June 6th, 2009

tank girl

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My name is Amz Im 26 and from the UK

I run my own alt clothing shop
I just split with a long term boyfriend
Im getting with a really sweet guy
I love rats, I have 2
I listen to Rob Zombie, ICP, backyard babies, Prince, Alice Cooper, Mushroomhead, Snot, Sublime etc.
I get bored a lot, read a lot and play computer games.

Comment if ya wanna add me :)

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I'm 15 years old, female, from Colorado, United States of America.
I like anime, manga, reading, writing, art, music, shopping/fashion, foreign language, ect.
I love animals, nature, and photography. I'm currently planning on majoring in English Literature.

My Journal:
Mostly rambling, sometimes squeeing. I talk about whatever comes to mind, whether it be the blooming peonies in my yard to the latest Bleach chapter to the pot-seller down the street (with whom I have no association with... he's just fun to talk about :D) to the latest CD of one of my favorite bands, etc.. I don't know. You'll find a lot of odd things in journal, though maybe not yet since I'm pretty much just starting out.

Add me:
I'm most interested in meeting open minded people, people who share a love of culture, fellow anime/manga fans (Bleach, Naruto, Kuroshitsuji, in particular), people who like to rant/ramble, quirky people, artists, fellow wannabe-authors, etc.

See ya. ^_^
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My name is Louisa I am 19 yr old student from new Zealand
My post are strange and all over the place
Add me if you have a but load of commen with me then Add me
I read everything and comment all the time .
I am into music and partying, I am a tad dyslexic but its not that bad

So add me


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Hi, I'm Tracey. I don't take myself very seriously, probably because I'm kind of awkward.

Basic stuff...I'm 21, live in Chicago, and am finishing up college, which is significantly scary. I'm just trying to enjoy myself right now, and it's summer so that's generally pretty easy. My journal entries usually consist of whatever happens to be going on in my life and my thoughts on it.

I'm just looking for some new journals to read because it seems like a lot of people on my list have become inactive lately. I read everything and just about always comment. I don't expect you to comment on everything, but every once in a while is nice.

And yeah...I'm not too picky about who adds me, provided you're above 18, use proper spelling and grammar for the most part, and have interesting things to say :)

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Biologically, I'm supposed to be 19 going on 20, but mentally, I'll probably be 9 years old forever. Just call me Peter Pan. Make-up artist by day, pub crawler by night. I am an impatient, clumsy and obnoxiously optimistic girl who never, ever sees the downside of things. I like words that start with an M, oddly placed freckles and rainbow-coloured umbrellas. I enjoy spending afternoons in old, dusty libraries, watching Stephen Frears films, and dancing in clubs for several hours until my feet ache so badly I have to walk home barefoot. So, hi, my name's Elisabeth. Let's be friends.

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 I'm Kerry. Addicted to the office and my ipod.
I'll be deaf by the time i'm 20 and die from salt, sugar or nerves overdose. 
I like reading books, you know those things that have words and are on paper. People should read more. Its a shame. 
Right now i love John Green. Dftba 
Sometimes i act 12, and sometimes 40.
I also like being awkward. And i hate new music. Stick to when music was good. 
I'm also the art geek. 
Enough quirky facts for you?

The Smiths Morrissey The Cure Radiohead Franz Ferdinand Otis Redding Buddy Holly Sex Pistols Descendents The Beatles Blondie The Shins Ocean Colour Scene David Bowie The Clash Janis Joplin Beastie Boys Bloc Party Joy Divison Maximo Park Stone Roses Sonic Youth Echo & The Bunnymen The Stooges New York Dolls Velvet Underground Belle & Sebastian Gavin DeGraw Death Cab For Cutie Led Zeppelin Blur The Specials Madness Talking Heads Fleetwood Mac The Doors Elvis Costello The Runaways The Zombies Marc Bolan Kate Voegele

Music. ARTartarrt Art School..Sarcasm. Lying on the floor. Alcohol. Good Books.Xbox360. Daydreaming. The Rain. Doodles. Laughing. Hanging Out. Alone Time. Walking. Ipod 24/7. James Dean. Mozza. Radiohead (Thom Yorke.) .John Lennon. In my own little world. Friends. Rants. Nice smells. Eye Contact. Confusion. Mysterious things. Weird objects. Good Conversation.Not Paying Attention. Daxflame. Ignoring people. CHUCK BASS

Friends Only. Only English please.