June 9th, 2009

Ashley Doesnt Rhyme With Rashy.

I've had a joural for years. But I kept it under my desk in a notebook, and often wrote in markers.

I'm not looking for a lot of friends, but ones who will actually comment on me, and i will comment on yours.

I love life, photography, I can  hold a intellectual conversation, or i can talk endless absolutley nothing.

I can be a riot.

and i wanna meet anybody whose interesting and has something to say. Because I am not one of the quite ones.
add me, I promise, i'll make it worth while.

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Nothing interesting here.

Hi, everybody! I'm an art director of a small advertising agency. I've got Ph.D. I'm an amateur photographer. I smoke hookah and drink a lot :) I'll be glad if I have some foreign friends. My journal is in russian, but if there will be some english speaking friends I'll start write in english. For now you can just look at the photographs.

This is the top post. You can write some words about yourself there. All comments are screened.
Dmitry Berkut

Hi :)

Hello! My name is Dmitry. I'm the newspaper photographer from Russia. I travel much and I want to have friends all over the world. If you like my works - safely add me in friends. The linguistic barrier will not be because the majority of my posts is photos, and it is international language. =)
Jack Nicholson's Joker

briefly, now.

Hello everyone. I need more lives to read. I prefer friends who handle their journals like an intimate, personal diary, who are honest with themselves as well as others. My journal is partially public, so feel free to have a glance and just let me know if you'd like to be friends.

I'm Jenn, by the way. I'm a reasonably intelligent, reasonably insane 22-year-old female from San Antonio, TX. I believe I may have some sort of unchecked psychologcal/personality problem, but I don't let that burden me. Depression/paranoia/anxiety/hardship have given me spunk. I fill my journal with dailies, pictures, thoughts, ideas. I enjoy discussion, so if you're a conversationalist who's willing to discuss many trivial matters with me, please do add. You can read all about me in my intro (which contains the pictures).

18+ only.
All types welcome (especially stoners/geeks/psychos/weirdos/etc).


I am pretty crazy, I love to go out and party, meet new people, I am no stranger to drugs and hook ups, and a friend of the devil is a friend of mine.

I need some interesting journals to read, people who arent judgmental.  I prefer 18+ & short intricate entries.  i post a lot of pics and love when my friends do too :)

Jeff Buckley

(no subject)

I had my previous journal for over 3 years. Throughout those years I have graduated, been
accepted and enrolled into my first choice university, as well as gone through many experiences
involving matters of the heart, finances, death, etc that has made me grow up fast and mature
as a person.

I'm a very peaceful individual, a cross between a Daoist and a Buddhist (but I'm way too Pisces
to settle on a religion ;). Yes, astrology is a huge part of my life, extending far beyond shallow
horoscopes. I've got it down to a science (literally), studying different aspects, natal charts,
and dabbling in astronomy.

I like meditation, yoga, guitar playing, literature, graphic and web design (CSS ftw), economics (and a
little politics from time to time), aromatherapy, PS3, and I'm a serial texter, word. Also a bit of
a workaholic, haha

Collapse )

I'm open minded, distracted, indecisive, and absolutely chill. I'm thinking we oughta be friends,
what do you think?


(no subject)

Name's Rach. I'm 20 years old. I'm not really new to this thing. I've been on and off this website for the last few years now, mainly because I never had anything to update about. But, my life is taking a change now and I've got things to write about. So, I decided to come back!! Unfortunately, I don't know anyone else with a LiveJournal so I'm hoping I can make some new friends by posting here.

A little bit about me: I'm a nice person and I care a lot about people. I'm forgiving, but I never forget. I don't do drugs, I don't smoke and I don't drink alcohol. I don't care if others do so long as they respect my lifestyle. I'll be friends with pretty much anyone. I'm not into the whole labels thing. I love love love animals, especially cats. I've got 2 of them and plan on having more whenever I'm on my own. I get a kick out of playing old school video games (Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64). I have a tiny obsession with Pokemon. Oh, come on!! They're just so cute. :) I'm fascinated by psychology and human behavior as well as criminology. I'd love to be a social worker or a profiler. I used to volunteer my time to help disabled people. I had a blast doing it and I miss it very much.

Things you might be able to relate to:
- I have generalized anxiety as well as social anxiety / social phobia. I've been struggling with it my entire life and most people don't understand it. However, I'm getting better with the right psychologist and am getting my life back on track.
- I love animals.
- My favorite band is Within Temptation.
- My favorite television show is Criminal Minds.
- I was in an abusive relationship for almost 4 years with my first boyfriend. We aren't together anymore and I've found someone new who I swear is my soul mate, but my relationship with him is still hard because of my social anxiety and because of my previous relationship that brought on trust issues with men.
- My Mother was an alcoholic, and she isn't in my life anymore.
- I live with my Father in an Apartment.
- I love Psychology, Human Behavior and Criminology.
- I want to save the world and people.
- I don't drink, I don't do drugs and I don't smoke.
- I'm an Aries.
- I have a huge fear of needles.

audrey |

hello, i'm hitler, you may have heard of me.

so hai!
i'm an internet whoring, extension wearing, blogging addict. music owns my soul, no jokes. genres are wide, but panic at the disco are number one baby. i'm sixteen, in college and from new zealand. yeah, that tiny little dot at the bottom of the map that some people don't even know exists. i love bandom, any live gigs & random people + things. i'm bordering on adhd, can't stop drinking red bulls and most of my friends irl are dickheads, but i love them(:

& wait. i once dropped my ipod and tried to pick it up by saying "accio." yeah. from harry potter. fml.

and, oh right. my name is lania.

Me and Mohawk

Friends? Woo!

Hey all,

My name is Alicia, I'm 22 and live in Australia!

This is mainly my icon journal (I do make other things also and sometimes take requests) - I'd like some friends who'd comment and help me improve. 
Other than icons, I do also write about other things in day to day life.

Random fact about me
+ I love to drink (Usually have a few glasses of wine a night)
+ My town's just had a HUGE flood
+ I'm an awesome cook
+ I garden - mostly grow my own vegies
+ I LOVE puzzles
+ I sing and play guitar
+ I have fun on Y!A LOL
+ There really wouldn't be much that you could say that will shock me
+ That's me in my LJ pic

I'f you like to know more just ask or simply add! I always read friends journals and comment as much as possible.
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Melian and Thingol

New friends

I'm 35 (soon to be 36), from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I'm not new to lj (been hanging around for 8.5 years) but new friends always welcomed!

I'm open-minded, enjoy sharing my unique sense of humour and can be completely random at times. I'm not afraid to show the real me. I also enjoy meeting new and interesting people. I enjoy read my friend's journals and time to time will reply to their post(s). More often I'll respectfully just sit back and read because some posts aren't meant to have comments. I'm not adding you to try and make myself look good, I'm really looking forward to meeting new people and start new friendships.

So if you're interested and want to add me just go for it! Check out my user info, I'll add ya back.
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