
I listen to a lot of alternative bands, particularly from the 90's (i.e. The Smashing Pumpkins, PJ Harvey, Our Lady Peace, Nirvana etc.)
I don't watch TV but I like to rewatch old TV shows i.e. Seinfeld. And I watch basically any movie, but I particularly like Quentin Tarantino, Kevin Smith and Chris Nolan movies.
I'm also kind of a geek in that I read graphic novels/ comics. Favourite graphic novel is a toss up between The Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen.

I post regularly. Actually, lately I've been posting on a daily basis. I also try to comment when I can, although I won't always comment if I don't have anything relevant to say.

So feel free to add me