July 23rd, 2009

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♥ About The Girl ♥
My name is Ashleigh Elizabeth. I'm 20 years young, and took my first breath of this toxic world on January 25th, 1989. I was born & raised in good ol' Chicago Illinois. I've been crazy in love with a man named Damen since June 3rd, 2006 Im the manager & creative coordinator of a daycare inside a womens health club. Its shitty hours & shitty pay, but seeing those amazing kids everyday more then makes up for it. I'm a mutt- irish, german, cherokee indian, hispanic, sweedish, & scottish. I'm way too compassionate for my own good, but don't take me for a fool. I'll say what's on my mind, & I won't sugar coat it. I have 34 pets, and my house is probably cleaner then yours. I have 1 dog, 1 cat, 1 parotlet, 1 bearded dragon, 29 different morphs of ball pythons, & 1 dummeral boa constrictor. Don't judge me, I'll never fail to proove you wrong. I live with my mom who is really my grandma. My birth mother had me at 15, and was murdered at 17. I was 2. I grew up with just me & my grandma (who I call mom). I grew up thinking I had no dad, and very recently found him. I am soon going to be meeting my little sister, dad, & all the crazy relatives that go with it. On may 15th, 2008 I started a random project I like to call "mission lb" which was to loose 100 pounds in one year. In april 2009, 1 month early I reached my goal. I have now lost 150 pounds, and still have a lot farther to go. Anything else you want to know? Ask! Basicaly, im unique -- just like everyone else.

♥ About The Beliefs ♥
Since this seems so important to some people, I figured id cover the bases here. If you have a problem with any of this; you can click the 'back' button now. I am not republican, or democrat. I have mixed beliefs and I don't feel as if I fit in either category, so I suppose im independent. I fully support OBAMA. I am 100% PRO LIFE, and yes, I believe abortion is murder. I am 100% PRO GAY MARRAIGE, who the hell are we to judge someone for who they love? Leave the judging to God. Why, YES, I am religous. I am a baptist/christian, HOWEVER I will not shove my beliefs down your throat and I'd appreciate it if you would do the same.

♥ About The Journal ♥
My journal always has been, and always will be friends only. I like to think of my journal as my heart & In order to see it, you must have a key. If you read all of this & still WANT to friend me, comment my friends only post!! I only have 3 requirements; 1. That you only add me if you intend on being FRIENDS. (Comments once in a while are nice) 2. You update at least three times a week. 3. Your 18+, I don't care to read about pety high school drama. Sorry. If we have any mutual friends or communities, that's a plus. As for what my journal holds? I write about day to day, today I dids, rants, raves, advice, complaints, love life, friends, family, my dad seach, my weight loss, goals, & dreams. Basicaly whatever I FEEL like writing. If that's a problem, then don't add me.

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Mmmmkay. So if you'd like to add, comment my F.O post.
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  Hey, My name's Cheetara.
I know exactly where it came from, and I'm not happy about it. 

I'm turning 19 in a little less than a month and I just got my license two days ago. I'm one of those few people who fucked up within hours of getting said license, sadly.

I like cars, my favorite being the Mazda RX-7 and my baby being a '85 Nissan 300zx turbo. It goes vroom and I love it. 

I'm a graphic design major at my local CSU. I hate school and most definitely hate paying for more of it, but knowledge is power and power is money and I don't like being broke.

I like reading (mostly sci-fi and fantasy) and can blow through a book in a number of hours. 

I know most people post something interesting on these things, but I'm really outta crap to say. 

I'm sarcastic and occasionally loud and I comment on things that interest me. 2 points for making me lol. For real. 

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Looking for new awesome journals to read.  Just like my journal is new an awesome to read!

Marine Wife
Dog Lover
Food is a passion
Jake Gyllenhall is the most gorgeous man alive and sometimes I think my husband looks just him.....maybe even better than him lol
Sakura // CCS

Add Me?


My name is Erin. I'm 22 (birthday's coming up on August 2nd, though) and have been on Livejournal since 2001. In the past year I lost interest in journaling, but I've recently picked it up again and would like some friends.

I like traveling, although I haven't spent much time off the island of Newfoundland. But I like going on roadtrips, with our without friends. I love taking pictures, but don't worry, I don't normally post them on LJ. Recently thought about going to school for photography.

Currently working at A&W as supervisor full time to make money. Haven't gone to school since highschool, because I don't want to go to college/university for something and then decide I hate it. Sadly it's been what, 5 years since highschool? And I still haven't decided. I have, however, managed to afford a brand new car.

Enough lame talk, I guess.

Loves: roadtrips, hanging with friends, horror movies, comedy movies, romantic movies, reading, writing, drawing, anime, manga, texting (lol), taking pictures, ect...

Favorite Shows: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural, Smallville, True Blood, Harper's Island, Kodomo no Omocha, Inuyasha, Magic Knight Rayearth, Full Moon wo Sagashite, Sailor Moon, Digimon, Pokemon, Card Captor Sakura, Boys Over Flowers, Escaflowne, Fullmetal Alchemist...and a bunch more.

Favorite Movies: Pirates of the Carribean, Friday the 13th, Critters, The Lion King, The Last Unicorn...

Favorite Books: Jurassic Park, The Lost World, Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal, Twilight Series(but don't worry, I'm not an annoying crazy fan), Fruits Basket, Kodocha, Gakuen Alice, Mermaid Melody, Tsubasa, Chrono Crusade...just to name a few. I own over $2000 worth of manga.

Annnd. That's it really. So add me. I'll try to comment as much as I can.

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I'm a simple girl. Not boring by any means.

I dream big and play hard. I love traveling, road trips, photography, music, cooking & combining all of the above.

I comment a lot as I have too much time on my hands at work.

When I die, it'll be with no regrets.

You won't be disappointed. I promise.

(: !!

hey there!
my names ashley! been on lj for a few years now.
i'm on lj everyday.. for many hours. no life much. lol.

a lil bit about me: i love video-games. i'm currently in school for web/graphic design.. will be starting business courses in sept!
i'm 19 years old and i live in Canada :)
i have depression.. i have a lot of bad and good moments.. but i try to stay happy as i can.

i'm open minded. i'm pretty much open to read anything.. including TMI stuff. haha.
i update almost everyday. i talk about my daily life. sometimes post pictures. show work i've done in school or freelance.
i find that my friend page doesn't update enough.. i do read everyones entries.
i don't always comment because i don't always have something to say.

i'd like to have friends who will read my journal every now and then, and comment once in awhile.. just so i know you're reading. haha.

right now i'm currently posting graphic design work.. so if you're experienced in that field.. and do the same thing.. perhaps we can give eachother feedback?

have a good day :)
btw, my journals mostly public so. if you wanna be friends, just comment here! :)

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Been on LJ a few years and it seems my active friends list has depleted.

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I hate writing whiney entries, I like happy entries but I'm not gonna shy away from truth in my journal nor in anyone elses journal. I have taken several LJ breaks but I am back and I update several times a week. I also check my flist probably more than I update my own journal lol.


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I am 17.
I live in Australia and I love reading, David Tennant and the colour green.
I want a cat called Queequeg.
My favourite book is still Anne of Green Gables.
I am, like, obsesed with text messaging more than is healthy.
MSN addict. LJ-whore. Regular commenter, a-few-times-a-week updater.
I'm going to study creative writing at university next year.
I will be a published author one day. Until I have the experience to write something epic, I'm going to edit books.
I like semicolons and ABBA. Manatees are great.
I'm sarcastic, but in a lulzy way. I take Chemistry. I hate Chemistry.

The X-Files; Bones; Will & Grace; Castle; Blackadder; Catherine Tate; Doctor Who; Torchwood

Anne of Green Gables; Pride & Prejudice; To Kill A Mockingbird; The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time; Tell Me I'm Here; Harry Potter; The Thorn Birds; anything Austen

Sweeney Todd; Gone With The Wind; The Sound Of Music; The Lion King; Edward Scissorhands; The Number 23; Saw; Beauty & The Beast; anything Disney

Comment here or at my friends only post for an add!