May 19th, 2009

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 Hello! I have begun to put together a journal on everything related to personal finance (debt, bills, thrift, coupons, savings, etc). I am a recent college graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. I promise to update my journal at least once a week if not more often I am also considering creating a vlog as well. Please visit my journal if you are interested, I would love to make some new friends! 
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heeeey i'm dakota. call me yume. :D 15/m/vancouver. i'm just an awkward guy with a love for asian culture. i love video games, animu, jpop/jrock/kpop and all that.


p.s. i'm obnoxious

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I need some interesting people.

I'm very judgmental. I've fought this for a long time, but I've learned to embrace it.

To go with that, I'm very opinionated. Some people find this bothersome, those are the people I don't associate with. I enjoy others with solid minds of their own, opinions, goals, passions & common sense & most of all, self respect.

I'm fairly lazy, with periods of uncontrollable energy.

I talk alot in game language. Leet ftw. Use to play MMORPGs, but grew bored of them.

I have a pretty awesome sense of humor. Alot of times it may be dry, others it's pretty obvious.
Very sarcastic too, even blunt. I don't "beat around the bush" or sugar coat anything. I think telling people what they want to hear does no one any good.

Planning on becoming a journalist. Going for a BA in communications, second year college student. I loveeee photography & I mainly use polaroids. Shits expensive, so there's some digital mixed in, too.
Curse like a sailor, loves to sleep & always in my head.

you can look in my info to find a link to my flickr & myspace.

If you haven't figured out, there's no form of censorship n my journal. I update frequently but don't comment nearly as much. It's nothing personal, it's just one of those things. I do read & deeply enjoy getting to know others.
It's friends only. No public posts.
Comment here, or on the banner.
DO NOT JUST RANDOMLY ADD ME. I won't notice & if I do, you will not be added back, that pisses me off.

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So, after trying to keep a LJ for as long as possible, I deleted it and started over since I'm finally comfortable about speaking about my feelings without having to worry about how I come across anymore. My name is Christine, I'm 18, I live in Biloxi, Mississippi. College is more like a party but I enjoy the education part. I'm currently a theater major but still deciding if I should change my major or stick with it, even though I'll be a starving actress (words of my mother). I'm very passionate about the things I love and is willing to take anything down if it blocks me from it. I have this weird habit of everyone knowing how I feel at this very moment. If I feel mad or sad, I expect you to know, which is something I know I need to change. I enjoy my own company and stick to myself. I enjoy reading a good book or listening to music, since it blocks out the outside noise. Apples complete me. I enjoy tattoos and I'm always thinking about getting a huge one but I just a simple "L" on my wrist for my mom's name. One day I will get a huge ass one and be happy. I love animals and I connect with them more than I do with actual people. I hate talking on the phone but I LOVE texting. Facebook and Myspace are addicting, along with Converse shoes. I'm the type of person, if someone insults me...I come up with a comeback five hours later.

Add me! (:
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I'm Jas!
I'm from Texas, and I don't belong here.
I'm a musician. music is my passion above all others.
I'd like to believe that i am best at helping people.
I'm not religious.
i play world of warcraft,
I'm brutally honest because I believe that too many people are false all the time.

i'm really skinny but I'm definitely not pro-ana.

I want to go to the university to study psychology or sociology or maybe both.
I'd love to study abroad in Canada. :)
I love photography!

My journal isn't friends over but send me a friend request anyway. :D
I'm really friendly and I'd love to hear your opinions.

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I'm Katie-Anne, live in England and am 18 years young. I am hyper, that's the best word to describe me...or random. I love music, films and making graphics. I have a better introduction in my friends only post at my journal. I decided to make it a personal journal instead of a graphics journal because I am bored of IJ and I need a journal. XD

OLD PHOTO! but it's a good one of me. ^^ I post loads more in my journal, well I will soon anyway!

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Right now I have The Spill Canvas's song, Staple Gunned stuck in my head, despite the fact that I'm listening to Escape the Fate. I'm half the size of a ten foot giant, as long as you don't cut him down lengthwise, and I'm about to tune into the chigaco/detroit hockey game. Gotta love the Stanley Cup playoffs, even if my beloved Sharks choked big time... don't get me started. I just watched The Other Boleyn Girl, and I must say: it sucked almost as much as the book. So, I guess that's a little bit about me... sorta... not really.
I got to work on my "get-to-know-me" posts...

If your going to hold it against me, eh, it's chill.


Red Wings won in OT