July 9th, 2009



Okay, so I just signed up for LJ like, 3 hours ago..tops.
I'm an interesting person for a fifteen year old, somewhat awkward at first, but I get along with just about everyone.
I've been through a lot more than I let on, and I don't really like talking about myself.
It makes me feel stuck up and self-centered.
I have a boring life, but I still always have some sort of story or joke to tell everyday.
I love music, writing, reading, movies&such.
I can talk for hours about basically anything& I like new friends. (:
I'm basically the queen of advice, or so my friends say. You got a problem, I can most likely fix it.
Any takers? ;D

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Oh hey there.

I haven't been on add_me in a while and I thought it might be fun to find some new LJ friends out there, so here's a little about me and my journal:

I'm Heather, I'm a 20 year old freshman art major at the University of Akron in Ohio. I live right here in downtown Akron, the heart of it all/the rubber city/Crackron. I love art, though my skills are definitely rusty after a two year "I give the fuck up" time in my life. I've been trying to turn things around and so far, so good! In my journal I write about my day, I write about the man or men in my life, the parties, the boring days, the manic and the depressive. I love to read other peoples journals, especially if I can relate to what's going on in their lives.  Guys, girls, anyone! Questions?

Add me? :)


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Hiii. I'm Kryss, 20, college girl, living in Phoenix. I like philosophy and writing. My dreams for the future change daily, but I do know I want to see the world. I am highly indecisive. I love complex and interesting people. I always have an open mind and I overthink everything.

I don't like super girlie girls, or overage goth kids for that matter. I don't like reading only about your daily activities every day because I srsly don't care. I dislike people who are ALWAYS sad, c'monnn. I am not into fanfic or anime or manga. I don't want to add anyone under the age of 18.

Other than that, I am interested in meeting all kinds of people from all walks of life. There's always something to learn from every person, and I am open to new experiences :]

Leave me a message/comment if you're adding me. I don't just add random people who friend me.

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Héctor. 25. Japan.

Born in Spain, grew up in the US and currently living in Tokyo for nearly three years now. While not necessarily new to blogging, I've decided to start a livejournal.

My interests are: traveling, science, anime/manga, astronomy, reading, movies, Japanese culture, the paranormal, photography. I consider myself to be a happy, quiet, curious, orderly (some will call perfectionist), optimistic and quite an imaginative person.

Random facts:
  • I'm a geek.
  • I'm good at memorizing a map but terrible at folding them.
  • I absolutely love chocolate and cheese.  
  • I enjoy walking and thinking, thinking and walking.
  • I once ate a pound of yogurt after dinner and ended in the hospital overnight.
  • I drink lots and lots of water.
  • I'm a huge believer in Karma. 
  • While quiet, I'm not necessarily shy.
  • I enjoy meeting all kinds of people.

If interested in being added, go HERE.