August 17th, 2009

Oh Hai! :)

My name is Carmi.

I am 18 yo.

I like reading, running, coffee, pancakes, mac&cheese, rotc and  movies.

I tend to rant and ramble on about random things.

Be my friend?

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i just burned myself on the oven and really that's all i can think about right now. i type the same way i talk. I OVERUSE CAPS LOCK MORE THAN ANY PERSON SHOULD. im usually in a happy mood. i hardly post when im unhappy. i work(ed) at a summer camp for the past two summers and while i'm there i don't grow up, so i might be a bit immature. oh well. i'm 20 and i get a bit scared every time i realize i'm turning 21 this year. i still can't figure out a witty way to introduce myself that doesn't use the word 'i' ten million times in 5 sentences.

add please!
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new girl

I just started my lj. Friends would be nice.

i'm a 20-something girl from asia living in the US.

I've never done this and i don't know what to say. 

add me and i'll try to be entertaining.