August 31st, 2009


Here I'am again

Hello. Here I'am again looking for more friends & interesting journals to read =]

Name: Holly but I go by Della
Age: 19, I'll be 20 in December
Location: Orlando, FL

I'm a writer and I enjoy reading, a lot. I'm also a frequent party-goer, but I take breaks every now in then. I can either be your typical teenager who's always out on the town, or the hermit who just wants to cuddle up with a good book and some coffee.

I post frequently, if not everyday. I write about my everyday life, the fucked up thoughts in my head, photos, feelings, "poetry", idiotic nonsense that doesn't have any point at all yet it can make perfect sense, and just whatever the hell I feel like seeing as it's my journal. Heh.

My userinfo is in need of a bit of an update, but it gets to the point.

I'm not going to post so much about my interests, you can find that in my userinfo (or just by adding me and getting to know me).

What I look for in an LJ Friend: Someone who posts (very) often, comments often and not just once in a while or if they feel like it (I realize sometimes people's lives are just plain boring, but mine is NOT), someone who actually wants to get to know me as much as they can over the internet, & interesting lives to read about.

What I do NOT look for in an LJ friend: Long never ending paragraphs. PLEASE, space it out, otherwise I won't read it. Someone who just wants another number added to their list, very new journals (sorry kids, I understand the time comes to make a new journal but if your journal looks way too new to my taste, then I probably wont add it), people who don't speak English (if I don't understand you, you don't interest me).

Words that describe me: Abrupt, sarcastic, witty, charming, intelligent, clumsy, feisty, insomniac, friendly, non-friendly, open-minded, close-minded, opinionated, strong-willed, weak, insane, trustworthy, & a lot of others.

If you want to be friends? Then please, comment my Friends Only entry & add me.

If you do not comment before-hand, you will not get added.

Also, I see it a very good attribute to tell me a little about yourself in your comment as well =] I don't just look for common interests. I look for someone I can flow easily with in conversation.

Need to see my face?
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Axel, Hearts, Kingdom, II

Hallo! :D

Hai! My name is Allison, but you can call me whatever! I'm a girl (hence the name) and I'm 16, a junior in high school! I love friends, and I've been on LiveJournal for a little over a month. I've posted lots, and while a LOT may seem depressing, I'm just getting it out of my system. I don't talk about the topics on which I write, usually.

Anyway, I've been on a while, and my only 2 friends are people I'm friends with in real life. I want to friend people I can talk and joke with. I don't want my posts to go unread! T^T

So. About me.

Things I like first. I love, love, LOVE music. Any genre (except rap). My life is nothing without a song. I actually go to a highschool centered around the performing and visual arts, and I sing there.

I love talking to people. Talking, joking, laughing; people bring out the best in me!

I really like yaoi. That may be off-putting, but I won't talk to you about it, I swear! XD

I love to read, which is one of the main reasons I got on to LJ. My favorite genres are: Fantasy, mystery, literature. Almost any fiction.

I love to write. I really love to come up with stories, but I rarely pull through with one. So, I (try to) stick to poetry and short quibbles of things.

I love manga and anime. I fell in love at first viewing.

I really like Gaia Online. Ask for my username, and I'll give it!

I love animals. I'm ready to train to be a large animal vet!


Now, things I DON'T like.

I don't like hard criticism. Sure, review me, I don't mind, but PLEASE don't be too mean. I take things very personally.

I don't like idiots. I know that sounds really mean, but when someone comes up to me saying, "OMG! I totally, like, couldn't believe that, like, actually happened!!!!" It bugs me. And don't argue with me about anything without evidence.

I don't like talking about religion.

I HATE, absolutely DESPISE text/internet speak. Use real words with proper grammar. If I typo, catch me please.


Wow. that was really long. Well, if you think we're similar, or if you think I'm just too cool (XD), talk to me please!
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super special info! :D

So just some basic information because no one wants to read a giant manifesto of who I am, as much as I'd enjoy writing that... XD

Hi guys, my name is Kaylee. I'm newly 16, which means I'm starting highschool in a week. I'm Canadian and glad, mostly because I love Tim Hortons. And the word 'tuque'.

Things I like... Anime, Manga, cartoons, FPS/RP Games, drawing, writing, and DIY projects. I'm actually quite big on that last one, a lot of things I own I made myself or modified. I also knit things.

I loooove music and I never leave the house without something to listen to. I like pretty much all genres excluding rap and country, although a lot of my stuff seems to be techno, ska/ska punk, metal, J-Rock, dub rock, and punk rock.

Things I DON'T like would be those who can't take a joke (I do joke around a lot but I'd never be outright mean to someone, I'm a huge pushover), harsh criticism, and people who'd only add me to increase their number of friends. That being said, if you do decide for some reason to add me, it'd be kinda cool to know why. I have a lot more information on my profile page if this isn't enough, so, add away. ^^; You can comment here or on my FO page (the latter preferably).

Nice to meet you all.
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(no subject)

hey there, my name is dara and i'm 20. I love coffee runs & i'm pretty much obsessed with Bob Dylan, Kings of Leon & DMB. I love rainy days and cuddling up with a good read.  To sum it up, my life is very laid back & i enjoy sharing it with anyone who wants to read. My friends list is kinda dead so i'm looking to read some new journals as well

i'm new!

Hi, i'm new to livejournal and would love to make some friends here who share the same interest as me!(look in my profile) I'm not good at introducing myself, so if you see my livejournal and like what you see, don't be afraid to add me! I prefer friends who are 18-22 If not, someone who is mature for their age.

Leave a comment in my friends only entry to let me know you added me, and i'll add you back. (:

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A whisper fades into a scream

Sometimes I get so sad and lonely that I can't stand it. The tension in my neck builds up till I want to scream out! Only I don't scream out. Violence is not in my nature. In fact, I've never even been in a fight. No, I don't scream. Actually, I don't even really cry to release the tension. When the tension builds and I feel as though my mind is cut off from the rest of the world, I would much rather just lay down and not think about anything. Just let my mind fade out.

Only my mind doesn't fade out. It's constantly active. My brain is always thinking. At times it can be really annoying. And when I'm not thinking, I'm feeling. Alot of the time I feel normal, but frequently I feel extraordinarily happy. For instance, earlier today I was walking with a girl back to the dorms, and she commented on the way I was bouncing while I was walking. I was in such a great mood that I was bouncing along like a regular goof ball. And normally a comment like that would bother me, but not today. Today I accepted it as a compliment and continued a casual conversation with her, however awkward.

Because I always feel a degree of awkwardness when I am around people. I am such a weirdo. I really want to see inside other people's minds, because I want to know if everyone else feels so awkward and irritable as I do. Everyone seems happy and normal, but something deep inside tells me its all an act. Everyone is just as weird as me! I swear, sometimes I think I must be crazy.

Yes, there are times when I'm so happy I want to yell at the top of my lungs, in joy. But, naturally, I don't yell out. It's not really in my nature. I really don't like to express my emotions all that much. Mostly because you never know how people will react to you. And also because you can never tell what your emotions betray about yourself; a smart person can really learn alot about you if they observe your emotions. They can learn too much. In fact I don't like people knowing all that much about me. And if they do know anything about me, I prefer it address my weaknesses as a human being. So as we won't have a relationship based on some false pretense. Because anyone can put on a false image, but if you show your weaknesses, then rest assured it is not a false front.

Even if I could impress a false idiom of myself upon another person, it wouldn't last long. I'm a terrible liar. I wear my heart on my sleeve. Or at least I feel that my heart is on my sleeve. But in fact, I am rather cold and emotionless. But don't get me wrong! I am emotional. I am a normal person! Just the other day, I went out to eat with five other people. And I wasn't a bit awkward! Imagine that, me sitting and eating with five normal people. I tried not to shift my eyes around too much, or too look enthusiastic. But I also didn't want to seem disinterested. It was a precarious balance, but in the end I played the perfect part, I swear!

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(no subject)

Hiya. I'm Tarah. But please, call me Tkay. 
I will be 16 in about 2 months. 
I'm a really laid back person.
I love reading and drawing.
I'm a home-body.
I have a boyfriend and I talk about very much.
i dont really have friends on LJ. thats why I'm on here...
I'm starting my junior year in high school in a couple weeks.
My favorite class is Studio Art. I like to think myself as an artist.
You should add me!
but I promise I dont force my beliefs on people. that'd be stupid.
oh and I dont like hunting...