September 26th, 2009


i'm so awful at intros and such

-23 years old
- Central PA

I used to journal a lot, but then I stopped.  I've realized how much I miss it and I'd really like to get back into writing - it's like therapy to me.
I can't promise I'll have anything too deep in my entries - I'm not saying that's a NEVER, or that I'm not intelligent, but I prefer to talk about my day and dumb little random things here and there.  My roomie/best moved to FL a few months ago (she's coming back though, yay!) so I've been forced to move back in with my parents for the summer and between that + men troubles + losing friends + other stress, I've been pretty angsty lately.  So...I apologize in advance!  But I do believe my life is turning around for the better soon in these upcoming months :]

I'm not going to say I'll be the perfect lj friend - I don't comment every single entry and I'm a little aloof until I get to know you - but I do keep my "audience" in mind in my journals and I try to be interactive from time to time.  Also if you don't mind a dirty mouth and/or drunken stories, that's another plus!

I know I just started up again and don't have much content, but here's my twitter for a small dose of what's in store, haha

Sooo, +?

Greetings to all!!

Hi !!! I apologise for my bad English.
My name is George, me 23 years. I live in the city of Rostov-on-Don, Russia
I add everyone who ads me.
I like to travel, have fun and shock people.
Very much to be pleasant to me dialogue with interesting people.
I have ended university, but I do not work on a speciality.
I work on myself, my work installation of a satellite teleimage. Though I hate a teleimage,
In the diary I write about the life, in it many my photos.
I read your magazines by means of the program of the translator as only I start to learn English language. Very much it would be desirable to learn as much as possible about a life of people in other cities and the countries.

And this my first somersault back, I have made it 2 weeks ago by the black sea(Video 12 seconds).

It I.
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* sami/sunset, nicknames are cool. i'm 18, almost 19. i live in waynesboro, tennessee with my daddy and my stepmom. i've never had a job, but i'm looking hardcore for one now. i'm taking a year off from school so i can have some stability before i start school. oh, and i guess figuring out what i'm actually going to college for could be an option...
* everyone is interested in here's a few of mine ;
- music. any kind. my faves are rock (and it's millions of sub-categories) and techno/electro/industrial/all that jazz.
- tattoos & piercings. my face was covered with metal at one time, but i guess i got tired of it all..i just have a lipring now. 3 tattoos so far, i want to be covered though.
- hair. makeup. shopping. cute things. i can be girly sometimes.
- world of warcraft. noob. i play on Draenor, my toon's a Night Elf Rogue named Zarahh. yeah that's right, i'm ally don't be hatin'.
- sarcasm, dry humor, and immaturity.
- cute emoticons. like this one xD and this one :D

* and here's a picture to put a face to the name.

i'm on the left. the hottie next to me is my little sister. she's my best friend. xD

leave me a comment on my friends only post, i usually don't check my emails xD
meet teh sex

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I use my LJ for RPing purposes. It's been a while since I've updated, but if you like to RP, you should leave a comment here(:
Right now I'm really only looking for House M.D. lines. It's hard to find people that play those characters.

Rhea/25/Baton Rouge, LA

Hey guys!
I'm Rhea, 25, from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
I mostly post about work, friends, boys, music, and FOOTBALL.
LSU and Saints have my heart.
I make random picture posts.

Here is a preview of what my profile says:

i'm a southern girl; and i'm proud of it.
i am a medical transcriptionist for Baton Rouge General.
i have a lip ring.
i have one tattoo.
i love LSU football.
i drive a Kia Sorento.. I love it
i love life.
i love my family
i have a sister, Casey, and a brother, Donnie
i have an obsession with john deere.
i also have an obsession with Taylor Swift
i am shy, spontaneous, & ougoing at the same time.
i learn from my mistakes.... sometimes.
i try to be mean; but i can't.
i'm entertained easily.
i laugh at things that aren't funny.
i'm a disney fan; oh well.
on most days, i'm the coolest person you will ever meet.

Here are a couple pictures of me:

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I'm julie.
I need some new, interesting people.

My entire life is just a transition.
My userinfo is the best source for information.

My entries vary in size & context. They could be about random thoughts, current issues, venting, daily life, picture posts.
I'm pretty random & don't hold back.

Always restless. It's hard to keep my attention. not that I'm ADHD, but I crave real mental stimulation & around here, there's not too much of that.

But, uh, I'm a lot of things.
I'm just trying to get my head wrapped around it is all.

I'd really like;
- 20+
- No druggies. (No "OMFG GUESS WAT I DRANK 2DAY!", pot users, etc.)
- Have your own mind.
- Sense of humor.
- Write in decent grammar.
- Update on a regular basis. (an entry or two a week is just fine with me, but nothing below that.)
- Intelligent, going somewhere people.

Comment regardless if you added me. I don't care if it's this entry or my friends only. If you do not give me notice, I will not add you.

Ясу филему (греч.)

Вела ЖЖ несколько лет, затем, в виду личных объстоятельств, забросила. Теперь решила вернуться и начать делиться своей интересной жизнью с другими :). Так что присоединяйтесь:
* Пишу легкочитаемым стилем и только о действительно феноменальных событиях.
* Читаю и комментирую на столько часто, на сколько позволяет свободное время.
* Постю максимум два раза в день, чтобы не засорять френд-ленту.
* Френжу не ради кол-ва, поэтому просьба тысячникам - не беспокоить.

О себе: живу на Кипре уже 5 лет из своих 21-го, до этого обитала в Москве, увлекаюсь фотографией, конным спортом, горными лыжами, заканчиваю университет, работаю не по специальности. Остальные подробности читайте в профиле или в самом ЖЖ.
Приятного вечера и я жду от вас взаимности, мяу:)))

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Good day! I'm not quite sure how to write one of these things, but here it is anyway.

I'm a 16 year old girl from England. I'm quiet, introspective, and a little geeky.

The universe - I am fascinated by it, although I've never got the feeling from school, which ruins everything about learning for me. I love that feeling you get when you suddenly step back from the mundane and realise that we're on a tiny rock in one of many billions of galaxies in a vast universe, and nobody has any idea why there is existence.

I spend most of my time (other than school) philosophising and making art. I love science fiction such as Dune and Firefly (and fantasy, but not as much) and various other geeky things.

I have quite a love of music. The music I listen to most right now is Porcupine Tree, Rush, Alice in Chains, Pure Reason Revolution, Soundgarden, QOTSA, Fever Ray, Opeth, Dream Theater, John Williams, Dvorak (and a lot more). I'd say my favourite genre is progressive rock/metal.

I watch tv shows too, my favourites being Firefly, Lost, Dark Angel, Arrested Development, Life on Mars, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Dead Like Me and Wonderfalls. The movies I love the most are A Little Princess, American History X, Serenity, The Green Mile, Pulp Fiction, and Star Trek.

I apologise if this has been too long and boring. I just made this journal and plan to write every few days. I assure you I will read what you write, even if I don't comment every time. Add me if you wish :B