May 27th, 2009

❝ain't no party like my nana's tea party❞

L, seventeen. Sounds thirty and looks twelve. Has a morbid obsession with astrology and fate -- she is a Pisces with moon in Libra: in short, 'is prone to emotion and wishes everyone could just get along'. She does not like having enemies, but has probably made a few. A cynic when in public, a dreamer in private: An elitist, but insecure. Despite this, will not put out half-assed work. Despite that, she is a procrastinator at heart. So much so, she had to leave school for it. Whoops. May or may not contradict herself. It is likely she already has. She does not like referring to herself in the third person.

An avid lover of New Zealand's fourth most popular guitar-based digi-bongo acapella-rap-funk-comedy folk duo. Occasional mistress to shoujo manga, but never romance novels -- prefers Adams to Rice. Posts sporadically; if it's not about her love/hate relationship with amateur graphic design, it's probably about fandom. If it's not about fandom, it's probably random.

Add her and she promises to be entertaining, if not a total pain in the ass.*
*Is more likely to be the latter than the former.**
** But only if you're partial to fire.

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I'm lonely. :(  My friends list, it is so tiny!

Haha, I'm looking for folks who are looking for folks.

I'm going to be 22 in July, I'm female, and a student.  I'm still unsure about my major, ping-ponging between Criminal Justice, English, History, and Political Science.  I failed two years of university for being a complete lazy ass so I'm back on my third and last try.

I play a lot of WoW (80 Human Prot/Holydin; 75 Nelf Shadow/Holy Priest; 70 Belf Fire Mage, 70 Belf Affliction Lock) and I'm in the middle of a weight-loss "journey" for lack of a cheesier word.  (Started at 212 pounds, at 155 now, end goal around 130.)  I live in a rather small Utah town; I listen to almost everything but love harder stuff like KMFDM and VNV Nation . . . along with weird stuff like Aqua and Toybox. :D


looking for friends.

I've had this journal for a number of years, although I just started using it. It will contain my daily thoughts, artwork, photography and poetry. I'm not picky with friends, I'm just looking for people with similar interests. I've listed some information about myself below, so if you'd like to be friends, feel free to add me. But, I do ask that you comment here and tell me a little about yourself.

Basic facts
becky. twentys-six. college student. currently staying at home
to take care of a sick parent.

writing, photography, making collages, painting, reading, fashion,
learning new things, making graphics

Twilight, LOTR, Harry Potter, Grey's Anatomy 

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I've been on LJ for years and gone under many different names, but I'm in search of some new LJ friends.

A little about me: I'm female, 24. I live at "home" still with my parents & brother due to some interesting circumstances. I am bisexual and have an amazing boyfriend & an amazing girlfriend. I've been a vegetarian for over 8 years now and I'm also an animal rights activist. However, I'm certainly not that annoying kind. I won't pester you to "convert" or anything like that. To each their own, ya know?

In any event, I do have my Twitter updates shipped to my LJ every day. I have a filter for those though so if you don't want to read them and you are going to add me, just let me know and I'll keep you out of that filter. Yes, I'm just that damn cool. LOL.

My updates are random and sometimes long. I'm pretty much a serial commenter after I get to know you and while I certainly don't expect you to be, comments make my heart skip a beat. ;)

I also smoke (cigarettes are bad kids!) and I self-medicate for back pain with marijuana. If you aren't okay with self-medication, you shouldn't add me.

I'm into piercings and tattoos as well despite the fact that I don't have many of my own. I have my tongue pierced (twice), my left cartilage pierced, and my lobes stretched to 9/16" (finally reached my goal size after 6 years of stretching!!!!). I also have one tattoo on my left forearm that is a stanza of a poem I wrote (about vegetarianism/animal rights). It's several years old and desperately needs a touch up.

Anyways, if it seems like we'd get along, add me. Just leave a comment somewhere so I can add you back.
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i need/want friends who update and comment.

i'm 19 years old from michigan.
i'm a girly girl, who loves materialistic things.
i have a boyfriend that i love<3
i'm an identical twin.
i love music- anything from rock to country,
tv shows - desperate housewives, greys anatomy, antm, jon & kate plus eight, etc.
more info about me in my userinfo.

if interested, and we have things in common, add me! :)

call me Drey

>>-18, Québec (canada), lesbian...

>>I want to meet gay/bi or OPEN-MINDED straight people

>>-mostly like indie music... but almost all kind of music too.

>>-like languages (I speak French and English fluently, and Spanish poorly but have a base)

>>-not always happy, not always sad... my mood changes constantly.

>>want people who update and Comment (when they have something to say, coherent or jokes)

>>sometimes creepy in a sweet way.... I'm a tiny little perv who like talking dirty while she licks the cream on her little dirty fingers.:)"

Get me intrigued, I'll be your secret admirer.

If you are intrigued... comment on my "Friend Only" post and tell me a little about yourself.
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