July 15th, 2009


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Hi there. I put one of these up a few months ago when I first started my journal, but meeting new people is always fun.

I'm Sarah, 21, and going into my senior year of college as an English major. I'm finishing up a semester in Germany right now, then heading back to the U.S. (Pennsylvania, to be exact) next week. I'm bad at giving comprehensive overviews of myself, so here are some random things about me: I wear glasses with tiny little butterflies on the sides; I'm in love good food; when I get home I plan on watching as many Law and Order: SVU, CSI, and House marathons as possible; I'm realistic and unromantic, but somehow still sort of a romantic; my goal is to read something by Nathaniel Hawthorne by the end of the summer; I'm a failure at social situations; I like spiders (and live with several).

So that's me in a strange little nutshell. A few things about my journal: mostly it's just my life and random thoughts, and occasionally poetry. I do drink, and it gets mentioned, but I don't really dwell on it too much. Oh, and if you're looking for someone who's going to comment all the time, that's probably not me. Some journals I end up commenting on a lot, some not so much. Also, feel free to comment/not comment on my journal as you will; lurking is fine with me. If you'd like additional info, you can take a look at my interests or my journal entries, which are all public. If you have nothing in common with me but would still like to be friends, that's cool, too. Just drop me a comment/message somewhere to let me know you're adding me, and I'll add you back. :)

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I'm Chloe. I'm a 21 year old photography major and I work in my college's darkroom. I post a lot of photos, and I want some friends who post a lot of photos as well. I'm really into zines and crafting, so much so that I have a tattoo of paper shears. I also have a photography related tattoo. I also love to write letters and put together packages and swap through snail mail. I would love to be friends with anyone that is a fellow Etsy seller.

I take a lot of big and small road trips, and often post a lot of pictures from those trips. I love reading memoirs and some of my favorite authors include David Sedaris, Augusten Burroughs, and Dave Eggers. Bands I listen to a lot include: David Dondero, The Gossip, Stereo Total, Rilo Kiley, Neutral Milk Hotel, and Regina Spektor. I live with my grizzly bear of a boyfriend and my insane cat.

It would be nice to have some more lj friends that consider themselves agnostic or atheist, but it isn't necessary. Women's rights are at the top of my list. I have my political ranting moments, but they're rare.

I'm definitely not new to Livejournal, but I'm always looking for new friends. Please let me know if you add me c:

Here's my Flickr. I'm always looking for new friends there as well.


I'm Kimberley, I'm 18. I have strawberry blonde hair that I used to hate, but now I love it. My eyes change colour from green to brown to a random muddy amber colour depending on the light. It's annoying because it makes it impossible to answer the question, "what colour are your eyes?" without ranting about it for ages... Like this.

I tend to be random and impossible to figure out. I'm a total gamer nerd, but I don't care, it's great. I love my DS. Nomnom.

I can have a short fuse at times, but I'm a total softie and a hopeless romantic.

Oh, and I love smoothie. It's so yummy.

I guess you could say I'm pretty new to LJ, been posting for about a month or so now. My blog is my diary, I rant about the most crazy pointless crap in there and I love doing it. I decided to keep it all 100% public in the hopes that maybe if someone somewhere is having a bad day, reading my random crap would make them smile! See, I said I was a softie.

Nice to meet all of you! I would post a picture of myself but I'm shy so I won't so you'll just have to live without! :)
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My name is Lyss, I'm nineteen, and I don't think my location is relevant.
I like wierd things. I'm quirky.
I enjoy ska, punk, rockabilly, alt rock, techno, industrial, hardcore, thrashcore, and just about all subgenres of the above.
I like gore, zombies, zombie movies, comedy, horror, and irony.
Also, tragic romance.
Oh yeah. I'm a lesbian.
I don't post TOO often, and I reply to enties that interest me.
I'm not going to lie, I won't omment every single one of your entries.
I'm looking for friends who will actually take the time to read my entries, and/or comment on them.
I'm friendly, I swear.
Also, I'm a bit too sarcastic for my own good.

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