July 6th, 2009


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i'm tanas. [taw-ness] macedonian name. no one says it right, but that's okay! i'm used to it.

i'm 17 years old. finally a senior! can't wait to get out of school =] i live in san antonio, texas, but i was born & raised in cape coral, florida for the first 14 years of my life. i can't wait to go back to florida. my home

i'm a beach bum. i tan easily. i love the sun & the sand and i'll overdo my tan to the point that i fry inside out and turn red and peel. stupid ass me! ;) i enjoy being outside. i'm a nice guy MOST of the time. just don't fuck with me & i won't fuck with you! i have a big mouth and a dirty mind for which i make no aplogies! i'm not your average 17 year old guy, and i'm glad i'm not! i get along with mostly EVERYONE. i try to make sure everyone sees my good side, but some people will just refuse to see the good in you. i say fuck 'em.

i'm lazy as fuck. i'd rather smoke a j than play football. that's just me. athleticism runs in the family, and i could definitely be a star athlete if i wanted to, but i have no inspiration to eat right or exercise!

i plan on being a bartender.. DREAM BIG. :| & i plan going to college, so we'll see how that works out 8]

i love music, especially the doors and led zep. i'll listen to anything, i don't care if it's old or new, or if people think it's lame. i'm a total music buff and a book of useless knowledge. i love movies too, and usually when i watch ones it's a horror movie, i prefer the a 80's slasher type over zombies etc.

i talk a lot. i always have something to say and a story to tell. i'm always laughing, and always making people laugh. i cuss too much, and i don't give a fuck if anyone cares. i do and say what i want, and i try to live without the influence of others. i'm not scared of what you have to say about me. just make sure it's something worth hearing ;)

i'm game for whatever comes my way! but as of right now i've had a very easy life with almost no struggles and i hope for it to stay that way! i make no apologies for who i am. take it or leave it. i love who i am, even if i'm not completely satisfied with my self!

fuckthis =]] my journal's public so you can check it before you add me! =]


Im 20 years old.
I've always been a people pleaser, always about pleasing those certain people. I DO care what others think about me - very much so. I have been in a three year long relationship with plenty of ups and downs. Im shy, yet I say more than i mean to. My parents are divorced, i have a little brother, two dogs and a cat. I love my little brother..and i dont even like saying 'i love you.' I love fashion and sports. I want to move to California. My favorite color is yellow. I want to be an Interior Decorator - i know thats for sure. I watch every single show on HGTV & TLC(: I used to love drinking, now its not a top priority.. i realized Id rather stay home and watch a movie, then go out. my best friend is my cousin.. unfortunetly we live three thousand miles away. Im stubborn, im a scorpio. I read and look into stupid romance novels too much. I love being at the beach or anywhere outdoors. I used to surf, now i snowboard.. or try:)

I make mistakes, i speak without thinking, i act without knowing, im a fantastic lover & an amazing friend.



I'm Amy and I'm 25. I'm a Colorado Native.  I'm looking for some interesting new friends.  Must be over the age of 18.  I don't like drama, and I don't like people who cause drama. 

Some of my favorite bands/artists are :
Korn, Disturbed, Linkin Park, Maroon 5, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Ludacris,Dr. Dre., Snoop Dogg, One Republic, Ozzy Osbourne, Madonna.  Yea, I pretty much listen to everything except from classical and country.

T.V. shows:

CSI, Private Practice, South Park, 90210.

So if we have anything in common please add me!!

Hey :)

I just rejoined, I haven't been here for about 5 years. Add me, I would like to comment on your blog if you'll comment on mine :)
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Add me, I'm fantastic!

I'm Robyn, and I'm rather cocky. I like to talk about myself, yet at the same time, I thoroughly enjoy hearing about random people's lives. I'm a walking disaster, I'm not really sure how close you'd want to stand by me...my luck might rub off on you. It's rather ridiculous how unlucky I am, but at the same time, I have the most amazing life. I'm a big, fat contradiction wrapped in a pretty small body.

I'm spunky. I sing random songs in random places and I throw in a couple of random dances to go along with it. My boyfriend gets embarrassed by me, but at the same time he thinks I'm hilarious. I hate to see someone upset, I'll do almost anything to cheer them up. I get depressed extremely easy, but it's not hard at all to make me laugh hysterically.

I believe in gay and interracial marriages, I did vote for Obama, and I will argue to death if I think that I'm right. A good debate never hurt anyone, I promise.

I'm going to be 22 in just one short month, and I feel old for that.

I love LJ, I love the friends I make on here. I honestly think you should add me. I love to comment journals, and I definitely like when other's comment mine. I want to know what you think of me, no matter what that thought is.

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Add me!

care to be friends

oh hello, how nice of you to stumble upon this entry of mine.
im sarah – or more affectionately known as sj.
im into lotsa stuff, really.
converse. checkered vans.
multi-colored striped socks. annoyingly bright-colored jeans.
funky shoelace. oversized sunglasses.

some things are left untold,
which is why im keeping those other more private details of mine hush hush – just to stay cool and mysterious

feel free to add me,
by commenting on my friends only post
- that you can find on my profile

oh wee