August 18th, 2009

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Hi I'm new to livejournal and I need/want friends!

~*Random facts about me*~

~My name is Jessica
~I'll be 16 this Friday
~I will be a junior this year in school
~I am one of six siblings
~I am obsessed with all things makeup & beauty
~I am a real girly girl
~I like twilight but am not addicted/obsessed
~I recently had my heart broken

~I am a cheerleader and also figure skate
~My favorite shows are That 70s Show, Seinfeld, and The Real World
~I've never seen one episode of the Hills
~I am addicted to youtube

Sound good? Add me! I'll add you back :D 

add me :)

my name is Jane, but i prefer Baby.

I just turned 15 yesterday.

in my journal, i write about therapy, work, boys, everything. i dont hold back.

i'm always open to making new friends... :)

i live on martha's vineyard.

Jane Eisenberg on facebook, and i accept all friend requests.

i'm a girly girl but i can still get my hands dirty. (i'm just not very fond of it)

i smoke cigarettes, but only one or two a day.

i have mild depression, impulsivity, and I fall in love (and get my heart broken) wayy too easily.

when i grow up i want to get a masters degree in social working and become a therapist so that i can make a difference in someone's life.

i try really hard to be a good person. 

i would have to say that my favorite thing in the world to do is sing along to music in the shower, using a shampoo bottle as a microphone.

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[taken from our profile]

We're Chris and Tabby. We wanted to start a shared journal on here,
since we are in a long distance relationship. We're probably be posting
a lot of our relationship on here - stuff we send each other, our ups
and downs, loves and hates, good times, bad times, etc. We are in an LDR,
plus there is an age difference, which can be a bit harder.

Chris lives in Moberly, MO, works construction, and doesn't really know
what he wants to do in the future. The only thing he knows is that he will
be moving to SLC as soon as he is able, and hopefully we can live together.

Tabitha lives in Salt Lake City, UT, works in an office, and is originally
from Missouri, just a few hours away from him. She is happy where she is,
and the only thing that could make it better if Chris was here.

Our Personal Journals
Chris - [info]isnipehard
Tabby - [info]tabby_renee

Add us if you'd like!

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black dress


names hannah. i'm 22 from michigan.
just looking for some active journals to read and meet some new friends!
i'm open minded about all things. currently in college for psychology&sociology.
i enjoy browsing art and photography. traveling and foreign places are a plus.
i mostly write about daily events, dreams, goals, aspirations, inspirations, just everything and anything.
comment here or my journal! :)

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I just did a massive friends cut over the past few months.

I get bored with people who never actually bother to speak to me, especially when I make the first effort.

Probably do this far too often, but I'm looking for a solid group of people. People with imagination, talents, open minds, maturity, ideas, strong opinions, a sense of humor.

I have standards & won't settle for anything less, just in general.

Timid most times, which people often mistake for being docile. This is not the case.
I observe more than anything. People watching is better than any T.V. show. Just taking in the surroundings.
Apparently, I'm funny. In the dry, sarcastic, blunt kind of way. Also in a very clumsy way, I possess no grace & never will. I've accepted that though & I think that makes me all the more interesting.

Oh, I'm female, 21, college student. Living in florida.
Been through a lifetime of situations most people never get to experience. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing quite yet.
Still going through them & I vent about that. not often, but an occasional post.
I'm Julie...since stating a name would be a good idea.

Yeah, I'm pretty scatter brained a majority of the time. Yet I can have the most fluid thoughts & thought process at others.

Uhm, I DO NOT ACCEPT ADDS FROM ANYONE UNDER 18, EVER, NO. There wouldn't really be anything in common between us. I'm sure you're a great person though.


I DO WANT you to be active. That doesn't mean commenting alllll the time, or posting six entries a day. Just no going for a month without a word, that's kind of too much for me.
I do want people who I have described in this post.
Lately, I've been getting the weird, borderline creepy people trying to add me, claiming we'll "get along great" while they post about their weird sexual activity & other nonsense.
Nooot attractive.

Well, you get the point by now.
Anything else is in my userinfo.

Comment here, or on my friends banner. I will not add you back if you just add me without notice.