July 21st, 2009

cliff, jump

looking for genuine people..

Hi. My name is Chris, I am 19 years old and I live somewhat close to Toronto. Despite the flourishing intuition I feel I have acquired over my years, I have not yet completed high school. I was accepted to Algonquin College for the mechanical engineering technology program on the condition that I finished my grade 12 English before September but I neglected my priorities as I usually do. I want to be an inventor, a writer, a media mogul and a new world revolutionary.

The reason I created a livejournal was because I felt I was starting to go insane without an outlet. I want to share my opinions and ideas with people. I am interested in meeting strong willed and opinionated people. I won't turn down a request!

animals, board games, cats, che guevara, communism, cooking, crime, dreams, engineering, friends, guns, humor, life, marijuana, music, ninjas, outside, physics, politics, portugal, reading, skateboarding, space, travel, video games, writing  
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Kelly. 24. Masters degree. Shitty job. Rhode Island...for now.

Thats me...short and sweet. I'm always looking for new friends. I have a tendency to post consistantly for awhile and then disappear, but I always come back....frequently to no friends... :(

Add me? Pretty please? :D


^^thats me!^^

oh hello.

my name is alisa, or ali.

whichever you like.

i have a plethora of interests, would you like to know a few?

dancing, acting, singing, doodling, people, music, movies, writing, reading, photography, sculpting, food, sexuality, etc.

more specific, you say?

incubus, crayons, laughter, smiling, robert pattinson [but not edward cullen], fictions, poetry, harry potter, fangirling, late-nights, sleep, eye's...
& a lot more.

so maybe you should add me.

you can bet your last dollar i will add you back.

though i wouldn't recommend it...
after all, that IS your last dollar, and when will you be receiving another?

Fernando <3

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I've just decided to finally start posting in my journal instead of just lurking on here, and I'd quite like some people to chat to, since I have literally no friends on here at the moment.
I'm 18 years old, and from England. I like playing the piano, taking photographs, watching old British comedy programmes, baking cookies and speaking Spanish (even though I'm not nearly as good at it as I'd like). So yeah, I'm very friendly and I'd like to meet anyone that feels like being my friend.
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hello !

so i just came back to lj, had one...totally abandoned it....just made a new one. anyway i'd love to meet some new lj friends so add me !
i'm awful at talking about myself but in short:

my name is melissa, i'm 23, about to graduate college and realized i wasted over 4 years on a major i hate now i'm just trying to figure out what to do next. i love pop punk, puppies, painting, reading, and baking delicious things.

hope to talk to some of you soon !

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what up :)

i'm nin. mover of pencils about paper, builds stuff, in general just a teenager subject to a bit of geekery.

+ music
COOL JOKE, dir en grey, hyper crush, LMFAO, shiny toy guns, j-pop, jrock, kraftwerk, the cruxshadows, vnv nation, outerwork, electro, engel, death metal, kpop, sin with sebastian, techno, nox arcana, electronica, dance, fright ranger, eminem, iron maiden, sonata arctica, power metal, oasis, early fall out boy, alt rock, visual kei

+ fandoms
anime/manga, pandora hearts, ah! my goddess, G00, ouran high school host club, haruhi suzumiya, kuroshitsuji, bleach, naruto, soul eater, house, fullmetal alchemist, vocaloid, death note, tales series, the cat who books, harry potter, junjou romantica, vampire knight, star trek, firefly, painkiller jane, a lot of other things i can't be bothered to list.

+ other interests
physics, science, writing, drawing, psychology, mechanics, breaking things, fixing things, computers, computer programming, general technology, going over speed limits, street fashion, making graphics, scifi, dystopian fiction

hope to make some new friends! =3