October 6th, 2009

Fallen Angel

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 I figured this might be useful if you are considering friending me and you would like to know what unspeakable things are awaiting for you in my journal (which is clearly something that keeps you awake at night, I'm sure).


I usually post about…well, me. This means my daily life, my interests, my idiocy, random thoughts, my geekiness...everything really.There comes a point in everyones life where you start to question the paths you have taken and the choices you have made. My time is now.... I guess my reason for setting up this journal is to express my thoughts and feelings and of course to get to know other people. It would be fantastic to be able to share the good and bad times with readers and extend my " family". My friends are like my family. Full of peope who make me laugh, smile and get my zany personality :)    .............detailed accounts of daily insanity...that kind of thing..

I can write serious and personal stuff as well as utterly stupid ramblings. My journal is the place where I sometimes rant and get things out, I don’t censor myself when it comes to talking about private matters, so what you see it’s basically what you get – the good and the bad. Im looking forward to talking utter randomness with people and getting to know you all and sharing stories. So if you feel like readng the trials and tribulatons of a one , Rachel Julia ( Me) Then feel free to add me. My journal is friends only. Purely because the people reading mine, I'd like to be able to get to know them and comment back on their journals .

Irony and sarcasm are my philosophy of life. And – to be completely honest – I enjoy it immensely.

Interests:  music - Im a rock/indie person although I listen to allsorts of stuff.
TV/Movies - Well I love loads of different stuff. I love a good comedy film.
I enjoy going out with my friends or simply having a night in with a good bottle of vino and a game of gutar hero!


I comment when I have something meaningful (well, sort of) to say. Sometimes I don’t have enough time to write coherent and/or slightly interesting comments, but I do read all the entries on my friends’ page.


I like making new friends. The only reason why I made this journal friends only is because I want to know who’s reading what I write. Also its good to know whos reading. Theres no point having hundreds of friends if you have zero in common

If you friend me, please leave me a comment. Otherwise I might not even realise that you did! it would be nice if you told me how you got here and didn't leave me wondering who you are forever.

TO EVERYONE WHO WAS READING MY JOURNAL BUT DOESN'T HAVE AN ACCOUNT : Get one! No, seriously, go here and get a username . It's easy, it's quick and let me know so that I can add you. You'll be able to read my ramblings again, what more could you ask for? Who knows, you might like it and start writing as well...! Its a good way to vent, talk utter crap and get talking to new people

 I guess thats all there is to say really

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hi there
i could use some lj friends
i'll comment on your posts and all
i promise

i'm 15, and i like music, anime, tv, and drawing, but i never really have time to do anything of that so.. yea
i mostly just talk about school in my posts
i guess i'm pretty boring ;.;

so yea, let's be friends
if you're down i'm down dawg
o i'm kind of silly too
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I'm Maisie
i really enjoy making new LJ friends and reading about their lives
so if you post regularly
add me

extra info:
- 16 years old
- British
- Studying Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths in college
- Also interested in music, all kinds of art and film
& a relatively regular poster

want to know more; just ask

Edit: please don't add me without making some sort of contact first. thanks
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Add me kthx.

So, I recently noticed that 90% of my flist doesn't update anymore, and I'm feeling a little lonely.

A little about me? My name is pam, I'm 26, married, living in Jersey. I update about whatever is going on in my life. I ramble a lot. I tend to ramble about dinosaurs and Canada more than other subjects, but whatever. I'm a stay at home mom, my daughter is 9 years old. I'm short and undeniably addicted to Mountain Dew. I enjoy video games, long drives, and music. I've been trying to beef up on my movie knowledge lately by watching a new movie every night.

I've been through a lot lately, so a lot of my recent entries are a little blah and sad... and I've been going through a plethora of doctor appointments. So, that's been ruling my page lately. It'll all end though.

So, yeah, anything else you would like to know? Go ahead and ask! I'm pretty open about things.

I comment a lot. I post a little less. It just depends on my mood.

I'm looking for people I can make a connection with... not numbers on my flist.

If you think I sound totally awesome, then add me!