May 21st, 2009


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i've posted here before, figured i'd do it again.

my name is caseiagh (pronounced cass-sigh).

i'm 20 years old.
i live in portland, oregon, but i'm moving to san francisco in the summer with my boyfriend.
he's persian, so i'm slowly (but surely) learning farsi.
i love to cook and study the benefits of herbal remedies.
i sing opera and love to act.
i'm really good at math, but i hate it.
i love going to concerts and reading...
i travel a lot and do modeling.
i post my sets occasionally.

add me if you wannaaaa. :D

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I'm a major fangirl.I study ancient cultures,prophecies,the Bible.I live with severe depression,severe anxiety, and borderline personality disorder. I'm an artist who's head is always in the clouds.I'm supportive and quirky.I'm also quite funny.

I es new.

This season of Leena's Next Top Friend is calling out to all sorts of weird, crazy, fun loving people who love to giggle and strut their personality on the Leena-way.

The competition is nonexistent and easier than ever! Leena and her panel of imaginary friends will be applauding each man and woman for their awesomeness!

The prizes, a 100,000 comment contract with the top 22 year old LJ friend, Leena! A cover in le_grrr and a chance to become Leena's Next Top Friend!!

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Random: coconut


Don't know me? Yeah. Didn't think so.


NAME~ Coconut.
AGE~ 20 years old.
SEX~ Biologically female.
ABOUT MY LJ~ I post anything and everything I please and generally, I update several times a day. I post everything from memes to surveys to rants to random statements to questions. I SPAM YOUR FRIENDS PAGE SO BE WEARY OF THAT IF YOU ADD ME, PLZ~.
WHO I WILL/WON'T FRIEND~ I'll basically give anyone that's interested a chance, I suppose. Having something in common would be nice.

Disclaimer: my LJ likely contains some mature content and excessive cursing. If you're under the age of 18, I probably won't reject you right off the bat, but I take no responsibility for anything you might see/read. FAIR WARNING.

I try to comment frequently, but here's the thing: I don't go out of my way to leave you comments if I don't have anything to say. I don't expect comments and I don't force myself to leave them. The only thing I expect is attempts at communication from both parties. Kay? Kay.

Either comment here or on my friends only post before adding me, please. Makes it easier for me. .D
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Love love love

Hello again...


some of you may know me... ^_^

I'm a 16 year old girl that is having difficulty with my age...

I'm already 16 but I act as a 13 year old girl...

My life is simple yet so complicated...

I've never met my Dad since the day I was born...

poor me...

My mom doesn't want to talk about it and wants me to get over it...

so the result of that is depression...

My Computer teacher allowed me to call him Dad to lessen my anxiety and all...

it helped me a lot...

and also there was this Senior student (back when I was in my sophomore year)
allowed me to call him "Kuya" (big brother)

yeah... weird huh?

They're my unreal family...

I also have this twin... not my real twin...
we act alike and all...

yeah... they made me happy during those lonely times...

wish my life was different...

I started using Live Journal a year ago, it was introduced to me by me twin...
yeah and i had fun...

and hoping that i could have more friends here on LJ...

"it's hard to lose someone that you never met"



Hello everybody!!!
My name is Max.
I'm 21 years old .
I am Russian .
I study physics at University .

I'm looking for people who are interested in travelling,philosophy,science and also who wants to know about Russian culture and language.My journal is bilingual [russian & english , mostly on russian ,but i decided to contunue it on english] with a lot of photos of my trips.

I will be glad to new interesting friends ! Add me =)