May 20th, 2009

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this journal is a personal venture.
i am so used to seeing the same frame of mind, it's time to broaden my horizons.
hopefully this can be an eye-opener for you too.

each week i will post a new question here, relating to any aspect of life.
answers can be anonymous or not, it's up to you.
participation is definitely appreciated :]


Hey there

I'm Samantha.
I'm 20 years old.
I live in Florida (for now, soon California).
I'm working on my Bachelor's Degree for teaching.
I'm a lesbian, I love zombies (so much that I named my dog Zombie), I shamefully watch Oprah, I LOVE the beach, I paint, I drink coffee at strange hours of the night, I love when it rains, I'm obsessed with The Office, and I love ALL types of music. You know when you ask someone what kind of music they listen to and they respond with, "I like everything" but you really know that what they mean is, "I like everything on the radio." K, well I really like EVERYTHING.

And, of course...
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Desperately seeking interesting journals!!

I'm 26 year old Bartender/Student, living on an island on Florida....originally from Chicago....My one true love!
I update and comment daily~ mostly about random happenings in my life, the news, or this crazy place I live...
You see it all here.
I'm big on reader participation, because I want to know all about my friends.
People fascinate me, so I'm always asking for opinions and viewpoints, and sometimes what kind of Ben and Jerry's ice would you create....stupid shit like that.
I try to keep things interesting. You won't find 10 paragraph updates taking you play by play through my day,
So I don't really want to find that in your journal either.
Other than that I have no requirements on who I add...just let me know if you do add me.
So yeah, that's about it.

18+ please

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NAME: Kathleen Elizabeth, but some people that I know from high school still call me Katie, or Katie K
LOCATiON: Savannah, GA
SCHOOL: Savannah College of Art and Design, Sound Design Major
RELATiONSHiP STATUS: Taken by Andrew, boyfriend of almost 10 months. He is currently being deployed to AFGHANITSAN, right now he is at Camp Shelby, Mississippi, and will be home for a few days at the end of the month before he leaves till April 2010. It sucks. And I write about it a lot. Definitely looking for more military girlfriends/wives here on LJ.
ABOUT MY JOURNAL: My journal is quite old, I've had it for 4.5 years. I really just talk about my daily life. I've been a little slack on updating because of school but I'll be done with that in a week and a half. I tend to complain a little, but I'm really always looking for someone to give me advice. I talk about friend drama, living drama, and my boyfriend. I'll post pictures, since I like to take them. I will talk about having sex. If you don't like any of this don't add me.
WHAT AM i LOOKiNG FOR iN AN LJ FRiEND?: Someone who updates fairly often, I don't mind more than once a day posting either, someone who won't judge, someone who doesn't have 100 billion friends, wants to get to know me and someone who is near me in age, 18-24.

See info for more stuff. If you want to add me comment here or on my friends only post! Either is fine! But please let me know, don't just add me.


1. i have narcolepsy.
2. i think if your interesting and can have a random/awesome converstaion we should be friends.
3. i smoke herb, so i think if you do to, we could chat about that. if not. whatever. still talk to me.
4. i have fucking narcolepsy. how are you not already intruiged?

kurt halsey

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Hello Everyone!

My name is Lisa, a 27 year old woman from the state of Wisconsin. I've been around Live Journal for the past four years and I've been using it as a venting place to help me cope with depression and anxiety. I must warn you that I am not exactly one of those happy, bubbly people, yet I don't quite fit the stereotypical emo type. If you aren't comfortable with this, my journal isn't for you.

However, my journal also consists of: religion/christianity, weight loss/ trying to eat right, my cat morgan, society ranting, music/movies, astrology, occasional photos, you tube posts, apartment decorating progress posts, vacations, politics, family, mental health, tech school, dreams, wishes, random articles and whatnot. I'm also on an endless search of finding the right direction and purpose in life as well. Once in awhile, I might post some artwork- if I'm in a mood for it.

I welcome anyone and everyone from all walks of life. I will never judge anyone based off race, sex, background, or beliefs. However, also don't like dealing with trolls and arguing, which might result in a ban. Debating is always welcomed with various topics though. They are fun and interesting!

I add everyone who adds me.

I'd love to get to know you!