August 26th, 2009

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hi. my name is melody.
- i am a twenty year old libra.
- i was born and raised in hilo, hawaii, but now reside in westminster, ca.
- photography is my passion; also my major.
- i love cooking and baking just as much.
- i have a boyfriend i have been dating for a little over 3 years.
- i love stars, beaches, and the color midnight blue.
- i can be very emotional.
- how i met your mother, friends, lost, and scrubs are the shows for me.
- i just started to post and comment regularly.

i have lots more to say, but i will just leave it at that.

comment here or on my friends page to let me know you added me

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Sarah 20 UK

Recently decided to get a new LJ account and to get back in to it
Im trying to do a 101 in 1001 days list but ive not managed to compile the complete list yet but im gonna use my LJ as a record of that, But im also gonna try and write in this as much as I can :)

I Love my boyfriend he means the world to me
I Love my family
I Love some of my friends
I Love fashion
I Love music
I Love reading
I Love writing different things

Im very open minded i will talk about anything
I like recieving comments and i try to comment as much as I can

Im looking for friends from the UK especially as when i use to have a LJ account before I didnt really find many

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New, looking for friends who can appreciate self defense

Hey everyone -

New here...
Name: David
Age: 38
Married - wife is pregnant, our first child
Business owner
Interests: music (progressive rock), golf, guns, self defense, fatherhood, rocketry, water activites and more.

Looking for new friends who might be interested in self defense products and home security/surveillance gear. My wife and I started a business last year offering some very cool stuff, so I'd appreciate it if those interested would add me as friend and check out our self defense business. Collapse )


red hair, me
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Hi. My name is Kitchit. I am 22. I live in Melbourne, Australia. I study English literature and Anthropology at Monash University. I collect crucfixes and books. I love reading and drawing. I listen to all kinds of metal. I have 11 piercings. I wear boots all year. I want a kitten. I swear too much. I am currently growing garlic. I am currently writing an essay for my anthropology class on the Full Witness Apostolic Church in I am a freak. I cut my own hair. I stopped biting my nails, and then started again.

Check out my journal if you want to know more.

I am intersted in meeting literary geniuses, book worms, metal heads and everyone in between.



I'm new to LiveJournal and I thought here would be a great place to start making friends. :]

My name is Mei. I'm 19, but I won't be for long enough. I live in Ireland. I'm fluent in English and despite my admittedly lazy efforts to honour my heritage, I can only speak a little Irish and Japanese.

I'm bisexual but that's probably made irrelevant by the fact that I live with my lovely boyfriend and am very happy indeed.

I used to work in a bookshop but it recently closed down, so I'm stuck in that horrible limbo of unemployment.

I'm obsessed with losing weight and that'll probably take over my journal, so if you dislike anything akin to eating disorders, we probably can't be friends.

I love animals. When I finally stop renting and get my own house, I plan to have a ferret and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, to keep the cat I already have company. In my head, it's an ideal world and they somehow all get along. =P

That's all I can think of for now. I'm a friendly person unless provoked, so comment in my journal or something. Unless we have completely opposing interests, I like to think we could get along. n_n

Hello :)

♥ I'm Ellie
♥ I'm 23
♥ I just got engaged to my boyfriend of 4 years
♥ I've just had a (late) spring-clean of my journal to get rid of dead journals and lurkers so I'm now on the look out for a few new friends.
Collapse )

♥ I have a cat and 2 guinea pigs
♥ I have a very eclectic taste in music but some of my favourites are AC/DC, Stereophonics, Led Zeppelin, Muse, REM etc etc
♥ My favourite movie is probably Shawshank Redemption and I love Stephen King's books too
♥ I am slightly obsessed with Eddie Izzard
♥ If there's anything else you wanna know...add me and ask :)

♥ I am interested in making friends who actually want to get to know me and will interact with me. If you don't update, don't comment or both you'll be deleted. Might seem mean but I don't see the point in just having a load of names on a list who you know nothing about. It's called a "friends" list for a reason, right :)
♥ Look forward to getting to know some of you soon! xxx
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My name is Linda. I'm looking for christian friends. Age or home country doesn't matter. I myself moved from Sweden to US in the age of 14. I'm now 23.

I am very deeply in faith and hope that you are too. I'm extreme right wing conservative and proud of it.
I'm interested in celebrities and entertainment world, fashion, politics and pop music.
I'm very easy going and fun but I also have very high morals. I do not drink or do drugs and I wear a promise ring =)...

I hope to make friends with people who share the same mindset.
I try to avoid interaction with people who have abandoned God's way such as very liberal people, anti-life ppl, homosexuals, etc.
HOWEVER if someone is interested in leaving that kind of life behind, I would like to offer support and help =). Nothing out there that a good friend can't help u with!

So, add me!!
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