May 24th, 2009

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add me
hey im mark
male  lincoln, Ne
im a us marine i live in nebraska. i mostly love to workout and run.
ive ben all over california and texas
i love movies to if u wanna know more just hit me up


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Буду рада новымы гостям и новым идеям!

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they call me jay. it's a nickname, and i'm female.

eighteen / manhattan / student / unemployed otherwise, thanks economy.

tattoo lover / optimistic / crazy / unpredictable / loud / never stops laughing.

photographer / creative writer / poet / possible career in psychology or social work.

raised on classic rock / rum drinker / loves large social gatherings / nature / the outdoors.

goes barefoot as often as possible / likes dirt and mud and broken nails are AWESOME :)

i'm new to livejournal, but am not new to the world of online journaling. i currently have zero friends here :( but would love to meet new people! i update fairly regularly and am not going to be a pain in the ass and demand you comment my entries :) leave a comment here or on the entry in my journal, and let's chat :)

<3 jay.


Taylor. 19.

Born and raised in the great commonwealth of Massachusetts, now I live in Phoenix in a house I share with my sister, her boyfriend, her two kids, and my non-boyfriend. All of us (two kids excluded) work at an Italian restaurant which my sister's boyfriend's family owns. I'm pretty much the best waitress ever :)

I try to post regularly, but once in a while life gets in the way and I won't update for a week or two. I also try to comment, but only if I find something interesting. I won't comment for the sake of commenting! But lately, I haven't found most of my current LJ friends interesting at all, so I'm looking for new and interesting people.

I absolutely LOVE music, my tastes ranging from Biggie to Atreyu and almost everything in between. I was born and raised on classic rock, so that's my main thing. Lynyrd Skynyrd is my absolute favorite... For nine years of my life, I spent every other Friday night sitting in on my stepdad's practices for his Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute band. Sometimes they even let me sing back up.
I also love the rain, kids, chocolate, merry-go-rounds, the color green, dancing, singing, photography, Weeds, things that smell good, pretty girls, superheroes, Italian pastries, smoking, animal prints, the ocean, baking, board games, old school computer games like OREGON TRAIL, and a million other things.

I'm a smoker and a drinker, a little cocky, I'm straight but I check out girls just as much as the horniest guy I know, I'm incredibly imperfect, and I don't apologize for any of it.

I'm awesome. Get to know me :)
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My name is Carmall. I'm female, 20, West Australian. I'm looking for some LJ friends, my journal is set to friends-only. I'll add you if I think we will make good friends, but you have to give me a reason to - so send me a message or something if you would like to friend me. I'm into gaming (my gamertag is LustyVixxen), music, photography, shoes, art, movies, reading, hair & make-up, shopping and so so much more. My life isn't that interesting besides working at EB Games, I'm planning my wedding and trying to get by...

~Carmall x

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Love love love

add me again!

First time readers...

some of my posts are PUBLIC and some are FRIENDS ONLY

That's me...

I read posts of others and expect me to comment on your post...

I'm an ordinary 16 year old girl with an extra ordinary mind...

I still think and act as a 13 year old...

I accept Friend requests and all...

I'm friendly type of girl so don't hesitate to add me up ^_^
stock- giraffe

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Hi, hihihi!


Hi, my name is Tess!
Seventeen and winding down on my last few days of compulsory schooling, like, ever. I like driving in the snow and listening to music that no one else can stand. I'm highly sarcastic and cynical. I hate celery and I love glitter. I'm obsessed with playing ice hockey, throwing clay on the wheel, my fisheye camera, and my quest to find the greatest potato chips on the planet.

I'm about to move to another continent, so a lot of my posts center around that. I like to watch TV, but only after it comes out on DVD, and I'm a pretty fair bit of a shopoholic. I tend to overuse capitalization and capslock, and expect to see loads of slang and occasional words I've made up peppering my posts. I'm big on polls and videos and pictures and the likes. I think I'm loads of fun, but clearly I'm a bit egotistical as well, then, haha. I'm a pretty big nerd.

Oh, and I'm from Wisconsin, USA. Add me?

Add Me or Hate Me

Me and my Baby, Kalan (my nose looks retarded in this pic lol)

I'm sure most of you already know me. Well, lets pretend that you don't. Hi, I'm Kayla. I'm 18 years old and I am a senior at WHS. I am in colorguard and I hate it. I am in the FBLA and I love it :) ... I choose to not have many close friends because I have learned that most of them are crap anyway. Trust me, they are. The few that are close to me are the best people that you will ever meet... and trust me, they are! So anyways,I live with my mom and little brother & sister. We fight like hell. Everyday. Most of the time it is over stupid stuff, like who ate the last debbie cake or who changed the screensaver on the computer. Sometimes my mom joins in. At the time we are so pissed at each other, but after a couple of hours we will laugh at our stupidness. If you are wondering where my dad is in this picture, well he is not. He lives somewhere else with his new wife and his little twin daughters. I am not bitter at this, I think things were better off that way. Okay, so you know about my school and home life. Next is my love (coughahahacough) life. Yeah I am in love. Who? Kalan Matthews. When? Ever since the 5th grade. Why? Hell, I'm still trying to figure that one out lol. He is my honeybun and I am is pecan swirl. Aren't we soo cute that it makes you just wanna throw up? Yeah, I know we are. So... you know about my love, family, and school life...what else is there? Oh my interests! I love music (rock & metal), I love food (cheese burgers, pizza, french fries, cakes, bacon, ham, KFC chicken, banana-nut muff... hell, I like everything), I love the color red, I love clothes from Rue21, I love Guitar Hero, I love the internet, I love ice cream (wait, that is a food, shit!), and most of all I love being me. I know I will complain about myself often, like my hair, my weight, my dumbness, and my lack of positive insights, but through all of that I am very strong-headed, and I am not a follower of others which makes me unique. Some see that as being strange, well then... whatever. Well, at least I am not Plain Jane or Wanda the Whore... or Heather the Hater... or Flo the Follower. Well, this pretty much sums me up. Love me or hate me. Take or leave it. This is me and I am always going to be the same.
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