May 16th, 2009


I had a LJ that I used forever ago, but some drama occurred in the last year and I just wanted to get rid of it all. That also meant getting rid of the very few friends I had on there. But I finally decided that I'm tired of talking to myself and some new LJ friends might be nice. So...

I'm Simon, I'm a 19 year old male from Southern California. I'm gay, uninvolved, recently got out of a really horrible relationship with a female (wonder where the problem there was). I'm really not looking to get into any kind of serious relationship either.

I'm a recovering drug addict - clean for 9 months - and I do talk about that in my journal as well as my admittedly unconventional former lifestyle. I moved out of my house and dropped out of high school at 16, went back to school a year and a half later but I've been living basically on my own since then. Now I live with my roommate Katie who's probably the most patient and tolerant person I've ever met.

I talk about sex a lot, but I do have an adult filter. Let me know if you want to be on it, otherwise you won't be.

In terms of entertainment... I like all kinds of music (even some country and some rap), but mostly I like bands like The Click Five, Alkaline Trio, Panic at the Disco and Fall Out Boy - I'm recently getting into Ben Jelen too, oddly enough. In terms of movies... I love horror, indie films and campy gay flicks. Mysterious Skin and Little Miss Sunshine are my favorite films.

I'm having a love affair with philosophy right now.

I'm trying to write as sort of a theraputic outlet. A lot of my friends are into roleplay and fandom and I think I'm slowly being dragged in, regardless of how I resist.

And I didn't think I'd need to mention this, but the last time I put myself up on one of these communities I had an issue with it... I'm NOT looking to meet anyone in person; I don't care if you live in SoCal, I have my friends and the idea of meeting anyone from the internet creeps me out (I have a bad history with this). Also, I don't have Skype and I won't exchange phone numbers. BUT, I'm happy to talk online. And really, let me reiterate one more time, I'm NOT looking to get in any relationships deeper than a friendship.

That's it.

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I'm Amanda, 22, married, one child.

I've just recently joined LiveJournal after a long, long hiatus from online journalling =] I update a lot but in bursts - meaning I might update 4 times in one day but then not again for 3 days, etc. This has a lot to with my work schedule. I comment as often as I can, also in bursts =D

I enjoy reading, music, long walks, the outdoors, etc I like to try new things and I like to enjoy life as much as I can =)

I believe in working hard to get what you want and I despise constant laziness, unless you have a damn good reason.
That being said, I still believe in giving everyone a fair chance and will most likely add you back if you add me :)

I'm just looking for some new friends to add to my FL so add away but please leave a comment letting me know ! 

Add meh

Seeking: Life forms with minute symptoms of intelligence, a hint of humor and two flavors of awesome. Life form must be compatible with a two decade and two year old certified goofball and must be able to withstand said goofball's erratic tirades
Job Description: Be my friend! [insert irresistibly cute face]
Job benefits: I'll be your friend!
Salary: Paid full in comments.

I am equal opportunity friend and will not discriminate against race, gender, religion, favorite color, type of car you drive, songs you listen to or whether you have a hairy back or not. Potential friends may comment and add to be added.

Thank you for showing interest in le_grrr. I look forward to harassing befriending you.


Hi, My name is Stacey
I'm 22 years old
Looking to add friends to my LJ
A few things about me are
-I love music and movies
-I love to read
-I'm a college student
-I'm currently working at the local courthouse for free, crazy I know
-I love hanging out with friends
-I love hanging out with my dog
-I'm a big art fan

There's a lot more to me but I'm was never good at writing about myself. I'm just looking for friends that comment and update their journals regulaly and I'll always comment back and update a lot.

Comment here or on my friends page to be added :)
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My name is Meg. I'm 21 years old and a rising Senior in college. I have had this LJ for nearly four years but have just now found the motivation to write in it regularly. I am addicted to diet coke and Facebook. I love watching bad reality tv shows and television news. I'm a highly opinionated, highly involved Democrat. I have worked for two presidential campaigns. I am working on my Senior thesis, which is on campaign finance laws and the Internet. I am highly involved on my college campus. I am not a music snob (I don't care what bands you listen to, you're probably cool no matter what). I work hard during the week because I like to play hard on the weekends. I love going to the movies. This year, I'm going to be volunteering at the musical festival Bonnaroo. Finally, the love of my entire life graduates tomorrow and is leaving me to move across the state, so I'm heartbroken and mopey. I'm writing him handwritten letters in the hopes of winning him back.

If you add me, I'll add you.

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Hi! My name is Katharine. I haven't used livejournal in awhile but I'm back.

Here are some random facts about me that might appeal to you...

- I love Avatar. Gossip Girl,Grey's Anatomy,Twilight
- I'm getting into stamping comms.
- I'm an artist.
- I'm easy to ge
- I love music,my dysfunctional family,and junk food

Add me if you're interested!
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i've done this a million times and 90% of the people i add/add me, don't work out for usually more than one reason but hey, why not, right?

i'm jennah, 20 years old, in a "committed relationship"with my high school best friend, have a little boy - 18 months. i go to aveda in st petersburg, florida and i live in venice (venice beach?) with my guy, my son and my brother. dyed, pierced, music, yadda yadda. alot of my entries are about my family - my son and my guy, school and really crazy shit that happens to me on an almost daily basis. half of it are "what the fxck just happened" moment posts so i'd have to say my journal's pretty interesting.

i cannot - cccccaaaannnnnnootttttt - stand people who don't update their journals or post constant twitters and memes or whatever. i haven't posted a meme since at least 2002 and i don't even really know what twitter is. i do like reading actual entries, interesting stuff, not the entires of where you list everything you actually did that day without a hint of reflection or any kind of real substance. i get bored easily, i have the attention span of a gnat and if i'm bored after 4 or 5 entries, i'll probaby delete you. i'm really good at pissing off people on my friends list - but only the ones who are just downright stupid and fail to notice their blatant mistakes. like the girl who tries to get pregnant by the guy who neglects her because she thinks it'll save their relationship... or the guy who dosen't stop hanging out with his ex girlfriend of like 5 years to "be friends" instead of getting over her. or maybe the single mom who has an addiction to buying designer handbags but still can't afford to take care of herself and her kid(s), even with food stamps - and think that's ok. if you're one of those people or can think of something you do that's really dumb, please don't add me. other than that, i'm insightful and a genuinely nice person, even if it dosen't seem like it sometimes.

i have a few "lurkers" in my life, so i have a few rules about adding people like, i don't add journals made after 2007 and i don't add people who don't have any friends, or only a few and journals who have little to no postings. there are a few other basic guidelines like don't be a moron but that's kind of obvious.

add me first & then comment on my friends only page to let me know that you did.. otherwise, i honestly will probably never know that you added me. or add you back.

Post 3million 1

           Time and time again I come in here, I post looking for new Lj mates, and I generally find a few,
however they don't post, they randomly disappear,  or it just don't work out much. For whatever reasons that don't matter.

- I'm Christia
- Not Christa, christ-e-ah

-People say it wrong all the time :) but i answer to most anything lol..
-I'm loud, not that you'll be able to hear me but I'm loud.
-I'm 23, I'm over opinionated, and sometimes I hurt peoples feeling, however I don't intend to.
-I'm a mom and  a step mom.
- I am a diy
-addicted to discount stores.
-I think I'm fat.
-not a cow or anything just over weight int he stomach region,
-i had a baby 16 months ago, I guess that answers why lol

But I update pretty regularly, I have a twitter thing, I don't understand it, I don't think you should have the impulse to feed in to possible stalkers to your every ware about, and doings. Lame..

I love blogging, and I love talking to new people, and sharing advice, I've had alot of experiances in my life.

I can't spell for shit, I usually use a spell checker..

I'm not looing for larg about of friends to make a big list, just people who post and i can comment on when I have something to say,
and for them to do the same for me : )