July 18th, 2009


Stolen from my trusty profile ^_~

I'm a 24 year old art major who lives in a tiny, tiny town of less than 500 (unless you count the cows). I'm happily taken by a wonderful man who works with explosives. I love art, writing, reading, languages, music, dance, cooking, and pretty much all things creative. I have very little common sense and believe all people are good until proven otherwise. I am a Trekkie who also loves Star Wars. I play too many video games and not enough D&D right now. I also like cartoons and anime.


my name is alisa

friends like to call me ali, so feel free.

i'm twenty years old; turning twenty-one in september.

i love the arts,

you know:

writing, reading, acting, singing, dancing, painting, sculpting...

just creativity in general, i suppose.

i like people.

in fact, i love them.

so if you read this and thought

"hm. i'd like to get to know you, alisa."

then please... follow along.

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My name is Kayla. I've posted here before. And my flist is lacking. So I decided to post again.
I'm almost 20. I live in Michigan. And I live with my parents.
Photography is what I plan on doing with my life.

I listen to most types of music. I'm always looking for new music to listen to. And I'm not TOO picky.
I'm not a huge movie person, but I like movies that aren't too well known.
I read every night. I have a weird type of likes when it comes to books. I like to read about destructive people, drugs, sex and all those things. But I'm a sucker for romance too.

My posts are Friends Only.
In my posts, I usually write about my day, my boyfriend and I do a lot of picture posts.
And I post a few times a week.
I try to comment as much as I can. But I only comment if I have something to say.

And a picture.

Add me if you'd like. =]
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Shall we?

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You should add me because I'm a shiny, silver Kraut!

*ahem* But if you'd like real reasoning:

-I'm an artist
-I'm a female gamer
-I'm one of the weirdest Krauts you're ever going to meet
-I'm a military brat who grew up in the Far East
-I'm funny, or I like to pretend I am
-I actually want to get to know the people I add

-and fourteen million other things. If you want to know something, just ask. I don't bite much, honest. Besides c'mon, the shiny, silver thing... that's totally worth the add, no? ^_^