October 5th, 2009

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I'm Tegan. I'm 23, live near Los Angeles and major in Radio/TV/Film.

I like stuff like: Arrested Development, Jesse James is a Dead Man, Robot Chicken, The Simpsons and Supernatural.

The Devil's Rejects, House of 1000 Corpses, The Hangover, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, Borat, The 40 Year-Old Virgin, District 9 and My Bloody Valentine 3D.

AC/DC, Survivor, Kaiser Chiefs, Muse, Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Eat World, Ozzy Osbourne, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Beatles, Bad Company, We the Kings, Radiohead, Metallica and Nine Inch Nails.

Video games, sports and hanging out with friends.

Looking for some friends who I might have something in common with.

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hi my name is Ana, and I'm fourteen years old. I'm from New Jersey, and I really
just want to get out of there. Sure,I'm just a kid, so what do I know about life
really? Well, nothing. but I try to live it to the fullest. I love Vampire Diaries,
running in the rain, photography, my family, and friends. I am in love with James
Franco, I think he's just the best. I mostly bitch on about studying and highschool,
but I really do love being in highschool. I hope to become a writer, and I want
to go to a good college. My favorite bands are: All Time Low, kings of leon, MGMT,
company of theives, vogue in the movement, bat for lashes
. Im a hopeless romantic.
hopeless is the key word. :D I comment on other's people journals a lot, so
add me if you like!


Мне надоела скучная, унылая и сопливая френдлента! если вам она тоже надоела то давайте дружить! Со своей стороны веселуху гарантирую!) Поклонникам трешни и неординарным личностям строго рекомндуется!



Hai! Welp, I just started my LJ a few days ago and it would be great to make new friends here. I'm mostly looking forward to connecting with people that are not afraid to really write about their thoughts and feelings. My posts can be quite personal, I'm going to try to treat it as a real journal as much as possible. I will not be posting what I had for lunch or that I went out shopping yesterday... well, unless something really interesting happened. =]

I'm female and in my 30s. I work as an application designer, currently residing in Montreal, Canada. I speak/write french as well as english. I'm a very laid back and open-minded person. I do enjoy taking a peak into other people's live/thoughts and I'll definitely comment on interesting posts.

Erm, what else... I enjoy traveling, been to Asia a couple of times, Europe once, vancouver, NY, Las Vegas, California, Cuba, etc... And even tho I am not an amazing cook, I <3333 talking about food and trying out new restaurants! The Food Network FTW!

So if you are interested in befriending me, add me and I'll add you back.

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Newb ... sort of.

Hello! My name is Lens. I've been on LJ for as long as I can remember. Haha. Okay, not that long, but I've been a part of livejournal since at least 6th grade so that would be ... 8 years ago? Holy Gods! I took a fairly long hiatus, but I've been blogging in other places for a year or so and my style has changed somewhat. I love making new friends, and I love giving and receiving comments. [[That makes it sound sort of XXX, doesn't it?]]

Some things about me, you say?
  • I am a 22 year old female living in Rochester, NY.
  • However, in December I'll be moving back in with my parents in New Jersey out of necessity.
  • I have two cats and am living with a roommate/boyfriend/exboyfriend/friend/lover/it's complicated <- that would be the necessity.
  • I'm a huge bookworm and do book reviews whenever I finish a novel.
  • I am an incredibly religious person - though my religion is a mishmash of Pagan spiritualities.
  • I'm an Education and English major who works at a camp for kids with special needs during the summer.
  • Unfortunately, I am unemployed during the year.
  • I write about everything from my friends, school, my cats, my emotional condition, politics, opinions, sex, etc. etc.
  • I'm an amateur photographer, and those photos occasionally make their way into my blogs.
  • I'm addicted easily to stupid television shows.
  • I can talk about nothing for hours.
  • If there ever were a zombie apocalypse, the vultures would take over the world. Think about it. What creatures would benefit from loads of walking dead flesh? Scavengers. Since Vultures can fly, they'd avoid a lot of the other scavengers and would probably develop intelligence.
So, whattaya say?


 I wouldn't say I'm new to the Livejournal scene. 
I had one a few years ago
And now I've chosen to come back.
I've been meaning to for awhile, but now I've finally gotten the chance.

I am in college, 19 years old.
I will write and comment as much as I can.
I'm looking for friends who are blunt
and will not hesitate to voice either opinion.

Add me. :)

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I really like chocolate. and the beach. My perfect day would consist of eating chocolate on the beach, while I listen to music and read books.
I watch tv and movies. But I'm not going to list all the music/tv/movies that I like, because, well I think it's pointless. You are not your list.
I wish I had more time for all of the above, but it is a struggle finding time between school and work.
I'm not really into any sort of fandoms. or video games.
I like to shop for useless things like clothes and makeup, especially when stressed.
I am 27. I live in tropical Queensland, Australia.
I'm a hairstylist and working towards a psychology degree.
I have been with my boyfriend for almost 8 years. We have a pretty healthy relationship - I do talk about him sometimes.
I get along with my family and they are my world.

I use my journal to write about what I'm thinking, what I'm feeling and things that's going on in my life. Sometimes I even do the occasional rant. I don't list every detail of my day, like what I ate for breakfast or what time I went to the bathroom. I post a picture pretty much in each entry. I go out drinking once in awhile, but I won't write about how high/drunk I got every weekend. I do mention sex once in awhile.
I have my bad days, but in general I love my life, because I know I'm working towards making myself a better person and that invigorates me. I have come to appreciate the simple things that life has to offer, and I like to see the positive possibilities in life.

I make every effort in getting to know each person on my friends list, taking the time to interact whether it be by comments or lj messages.
I don't care if we don't have things in common, just as long as you don't push your ideals on me. I'm old enough and know myself enough to make up my own mind. But I would prefer it if you actually updated your journal with things that will allow me to get to know you and get an insight of your life. My journal is friends only, but friend cuts won't hurt my feelings if you decide that I'm not your cup of tea.