August 19th, 2009

Still the Prettiest

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Hullo everyone! Recently I've opened my journal up to a semi-friends only status and would love a few new journals to shake things up a bit.

I'm 22, female, living in the US although I've traveled quite far and wide, and have even lived over seas.

I'm currently not in attendance at school due to some rather nasty personal issues but will be returning to classes spring semester.

I've worked as a shop girl, a music tutor, and a professional mistress/call girl.

If the last job description on that list freaks you out I have no room for you in my life.

My hobbies are studying history, reading, catching up on current events (I read mother jones and the advocate daily), and more recently taking up the cello again.

I take lolita and other Japanese subculture fashions very seriously.


I'm not picky about who adds me but if you type in net speak please don't bother. Also I feel I should add that I AM a grown woman and while I thankfully have developed enough sense to not go into long, drawn out details anymore, I do on occasion drink myself stupid or take illegal substances. I have a deep fear of becoming an addict though so the latter happens very rarely - but if you think its something that will bother you spare us both the lecture and move on.

Also, my picture :


My name is Aisling, Im 25 I live in Ireland in my hometown with my flatmate. Im a legal Secretary who is applying for her teaching certificate in September.

Ive had a previous lj and i made the mistake of trying to make/making long term friends with people across the sea, i ended up getting too close with them and feeling guilty when my own life disturbed my internet time.
 im not nessicarly looking for best friends but more people with shared interests.

My current lj is only new and therefore is under construction.

My main interests are music, photogrpahy (i will be posting pictures in most of my journal enteries), other peoples fashion sense, decorating spaces and things to make them more comfortable and voluntary work, of which i do a bit, greys anatomy, films, poetrty and books, nature parks. I love input and advice on the above things any recommendations are welcome.

I have in the past dissapeared from lj which kinda sucks of me but sometimes life gets in the way and im really wanting to keep this one more active and more honest its a new chapter of my life and i would like to share it :)

I am not interested in any kinda sexual meeting of minds or instant best friend syndrome or lj the early days there was a lot of that.

I do not descriminate against older or younger but its important that we have stuff in common.

Em...Oh im not great with the spelling and the grammar, never have been im just lazy with it. If that bothers you i understand but dont read my journal it will hurt your eyes.
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Well.. here we go.

I'm not going to lie.. I'm sure I'm not that interesting.
I update when I feel like it.. or have pictures to share.

I'm 20.
I've been on livejournal since I was like... 12.

All the friends I have added on here update about as much as I do.

Buuuut I would love people to add me that update a lot so I have something to read and comment to.

Well... if you are interested comment here and I'll be sure to add you back. =]

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You can call me m.

I am spontaneous and adventurous.
Responsibilities make me feel trapped.
I like driving without direction.

I feel absolutely useless if I don't write something everyday.

I believe in love
& I don't believe in judging people.

I'm a dreamer and a realist all in one.
I have an imagination.
Maybe I think too much...

I don't believe in expressing our individuality-
we just do what we are.
(Or that's how I live, at least.)

And if you need to know, I'm 19 years old and girl.
If you want to add me, leave a comment at my journal and add me first.  Otherwise I probably won't add you back.
But if you do those two things I will definately add you back!

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I'm depressed and lonely. I have a cat called Pippin he sits on my desk and makes me feel a little better. I'm currently going through an extended period of numbness interspersed with rare doctor who/star trek/other scifi related moments of fannish hysteria. I'm socially isolated, i screwed up uni, and i'm currently unemployed. I have a box where i put everything i have written in the past few years including half poems in the margins of lecture notes and on the back of envelopes. It doesn't amount too much which is probably why i hang on to it all. Sometimes i knit things and i also like to plant things where there aren't any. I bake cakes for people when i can and perhaps they don't realise this but sometimes in my mind it stands for all those words i can't say.

A lot of what i write in my journal is about my depression stuff. Perhaps an occasional half poem sort of thing. My journal is there because i wanted a place where i can try to be as honest and as free in what i write as i can be. and because there are those really bad days when i have a headache and i'm not sure i exist and all i can do is write lots of really pointless words. I have this instinct though that i just have to keep stumbling on, mostly failing but occasionally doing small good things like baking people cakes.

I really like reading other people's journals, whether it's about everyday life, or a particular issue,emotions, problems,creative writting, photography, sketches, spiritual ponderings, philosophical ponderings, actually pretty much any kind of pondering.

I think i've rambled quite enough so thankyou if you've read this far. On the off chance that someone does add me i should say that i don't expect you to comment on my entries. Comment if you want but don't feel at all obligated.
Bob Dylan


My name is Mel, I'm 22 and I live in Australia. I'm a photo retoucher and website designer, and also a qualified hairdresser, but I don't do much of that now days.

My interests include: Photography, reading, graphic design, baking sweets, lurking the internet, LJ, video games (world of warcraft, halo3), interior design, vintage things, cats, culture, fashion etc.

I'm looking for open minded LJ friends, so if you judge people on their opinions, drug use, type of lifestyle, sexuality, ETC, I'm not entirely interested in having you read my journal. I'm very open minded and supportive of people, and I like them to return that as I believe in the freedom of choice.

I'm currently obsessed with True Blood and the Southern Vampire Tales novels, I would love to have some mutual fans on my friends list. :)

TV: True Blood, Buffy, Angel, Doctor Who, Arrested Development, Heroes, Gordon Ramsey shows, etc.
MUSIC: Bob Dylan, Primus, Faith No More, Dresden Dolls, Lady Gaga, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen

Anyhoo! Comment here or on my journal and we can be friends. :)
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Hullo. Since everyone seems to be posting pictures of themselves, I figure I might as well too.

I like to write. In fact, I love it. I'm not one of those nagging updaters that update every two hours, but I am on and I do respond as soon as I can.
I'm trying to make some new friends on livejournal mostly because my old ones kinda...died and disappeared :P
I like to try new things.
I love music. Its the best thing that can describe my life or the people I know.
I love photography and editing pictues.
Theatre is my passion
And so is History.
I'm a freshman in college (18 in other words) and I dont really care what age you are...just as long as you're truthful about who you are and arent some creepy old guy trying to pretend to be an 18 year old girl.
I like talking to people, and if you happen to have the same interests as me I would love it if you could add me:)
Just leave a comment on my "Friends Only" entry telling me you're from ADD ME so that I dont think that you're a spammer....I've been getting some of those weird people who add people just to add people and not communicate. *sigh*
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Still Lookin for new friends :)

Name: Holly/Della

Age: 19, I'll be 20 in December

Location: Orlando, FL

I'm snarky and I'm witty. I can be an asshole when I want to be, but I'm a lot of fun to be around.

I post about my everyday life, friendships, anger, my boyfriend, movies and books, random quotes and songs, short stories, pictures, parties that I go to, adventures that I inhabit, and a lot of other stuff.

I'm looking for more friends to add who like to converse. I want to make life-long friends, whether that's over the internet or not. I don't want to be just another number. I comment and post regularly. So I expect you to do the same.

Loves & Obsessions:

Coffee, menthol cigarettes, parties, Harry Potter, True Blood, alcohol, metal & industrial, indie music, vampires, werewolves, paranormal activity, shopping, photography, horror films, 80's music, cheese, thunderstorms, oysters, ville valo, hannibal movies, x-men, degrassi, Twilight, reading & writing, etc.

Dislikes & Pet-peeves:

being told what to do, people who waste food, people who think they're actually vampires, werewolves, etc. STOP THAT! It's annoying, homophobes, having to repeat myself, guys who wont be my friend just because I wont date/fuck them, bible-thumpers who try to shove religion down my throat, bein lied to & bein blown off, etc.

If you would like to be my friend, then please comment the friends only post and add me. I will NOT add you unless you add me first and comment me to let me know where you found me and exactly why you are adding me.

But other than that, I pretty much add everyone. :D
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