June 23rd, 2009

British, cake

Um, add me? Ya.

I'm Vix; a 20 year old, blonde, British, media-obsessed, art loving university student. Outside of my degree I'm a martial artist and a complete travel addict. I love to read about as many lives as possible - I've been hooked on LJ since 2003. Rock, metal, indie & dance music is my cup of tea with Def Leppard & Linkin Park being my all-time favourite musicians. I have fibromyalgia - props to anyone who knows what that is. My life - and LJ - are generally full of random events and ramblings about my day to day life, occasionally accompanied by photos.

So, yeah.

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Hi! I’m Bridget, 24, and looking for some new people to add to my friends list. I do sometimes talk about mental health issues, so the main thing I require of my friends is that they have open minds. I will then, of course, keep an open mind when reading your posts.

I like comments, but I understand that you might not have anything to say so I probably won’t delete you for that.

I love dance because I used to dance. I also used to cheerlead.

I’m way into House of Leaves, the book. I’m addicted to Kat Dennings’ video blogs. I put forth too much money to buy Sephora stuff and Lush stuff. I watch Supernatural, Bones, Leverage, The Tudors, True Blood, So You Think You Can Dance, Heroes. Anything Joss Whedon is good.

I listen to Poe, Tori Amos, PJ Harvey, Dot Allison, Portishead, Hooverphonic, a lot of movie scores (my favorites being the scores to Pi, Run Lola Run, and a Beautiful Mind).

My favorite movie is Der Krieger und Die Kaiserin with Run Lola Run, The Serpent and The Rainbow, The Changeling (not to be confused with the Angelina Jolie movie Changeling), The Number 23, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and the original Bring It On (I can hear you laughing.) running close behind.

This is me.


The Simpsons; Do you like stuff?
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Hi people! I've just recently did a friends cut and got rid of about half my list, so I'm looking for new, exciting and interesting journals to read!

I'm 21 years old and I'm from Sydney, Australia. My main source of income is working in retail; atleast 95% of the customers make me question why I still work in retail, but most of my fellow workers make being there somewhat enjoyable. But hey, it pays the bills, and it allows me to lead a fulfilling life. Although it's a bludge, it pays way better than any other job I've had. I also do freelance design.

When I'm not working I like to have fun! I love spending time with my friends and doing random things with them whenever we're bored. We're usually spontaneous and will text eachother an hour before a movie session and be like "This movie is playing at this time at this place," and we just wait and see who shows up. My group of friends are mainly made up of people I've known practically my whole life, I don't know how we do it.

When I'm not with my friends, I'm with my family. Although they drive me insane most of the time, they mean the world to me, so as the saying goes "Can't live with them, can't live without them." We have fun and laugh a lot, that's all that matters.

My journal entries pretty much consist of everything and anything. I update about my life, my family, my friends, people I've met, places I've been to, my thoughts, my feelings... everything! I also post photos... not as often as I use to, but I'm hoping to get back into that.

I basically try to make the most out of everyday. I don't always go and do extreme things, but I always make sure that at the end of the day, I haven't just sat on my ass all day doing nothing. Although my life hasn't gone to plan, I don't ever want to be that person in 50 years time who looks back on their life and regrets the things that they didn't do.

So, if you think we should be friends, add me, comment on my Friends Only entry, and we'll go from there =]

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Hey everyone I am CJ, just looking for some friends online. i dont expect a lot of comments and i hope you dont expect a lot from me as well so here is some info about me:

Name: CJ
Age: 20
Gender/Sexuality: male/straight
Status: Single
Occupation: Military
Likes: music, movies, laughter, family, friends, paintball(a few more)
Dislikes: ToFu, surpressors(religious), and some other things i cant think of
Hobbies: Paintball, Vol. Firefighter, driving
Reason to add: Im easy to know and i like pie and cookies.

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 I haven't done this in a few years... so I figured I have nothing to lose here. Let's give it a shot.

My name is Jackie and I am your average 22 year old. Confused, unsure what direction to take, and pretty much living life day by day. Nothing wrong with that, right? About six months ago I moved to upstate New York with my fiance to get a fresh start. I am not currently attending college, but I hope to return in the fall of this year. I used to be a pianist, so I'm thinking... I should probably major in that.

I am not new to LJ, but due to life changes and running out of descriptive words, my ability to update was certainly lacking. You can only write about work and annoying co-workers for so long. My entries consist of myself starting a new chapter with my fiance. The storm has finally passed and we are both looking for a new, positive beginning. 

Not really looking for another number to add to my list. I enjoy reading and leaving comments just like the next LJ user. Don't worry, I am not some crazed weirdo who insists you leave comments every time I update. I appreciate any thoughts that are graciously given.

I'm a pretty passive person and open to a lot of new things. And a few of my favorites: Muse, Malice Mizer, playing piano, United States of Tara, Big Love, spending time with my family, and just being a young lady exploring this world. 

So, yea? Add me? 

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hi. my name is melody.
- i am a twenty year old libra.
- i was born and raised in hilo, hawaii, but now reside in westminster, ca.
- photography is my passion; also my major.
- i love cooking and baking just as much.
- i have a boyfriend i have been dating for almost 3 years.
- i love stars, beaches, and the color midnight blue.
- i can be very emotional.
- how i met your mother, friends, lost, and scrubs are the shows for me.
- i just started to post and comment regularly.

i have lots more to say, but i will just leave it at that.

comment here or on my friends page to let me know you added me


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I need an audience, don't worry I comment, i care, unless you bother me, then I'll be fair and just delete you.

Here are the warnings : I'm blunt, I swear, I can be immoral, I'm indifferent about religion, I love drugs and drinking, I talk about everything but this journal is mostly for writing, I don't tend to drone on about a certain occasion, that gets boring.. well for me, unless its stuck on my mind.

Ok now for an introduction, let me woo you, let me get under your skin.. or I can just tell you some facts, you all must love facts, lets see.

I'm 19, I've lived on my own for the past 2 years, because my family, like most, is pretty disfunctional, it makes for good laughs though.
Oh sorry my name is sarah, nice to meet you. its a pleasure.. my current hobbies consist of drawing which i do pretty frequently, hanging out with my drunken friends who are just as insane as I am, makes for interesting times, video games (xbox).. uhh I work at a music store, books love me and I love movies, zombie movies.. and humphrey bogart.., yes polar opposites and so many more. I have no interest in fashion, I don't care about celebrity gossip, and I think most people are painfully mindless. but good for you I guess, go oblivion.

Ok I guess thats enough information for now, you don't need anymore, so if your intrigued in any way then add me, why not, I don't bite.

finally if your homophobic, racist, enjoy twilight or love posting excessive pictures of yourself making pouty faces at the camera, don't add me, we won't agree with one another... then again if you like to debate ;)

see you soon.