July 16th, 2009


Add me?

Add me:

- 21 years old; female; student; future nurse

- I'm easy going, friendly and I love giving and receiving comments. I talk a lot about my days and the frustrations I encounter. Recently my dad was diagnosed with colon cancer so I took some time off from Lj but so am back now.

- My interests include rock music, drawing, Chelsea Handler, Salvador Dali, my boyfriend, reading, school, creative writing, traveling, coffee, my pets, guitar, System of a Down, Jim Carrey.

- I love writing insightful entries and posting pictures. I don't just post random jumbled and pointless entries. I also post pictures of my art so if you do the same feel free to add me.

- I like getting to know people on my friends list rather run reading random entries barely remembering who they are from.

- Give me an add if you think we have enough in common. Let me know why you think you'd be a good add, your age, and gender. That's it :) happy adding

add me. Y/Y?

my name is alisha, i'm 18, and live in iowa.
i'm generally quiet and people pick on me for it.

i've got social anxiety disorder and the only crowds i feel comfortable in are the ones at concerts.

i like watching the Sci-Fi channel, The Travel Channel, & BBC America.
but i don't have cable right now, so i can't.

when i need a change ASAP, i dye or cut my hair.

my favorite Python is Eric Idle.
& Linkin Park gives me hiccups.

add me?
Strangers With Candy.

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Hello! My name is Kristianne and I am twenty years old (soon to be twenty-one!) I was born and raised in San Diego California and I love it here. I just moved into my very first apartment with my boyfriend of two years and our hamster, R.L Stine. My entries are mostly photos and silly things.

My interests include but are not limited to:
Moleskine journals, dresses with pockets, facial hair, pastel colored kitchen appliances, flannel, Halloween, celebrity gossip, watercolors, diet soda, chocolate soy milk, my bicycle, vinyl, beer, brushing my teeth in the shower, Hello Kitty, old cameras, crafts, tattoos, good books, popping zits, smelling nice, graphic novels, grocery shopping late at night, smoking pot, baking, art history, Nintendo DSi, driving barefoot, smiles with gaps, doing dishes and laundry, building forts out of bed sheets, missed connections on Craigslist.com and aquatic animals.

Rumple: Back

Open Minded

I'm Abbie, and I have been posting on Livejournal in one form or another for 9 years now.
I am currently looking for new friends because, sadly, my friend's list is quite bare at the moment.
I tend to post one to two post a day, and read my friend's page twice as much (though I find there is less and less for me to read everyday).
I am currently 26, with one two year old daughter and 4 months along with my second child.

I am into music, I enjoy classic rock, classical, opera, rock, punk, gothic, industrial, and techno...
I barely watch the telly, but I do like shows like House, Firefly, and Invader Zim... And I do currently have an obsession with Dr. Rodney McKay from Stargate: Atlantis, but we will not go there.
I am also into art, and have a Deviant Art page were I post most of my silly things.

I am not everyone's cup of tea really. I have a morbid sense of humour, and a cynical approach to a lot of things in life.

If you are interested in seeing if we might have some things in common, please feel free to check out my profile.
I look forward to meeting some new and interesting people.