May 18th, 2009

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Now presenting..

I am a 21 year-old female living in Oregon. I identify primarily as a homosexual, although I try to be flavorful or w/e and throw in some fake peen too. Usually I am the giver, not the givee?

My cat (icon) is probably the most amazing thing in my life. He's a wonderful little ball of terror, and his name is Sir Charles. Aka Charlie, Charlie Bucket, Fluff Bag, Fur Ball.. etc. Long-haired, and flame-pointed. He was born to be my fag stoner kitten, I swear. Also, for those of you thinking the icon is shit- it is. But that color is the color of his FAVORITE toy in the world, a little blue mouse that he carries around which has a bell in it..

So, I can safely assume I should've just bought the pink one and went all out.. I mean, really. It jingles, it sounds like a baby toy.. and it's a mouse.

I'm of the opinion that words only hurt if you let them. I frequently use the words gay fag and homo. If this offends you, that's cool- don't add me. I'm not trying to be edgy, but those are words I use and frankly gay is a synonym for fucking happy, so get over it. :)

It can be said that I'm .. hairy. Indeed, I strive to be as much of a 'hippie' as I possibly can. It makes me feel happy, so whatever, right? :P

Also that means I love marijuana. I love cannabis culture, I love the things marijuana does for the world, and I am completely against the continual illegality of it. >/ I can't wait until it's legal. That day will live in history as the day the world got stoned. :D Or, at least, America.

In any event. I doubt I'll ever post pictures in this journal of myself. Personally I've planned to keep this journal for my road trip next year- it's mainly here to keep me focused on the goal of living on the road, and following festivals. Throughout the year me and a friend plan to travel. We'll be following festivals and camping all summer, doing odd jobs and/or selling clothes (me, at least). This journal will be a marker for my goals and progress, as well as give me the go to actually do it! Yay!

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elle | seventeen, quiet leo, hopeless romantic, daydreamer. I like busy cities, the smell of rain, romantic movies, hersey kisses, pride & prejudice, analytical psychology, pictures.

journal not friends only, but friends would be nice. young and old, it doesn't matter to me. please comment before adding.

hiyah, add me?

I used to have two journals here on LJ but I came back and don't have any friends now. :( I'm pretty friendly  - and a lot sarcastic - and I love chatting it up with people.

My general interests include: these particular tv shows [hells kitchen, kitchen nightmares, american idol, secret life of american teenager, parking wars, say yes to the dress, wife swap & court tv shows], i love music - mainly top 40 is what I'm currently (always) listening to, robots/robot designs, photography, writing - of pretty much any kind, reading - non fiction, and all of the arts -- drama, writing, the technical stuff, photography, fashion, etc. 

Add me if you're interested in any of that. Or, even if you aren't -- just know that's what I talk about. 

I'm highly addicted to facebook, twitter and texting on my blackberry... so if we become great friends, you'll be added to all :) 

Leave me a note or go ahead and add me. :) 
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I'm just going to try this. I'm a 20 year old female living in Hawaii. My name is Kristina but I like to be called Krissy. I took a year of before college ,so I'm a sophomore in college majoring in English because I love writing and literature. I eventually plan to attend law school.
I really like the shows "Fringe" and "Heroes." I'm also into movies and astrology and music.  I've been on LJ before but left. My new journal is public. I usually avoid witing about boring, insignificant details like "I went to the beach and got sunburned."

Currently, there isn't much on there now but I write almost everyday , so it will become interesting fast. You'll probably see all kinds of stuff like movie or book reviews or some fan fiction and original writings. Sometimes maybe a little excerpt from my life and things that are seriously bothering me. Leave a message and/or add me.
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I'm Christina.
I'm 23. I'm a wife and mom of two (under 3). I'm Christian. I'm vegan. I'm an activist for several causes. I am a gym rat and work out 5-6 days per week because I love it. I enjoy everything from yoga to mixed martial arts to rap music to classical music. I'm an open book with an open mind. I love life, life is too short to feel otherwise. I'm simple and laid back. I'm a treehugger in disguise (as in I don't fit the stereotype of a "hippie").

My journal is (as in, will be) public so you can just drop in if you'd like to add me. Hope to make some great friends along this journey in life :)

add me

My name is nicole, I'm 20 years old
and I just finished up my Jr. year of
college. I'm fun loving and free spirited.
i also like new friends :) iv been on LJ
for quiet some time but i just made a new
one for a fresh start and am looking for
some new friends. comment here or on my
FO entry and ill add you back :)


I've posted here before and found some pretty cool people, so I'm trying it one more time.

about me: I'm rachel, a junior in college. I'm majoring in english and spanish. I'll be spending july in argentina for a study abroad. I love music: new music and mixed cds are some of my favorite things. I live in the suburbs, but my heart is in the city. I go to school in a small town. I view my LJ as my outlet, so my entries can be about anything and everything. I do comment, but only if I have something to say. I will read all your entries though.

2 of my entries are public, if you want to read them to find out more about me or get a feel for my journal. If you check out my profile my favorite bands and books are listed. Please, don't add me if you're under 18 or homophobic. Please comment here or on my friends only entry, don't just add me, let me know who you are.

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this is just to let everyone know there are still places going for the RTA/email group strive. it has officially being going for a month now and is very active and fun. with summer coming up, it means most of us don't have classes and therefore more time. that means we want more mail! there are 11 of us at the moment.

if you are online a lot, email "savvy" and love making friends... will take part in replying to activities, surveys and send your own creative emails on your life, opinions, photos, music, whatever... please join :)

all you have to do is email me at: with 'strive info' in the subject or something like that. let me know if you know anything about RTA's & what you would like to know. RTA = reply to all. RTA's are an email group where instead of replying personally, you reply to a whole group. creating a circle of emails.

we are very active and fun! we hope to hear from you.

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My name is Katrina, I'm 22, Canadian, I just graduated college and am on my way to University and I've been on LJ since 2004 (!!)
I just cleaned out my friends list since so many people have stopped updating over the years.

I'm a pop culture addict. I looooove movies.
At the moment, my favourite shows are LOST, How I Met Your Mother, Dexter, Big Bang Theory and the United States of Tara.
I've been listening to a lot of Jenny Lewis, The Kills, Daft Punk, Justice, and She & Him.
I love photography, fashion, and most mediums.
I'm a Darwinist, a feminist and pretty much a really optimistic human being that loves to make picture posts on my lj, ha.

Anyway, please add away!

kinda new to LJ

Hey guys, my name is michael and i'm relatively new to lj... well, ive been a member for a while but only more recently took up to updating my blog. im a big reader of the online news, so practically all my blogs deal my opinion on whatever i find interesting.

anyhow, feel free to add me!



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My name is Megan April & I've been told that I'm a blunt person.
BLUNT: [bluhnt] adj. abrupt in address or manner. syn: short, gruff, rough, rude, uncivil, impolite

I am sixteen going on seventeen. I listen to the Little Shop of Horrors soundtrack on repeat for hours. I smoke. I drink. I act. I curse. I dream. I play the clarinet. I dream of living Chicago. I will be a fashion photographer. I am an Apple fan. I am deathly afraid of two things. I am a massive spelling nazi. I am incredibly random most of the time. I am synonomous with the word 'mess'. I am bisexual. I don't particularly like talking on the phone. I plan on being crazy underweight. I eat sunflower seeds constantly. I lose & gain friends as often as I smoke. I am really sick of being single. I really blow at conclusions when I write. I find drunk texting incredibly entertaining. I really want a monroe & a lip ring.

Photography. Music. Art. Reading. Writing. Eyeliner. Energy drinks. Shows. Friends. Nighttime. Haircuts. Inspirations. Bright colours. Chicago. Peace. Pokémon. Rainbows. Apple. Texting. Stars. Animals. Firefox. Photoshop. Happiness. Marlboro Medium & Smooths. Vodka. Plaid & victorian print. Skinny jeans. Converse. Big cities at night. Dreaming. Mini Coopers. Nikon cameras. Barack Obama. Dennis Kucinich. String quartets. Cute kids. Cold weather. Big fuzzy jackets. Button up shirts. Peace signs. Hippies. Love. Laptops. Sunflower seeds. Celery. Creamy peanut butter. Making cookies. Hockey. MythBusters. ebay. George Lopez. Rainbow dinosaurs. Hey Monday. Singing badly. Florida Gators. Animals. Kittens.

& I HATE ;
Arizona. Crickets. Ovens. Deep water. Fundamentalist christians. Stupid people. The Duggar family. People in general. Country music. iPods that run out of memory. Biological father. School uniforms. Empty lighters. Grades. Liars. Fakes.

I might seem kind of cruel & mean, but I'm really nice once you get to know me, I swear. :)
Comment my friend's only post for me to add you.
Oh, & I comment back once I can get around to it. D:

 My hair's a little longer now, & I don't have the blonde extension anymore. :(

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