August 10th, 2009


19 year old female who is trying to get through college and establish her own life.
I'm a dreamer who will never fit in anywhere....
My ideal future is completely unconventional,
and probably impossible.

Add me if you can think for yourself,
and aren't afraid of being a little different at times.

(It also helps if you update and comment like I do.)
Don't add me if you call yourself an intellectual with a slightly superior mind.
We all have minds, you dumbass. Being "better" is an immature concept for the insecure.

My entries can be poetic,
or they can be sarcastic and cynical
(I've had problems on my old journals with people taking my sarcasm too seriously).
I will also rant every now and then,
because I'm not perfect and I get pissed off like anybody else...
I don't know how I come across right now,
but I'm really nice and open-minded.
I'll add anybody, really.  I see no reason to discriminate.

This is my 4th LJ, and it is new.
I like a fresh start.

I'm not looking for a high number of friends.
I just want more journals to read.
(I'm looking for people who feel the same way.)
You let me live as I do,
and I'll let you live as you do.
Then we'll get along great!

If you want to be friends, please add me first and leave me a comment at my journal. If you do not do these two things, then you will not be added.
neil O_O
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Add me >:]

Name: Nicole (Call me Moose)
Age: 18
Location: Flo-rida
-Music is a big part of my life
-Plays bass
-I dye my hair alot
-Can't dance worth crap

Add me :D


-my name is Liz
-I live in Mississippi.
-I am 30 (just turned)
-I used to use livejournal alot. I made some pretty awesome friends that have put a handprint on my heart.
-I usually tell it how it is.
-I love music..for a life without music is a mistake.
-I am a thinker..
-I am a planner.
-I comment alot.
-love texting and facebooking...
-I recently lost a friend to suicide so I am turning to livejournal for support.
-i need you.
-I am not that happy go lucky every post is hahahah yayyyy. so dont add me if you are looking for that. I live and breathe..real life shit.
add me?
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Sick of not having any comments!

•  I'd like to make more friends. 
•  There is a lot of intersting stuff going on in my life at all times (almost).
•  I prefer to be added by people 18 years or older.
•  Sometimes I post adult content (talking about experiences, not pictures)
•  I just moved to Lakewood, WA and don't know anybody!
•  I love animals!
•  I have a boyfriend named Chris

I don't know what else to say.  It's not coming to me but I do have a public journal so take a look.  If you'd like to add me, then do so.  I usually comment back but don't like reading really long entries most of the time.

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hello lovers, i'm sami(:

18. girrrrl. capricorn. double earth sign. lawrenceburg, tennessee. in love. no job. no car. no college. graduated from WCHS in may this year. inked. pierced. bisexual. pagan. nerdy as fuck. picture can be found on myspace, link on my userinfo entitled 'G@ySp@c3', or something like that (girl on the right with colorful hairs.)

i think i got the basics out of the way♥ boring facts about me;;

i love waking up to fresh coffee & a cigarette. my favorite colors are kelly green, dark purple, and bright pink. i'm obsessed with hello kitty & have a zombiefied/frankenstein-ified version of her tattooed on my left foot. i love shoes, but i hate wearing them. my boyfriend's name is kane, & we've been dating since march 21st, of this year.we're totally in love. i'm currently looking for two jobs so i can get a car & my own apartment. then i'm saving up for my big move. nashvegas, maybe even a different state, depending on some things. i love techno, bright colors, and little kid jewelry. i love video games, but i'm not afraid to say i suck at most of them. i like to readdd. uhh..i'm pretty sure anything else you HAVE to know is probably covered in my userinfo.

if you add me, leave me a comment saying so. preferably on MY journal, but here is okay. and ADD ME FIRST, because i have the memory of an 80 year old dementia patient. kthx

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My name is Suzanne. I live in the US. I am a lesbian. I've been with my partner since October of 2008. My favorite people in the world besides her are David Cook and Michael Johns of American Idol fame. There's so much more..add me! :)
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