May 29th, 2009

Bonjourrr, ye cheese eatin' surrender monkeys

I've been creeping for a bit, so here's my points of interest.

My name is Melanie, I'm 25. I live in western Canada, half my time at home with my mom and sister, the other half with my boyfriend and monkeyhead cat. They live about 10 minutes apart, haha.

I work at a grocery store part time and will be starting at an IT college in September for digital media design.

I don't like it when people say "Oh I like movies and music and people that make me laugh"..because its all relative. I give mine with examples!

What kind of movies do I like? These kinds!
Repo! A Genetic Opera, V For Vendetta, 300, and Pretty in Pink. And many more!

What sort of music do I listen to? These sorts!
Kamelot, Rammstein, Apocalyptica, Billy Talent

What else makes me tick? Some TV shows. Those are actually in order of the last three seasons I have watched on DVD. Because I don't actually watch much tv. I love animals. I would have gone for a career relating to animals if I hadn't gone the digital art route. I'm -learning- to play guitar and hopefully I'll be motorcycling this summer. I have a half sleeve of zebra stripes tattoo'd on my right arm. And I have a nostril, conch, lip and hood piercing and 1/2" stretched earlobes. But I still maintain a fairly normal appearance.

Oh I also read! Usually a lot! Currently working on Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Arthas: Rise of the Lich King and Dead Until Dark.

I like cooking and baking, although I'm not exceptional at either.
Digital art, me loves it long time. I'm also a fan of most art in general.
I used to, as in stopped less than a week ago, played World of Warcraft. Other games that have occupied my time include many, many titles in the Final Fantasy series, Chrono Trigger, and more recently, Fable II, Left4Dead and Resident Evil 5.

What you'll find in my journal: My day and thoughts and things. Usually whatever is on my mind, usually with links and sometimes pictures and interpretive dance. Ok, no dancing. But I do break out into song a lot in real life.

So that completes a brief overview of me.

Now what I want from you!
Real life. I like reading about people's lives, not memes and quizzes, but the occasional is fine. I have no preference for age, gender, race or location. Just as long as you update fairly regularly, we'll probably get along just dandy. Despite my piercings and tattoo, I'm not huge on the idea of self destruction. This includes cutting, binge drinking and hard drugs. I don't consider weed to be a hard drug, but I don't particularly want to hear about how high you are all the time either.

Aaaaand that's it.
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I need something interesting

Are you interesting?
Do you ramble?
Do you like to talk about aliens and what your mom ate for dinner?
I do sometimes, although I haven't written about that yet.
Next post maybe???

The name is DANNY.
I am of the female species.
My journal is public.
Sometimes I rant.
Sometimes I talk about things that matter.
I mostly do this for my own satifation.
I do like to hear what others have to say about my life.
Not that my life is all that great.

I do ask that you...
Please excuse me as I am on the path to insanity.
Don't mind the panic attack I am about to have.
I am bi-polar and i'll do my best to love you.

This is me.

(no subject)

i'm tanas. i'm 17. new to livjournal and still trying to figure out how to work this thing! i was looking for something a little more intelligent than myspace ;] feel free to add me! i'll add back, of course =]

[LJ2ME (]

I have been on LiveJournal for six years and have found some good friends. Unfortunately, many of the people on my friends list have apparently fallen off a cliff, so I am looking for a few new journals to read.

Basic Info:

I am 25 years old and have a 16 month old son with my boyfriend of almost three years. He is graduating from Drexel University and we will be looking for a place together soon.

I have an advertising business which promotes small businesses and also builds websites and does other graphic design, animation, and production. I am also a consultant for another company on the side, promoting it throughout the area and pulling in ad accounts.

I am also a supervisor of security at concerts and events in venues in PA and NJ.

I post about anything and everything. I also post quite often, thanks to the LJ application on my Blackberry.

For pictures, interests, etc., check out my profile.

Warning: It is VERY picture heavy.


 hi! My friends list seems to be running a little thin lately, and I'd like some new ones if anyone's interested!

My journal started off pretty anonymous as a pop culture blog of sorts. Now that I have an actual pop culture blog to take a part in, it's more about my life. I still like to maintain some anonymity though. What you can know about me now is: I'm an (almost) 21 year old English major from the Midwest. I usually talk about stuff that interests me along with my life. Comments on new albums I like, what I think of movies/tv shows I see, and my opinion on the concerts I go to. I talk about literature and books a lot too. (for example: trueblood, gossip girl, chuck palahniuk, edith wharton, twilight, flight of the conchords, house, jack's mannequin, bat for lashes, and basically any new movies coming out are the things I've talked about). 

I really only want friends that are 18+, if you're a really mature 16 year old, I might make an exception. I might get into my love life/nights out drinking so that's the reason for the age limit. Plus, I'm WAY out of high school, so it's hard for me to relate to that. I'm a pretty good commenter, and I love to hear people's opinion on things. I'm not saying you have to comment on every entry, but I would like to get to know the people that read my journal to a certain extent. 

Comment here to be added and I'll (most likely) add you back!
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Dmitry Berkut

Hi friends! =)
Hello! My name is Dmitry. I'm the newspaper photographer from Russia. I travel much and I want to have friends all over the world. If you like my works - safely add me in friends. The linguistic barrier will not be because the majority of my posts is photos, and it is international language. =)
truffle shuffle

Deja Vu...

This will be deja vu for some, but new for others. The details below.

Name: KB
Age: 28
Sex: Male
Location: Georgia
Race: American Indian (25%) / White (75%)

These are all general, and broad, intentionally. Ask for more information.
Computers, video games, Japanese Culture, writing, singing, music, cooking, outdoors, animals, islands, movies, books, driving, 20's-60's, 80's, alcohol, and many other things that I can't really manage to think of at the moment.

These are all general, and broad, intentionally. Ask for more information.
Liver, beets, bugs, heat, technical support, irritating people, stupidity, lying, egotistical people, waiting in line, traffic, bad drivers, managers, bad jobs, siblings, and many other things I can't manage to recall at present.

About Me: I'm bad at this sort of thing, but I'll give it a go. You've seen most of my information above, but a little about my personality would be that I am shy, mostly on the depressed and pessimistic side of life, an introvert, someone who is afraid of people in groups larger than 3 or 4, exceptionally kind, caring, gentle, soft-spoken, patient, understanding, and a hopeless romantic. If I didn't feel like I was blathering on about myself I'd list more, but I don't like to talk too much about me. It embarrasses me; heh.

After all that, if you'd like to be my friend (and me yours), then please add me and leave a comment telling me a little about you. It's not required, but I'd like to at least know why you wanted to add me. After all, I'm not the most chipper person and I can hardly be classified as a ray of anything, so indulge me and pique my interests.

Thank you.

(Also in the afriend4u community since I can't figure out how to cross-post. *frown*)
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I'm Christia,
I'm 23
I'm a mother of 3
Two of which are step kids.

I'm kinda bitchy sometimes, but who isn't
I'm nice most of the time.
I'm over opinionated.
I comment when I've got an input,
I read entries most every day,
and if I miss a bunch I tend to go back and read them..
I'll post if I don't get around to it..

I'm real.  I'm just me, I'm not trying to impress you or any other person on earth.
I don't have many friends, because most people in Michigan tend to be morons,
and the two people who weren't moronic moved far away and barely come around.
I don't travel. I like to travel  but with 3 kids, this is pretty impossible plus I'm far to occupied with other stuff.

I like all kinds of music.
I like photography,  mainly Black and White, old stuff, landscape...  random objects.

So if your a fairly down to earth person,  who would like to be friends with meeee.
WHo isn't looking for some exaggerated list of people to make myself look cool give me an add.

If your like old,  and still read valley high books, don't bother,  I want people who talk about there lives.
Not there omg I know why my mom didn't let me read this because there is sex in it.
And go on with the fact she still don't want you to and your like 34 ....

Age don't matter.
thats it... ask. 

oh this is a new journal so you wont be missing much lol