June 21st, 2009

[I rather chit chat then keep quiet all the time]


Where do I even start off to explain what "type" of person I am..
I'm friendly but quiet. My typing speaks louder then my voice.
Anything to get my useless / thoughtful / day dreaming / traveling / exploring thoughts out in the open..

I'm Tori from a "small quiet" town yet big and noisy at times In Pa.
I don't really care for it here..But that's ok at this time in life.
I'm 21 years old. Not one of those party hard or social butterfly people.
Although I drink once and awhile and my happiness is concerts and traveling.

Photography,Art,Crafts,traveling,concert,music,god [yes I'm christian but not a jump down your throat kind of way],familyand other things..
Are huge in my life. They mean the world to me and help me with seeking happiness.

I'm sarcastic and different.
But different in a good way.
I'm a nice caring person..
Yet have a hard time trusting people now days.
Working out issues like depression / anxiety / etc.
Yes those are my down falls..
But soon to be fixed atleast I hope. :]

I could ramble for hours or type for a minute depending on my mood.
I love to chat with new people online..
And try to help / or give opinions.. Or just simply comment showing I care.

So I was wondering if anyone would consider being friends with me on livejournal?
Got questions feel free to ask..
As I can't express who exactly I am on one little post..
Or simply all that I know I should say.
Because everyday I'm searching for more of who I am..And that thing called happiness.
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brookie and lovie

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Hey . :)
I'm Christina. I'm 16 years old girl from Bulgaria, Europe but i also spend a lot of time in Greece cause my mom lives there.
I love photography, fashion and music.
And what else... well, don't know. If you want - add me. :) I'd love to meet new people. :)

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Hello! :) My name's Laura. I'm eighteen and I recently graduated from high school. I don't write that often but it'd be nice to get feedback when I do write. I'm going to UCLA and majoring in English. It'd be extremely great to meet new people before heading off into the "real world." :D so yeah. add me if you want. :D thanks for reading.

King Six, Whiskey One | Request Approved

Hello everyone.

My name is Nate. I'm 23 years old and I live in Chicago.

I`m looking for some new friends. I don't update that often, but I do try and comment as much as possible. I'm a pretty open minded person. I love meeting new and interesting people.

I'm into music, movies, photography, writing, reading, fishing, hunting, cars, cooking, football...as well as other various things and activities.

I want to be a US Marine like my Daddy, may he rest in peace.

I want to be an Emergency Medical Technician someday.

I'm in a band. I want to open a Hookah bar. I have 4 dogs.

If you'd like to be my friend just comment and I'll add you.

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to start off the summer I figured I get some new friends.


I'm Eric.
I'm a senior in high school.
I have pure obsessional ocd and I'm not doing anything about it, yet.
I'm kinda awkward and clumsy.
I like japan a lot.

I dunno, people say I'm interesting but I don't believe that I'm anymore interesting then you could be.
so get at me, or something hahah

Hello There

Hiya. My name is Katie. I'm 20 and attending Temple University in Philadelphia, and residing on the brink of south philly/center city. My major is photojournalism. It's a lot of work and a lot of all-nighters spent in the computer lab, but I refuse to give it up.

Things I like: bicycles, climbing trees, dancing, freckles, going out, the word "chuckle", floral dresses, reading, tofu, being a barista, music, photographs, my boyfriend, springtime, museums, getting intense at shows, good beer, friends

I am very music oriented. I can't go a day without jamming out. Recently, I've been into Lily Allen, Port O'Brien, Polar Bear Club, Braid, Lykke Li, Born Ruffians. But Jesse Lacey will always be number one.

I like reading other's entries, as long as they aren't whining and full of complaints. Or if we seem to have no common interests.

So, let's be lj friends.


First things first: I'm not looking for friends just to make my LJ list bigger. I'm making an LJ comeback here, and it's actually boring me already. So I want something interesting. Something a little more than superficial whining.

My name's Nita. I'm originally from Philly but at the moment, I kind of don't belong anywhere. I might as well be a gypsy. I just finished my first year of college in Vermont and realized that college is overrated, so I'm probably going to take a year off to volunteer full-time. I build websites for fun. I'm an advocate of positive mental health issues. I appreciate good art and I try my best to express myself through it. I love all things vintage and appreciate old sitcoms more than anything. I'd say I like drugs (who doesn't?), but I'm too broke. Sometimes I am way too cheerful and jolly; sometimes I'm a total debbie downer. I try not to be.

I want to get to know you, and I hope you want to get to know more about me. Tell me more about yourself!