August 24th, 2009


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My name is Krista.
I'll be 22 on August 29th.
I have an amazing boyfriend. September 3, 2007. <3
I go to school for Cosmetology but, I have more interest in Photography.
I want to learn Photoshop really bad so, it's better.
Ask me anything. I have a hard time writing things about myself...


This is sort of old. It's all I have though!
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U-um, hello everyone! My name is Shay, but you can call me anytime I kind of like changing names by the month, so, um, if you hear someone call me something else, I'm sorry for the confusion! I'm a lurker to add_me, so I'm not really sure what to put here! Even my about me isn't that great, but I'll try harder for this community!

About me:
-I'm turning 17 on a vague-ish date post-today.
-Female! My friends always pick on me and say that I'm not a girl, but they're wrong!
-I kind of really don't like myself much.
-I like writing, drawing (though I'm bad at it), music (like the Gorillaz, Vocaloids, Mindless Self Indulgence, and Akira Yamaoka), and nerdy things (also known as: anime, manga, and video games).
-Most nerdy things scare me!
-I don't like it when people push their beliefs on each other! I think we should all just get along!
-Creepy and scary things are really pretty to me, but I'm a total wuss.
-I do really badly with compliments!
-I, um, failed English this year because I really hate confrontation so I never asked the teacher to explain projects.

I'm sorry my post is kind of long! I just- I'm not good at making friends so I thought maybe I'd have something in common with someone on here? I have aim and msn too if anybody wants to talk! Um, bye to whoever's reading this!


I'll just tell you right now, the only reason I'm looking for friends is because I want to have entries to read and comment on. Simple as that. I'm not looking for people to comment on my entries or anything like that. Most of my entries are private, and when they're not, they don't make any sense and get deleted.

Just to get that out of the way for y'all.

Anyway, I'm 17, Female, and a Canadian. Nice to meet you.

A word of advice, ignore my profile bio.

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Hello there (:

Hi. I'm 16 and you can call me Kyann.
I'm from Slovenia. Borrring country, really. :D
I'm in high school, even though we call it gymnasium.. The concept is the same though.
I'm not all that new to livejournal. :) Just a new account.
Life has been a bit boring lately, and I'd love to meet some new friends.

I'm really into all sorts of TV series. From Gossip girl to Supernatural.. :DD Oh, and movies. I adore romantic movies.
I'm also into computer stuff, even though I'm a girl.. (:
Oh. Almost forgot. I totally love photography. And drawing. Pencil portraits all the way! :)
So, if anybody feels like chatting, add me. :)
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My name is Shelby (named after the car) and I'm 14 years old (*gasp*, a minor!)

quick bit about me:
Personally I like to think I'm rather normal, just a normal person under odd conditions.
I don't get enough sleep which can tamper with my levels of normality.
I tend to go on long rants about nothing in particular.
I love writing  (though my journal is hardly a literary masterpiece as it's the one place I feel I can get things out without a teacher taking a red pen to it later) I'm also avidly into photography.
I enjoy manga/ anime/ video games/ fandom/ comics/ graphic novels, etc. but it's not a REALLY HUGE part of my life (though I do thoroughly enjoy the bit of my life it takes up)
I'm told my levels of sarcasm are simply delightful! (don't I wish...)
I'm a freshmeat, I mean, freshman in high school.
I'm on at odd hours due to my sleep deprivation.
My parents are recently separated.
I really don't give a crap about age, race, sex, orientation or anything of the like, a person's a person, so who cares?
Occasionally I get a bit foul-mouthed by I try to self- censor (occasionally)
I love music, esp. bands like Something Corporate, The Rocket Summer, etc.
There's not really a genre of music that I don't like, I'm open to pretty much anything. ( and I mean from rock to rap to folk to techno to foreign stuff, really anything goes)
I love reading SciFi and horror books
I put off things something terrible.
I tend to overthink.
my friends tell me I think of some funny stuff and I should be a stand up comedian when I get older, to which I laugh and reply with the classic "sometimes truth is stranger than fiction"
I'm opinionated, but before forming opinions I look at the facts for myself, and I don't try to pan off my beliefs onto other people, to each their own.

my journal is mostly blurbs about my life or odd things that have happened to me, I also enjoy posting pictures from various places along my travels. my entries vary from long rant-type things to very short one-liners or quick announcements.
I try to comment as much as I can, but I try to make sure my comments are relevant. While I would like friends who comment, I really don't care, I'm not one of those comment-for-a-comment types, though I always make an effort to at least read my friends' journals. Add me and I'll almost always add you back!

any questions feel free to ask.. i'm not good at talking about myself and even this little crap-tastic blurb took me forever to write...

work work

Hi there

I've started a new journal and I'm looking for other journals to read and people who comment on mine.
About me:
my name is Sil. I’m 28 years old.
I'm Dutch but I live in the UK.
I would like to call myself a geek.
I love video-games, tabletop rpg’s, writing fan-fiction or just writing stories and I want to start drawing again.
I'm sarcastic and I love sarcasm.

I love cats and until a few years ago, I seriously thought I would end up as a crazy cat lady. Then I met my husband and I’ve only had one cat now. Puck, or Mr Pucklesworth as we call him at times. He’s not living with us at the moment, since we’re not allowed to have cats in this flat. And it’s so small that I would find it cruel to keep him here. When we move and get a house with a garden he’s coming over to the UK. For now, he’s staying with my parents in Spain, enjoying their garden, the bugs and the sun.

I’m a ranter, I love ranting, qq-ing, being a bitch, and just whine about things. If you can’t stand that, then I don’t think you should read my blog.

I can be very blunt and since I’m a Dutchie I find it easy to talk about certain topics like sex and other things that make some people shy away.
makeout whaaatt

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Nicholas Sparks on a rainy day can make me smile, along with Bob Dylan, Kings of Leon & of course The Beatles. I happen to also enjoy crazy coffee runs through out my hectic busy days. I'm Cole & I am 20 and i mainly write about fashion , along with my life.  I'm not new to LJ but this of course is a new journal.  It doesn't bother me what age or if we even have anything in common, i'm all for meeting new people with totally different interest.


Hello friends

Hello, My name is Thea & I am 21 years.
Greenwood, IN.
I start attending Empire beauty school in September.
My fiance [of 6 years] & I are currently living with my parents until we can afford our own place.
We travel back & forth from Indiana to Montana yearly to visit families.
It's hard for us to stay in one place for TOO long. =] We love the road.

I'd like friends whom I may share my many interests with. Duh.
I like reading & commenting journals. I do this often. [This is a new LJ, but I have been here since I was 14.]
I'm getting better at writing in my LJ everyday.. sometimes more than once. =P
Check out my profile.
Swing by & let's be friends. Comment on my Friend's Only page.
Good day sir.
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hey guys

Hey, I'm Ashley. I'm 20 years old, and live in Pennsylvania.
My parents got divorced when I was younger.
I've been living with my dad since then, I plan to move out soon I'm just saving money at the moment.

I've been on live journal for quite some time now.
I have three tattoos.
One of my favorite foods is chicken caesar salad.
I have a lot of friends that live in other states that I barley see.
I love photography, I have a Canon Rebel XTI that I take with me everywhere.
I love going to concerts and listening to music.
I'm very open to all types of music, I'll listen to just about anything.
But my favorite band is Fall Out Boy, I've liked them for a long time now.
If I had enough money to travel around the world I would.
I can be shy around people at first, but once you get to know me I open up.

I try and update my journal once a day when I can.
I always comment on peoples journal entrys.

Add me and I'll add you back!
Love (guy&amp;girl)

Hey there :)

(Oh good God the internet makes my face look terrible)

I'm 18.
I'm in college.
I love to blog.
I live in California

If you add me and leave a comment on MY friends only blog then I'll add you back :)

Call me whim

Hi, I suppose I should introduce myself, my name's whim.

I joined LJ not too long ago and, well, got addicted. I suppose it could happen to anyone, right? But I'm not anyone, I'm whim. I'm special and unique and clever and interesting...or so I hope. But ever since I joined LJ, I learned other people can be special and unique and clever and interesting too. I enjoy reading about how someones day their life is going...their rants...their thoughts...their opinions. I listed a bunch of interests in my profile, but I don't need a person who matches up exactly. In fact, if you don't share any similar interests it may be better, who knows? Just because a person doesn't share the same interests as me doesn't mean they're not interesting.

I update my journal nearly every day and would love to find people who update it as frequently, but it's not a requirement, it just helps me get to understand someone better.

So if you've made it this far, hopefully I've peaked your interest (that's the 7th time I've used the word in this post, just fyi), and I hope you feel free to add me. Just make a comment here, or on my profile, or hell, even if you just add me I'll probably end up adding you back.


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My name is Hannah and I'm 18 years old. I have a boyfriend of 17 months this 28th. I start school this Thursday. I'm going to school for Graphic Arts, but I'm starting to change my mind on what I really want to do. I'm trying hard to find a stable job because I'm desperate to move out, get a car, and get a new camera. I love photography, but my camera is horrible. I love Jason Mraz, Regina Spektor, Coconut Records, and random rap. I love skateboarding and the lifestyle. It's so chill and fun to watch, but I'm so scared to try. I'll get the hand of it one day! I really like reading anything drama and girly. I love change so much, I like to start fresh and start new constantly, it's an obsession.

But I love reading about other people's life and seeing pictures. It's fun! I like meeting/talking to new friends. So if you're in, I'm in! Comment on my friends only post please:)

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hi! :D my name's Robyn. i just turned 21.
i'm not new to livejournal. i just made a new journal because i've turned over a new leaf & my entire life has just changed.
i decided to go back to school. so this past weekend i moved into university. my major is accounting.
i'm a Christian & very serious about my faith. politics = conservative. :D
i'm super easy to get along with & love everyone! i will encourage you & be your friend.
i love music, animals, reading, harry potter, ddr, facebook, & taking pictures.
my posts will mainly be about adjusting to college life. and sorting through my thoughts.
sometimes i post political blogs, it's a passion of mine.
i do go to a Christian university & my relationship with God is very important. that will affect everything i write directly or indirectly.
i'm really bad at describing myself in a paragraph. if there's anything you wanna know just ask.
otherwise, just talk to me. let's be friends. :D

i'm just looking for some good LJ friends to actually be friends & get to know each other.
i'm open to anyone but it would probably be better if we have some things in common. :D

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Kinda new here, but a big blogger. Add me if you're interested in reading about WEIRD stuff. Some of it might be gross :x

I'll be sure to add you back!

P.S. The name's mikey... mikeyblogs! ;D (and that's Sanchez, my pet leopard)

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My name is Lydia, I'm 19 and live in Australia.
I'm currently unemployed, so I'm pretty active.
I swear, smoke, take drugs, don't believe in god.
So beware.
I also draw, paint, sew and write short stories novels and poems.
PS: I'm in love with Japan, and am a stereotypical Otaku,
so also beware of cute asian floating things in my entry's
I post photos, daily events, art and anything I feel I need to get off my chest or tell you guys.
I'm looking for some LJ friends, not numbers.
I'm very friendly and love making new friends.
I don't care if your don't comment on my every post.
As long as I know you're there. xo

If you want to know more about me: Profile
If you'd like to add me: Friends Only Entry

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