October 14th, 2009


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Hello! I'm interested in reading other people's journals.
I love it, so I would like more journals to read and more friends to make!!

To give you an idea of what I'm like:

I'm a nineteen-year-old wannabe-nerd, from the UK (ha ha). Currently self-studying Japanese.
Studied law, sociology, business, politics and philosophy. I'm interested in most related topics.

I listen to: Jazz (especially Swing), Electronic and Pop music.
I love: walking, talking with people, dance aerobics and learning new things/gaining new knowledge.
I like: TED talks, xkcd.com, StumbleUpon, YouTube, The Teaching Company and Linux Ubuntu 8.10.
I play: (on the DS) Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest: IV, WarioWare: Touched!, Mario Kart and Picross.
I consume: Strawberries, Milk, Jazz apples, Hot chocolate, Broccoli and Chinese food.
I watch: panel shows, cartoons and documentaries.

Anything else? I want to become a translator and learn to play the drums someday...
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Add me!

Hey! I'm Jessie! I'm new on livejournal and I want friends! I'm 18, I'm a freshman in college...I like harry potter, friends, CSI...I dunno. I was a gymnast for 10 years, but then I hurt my back and had to quit, but I still did it for my high school team for 3 years after that. I was a part of my high school dive team and I dove for a summer league (which I ended up assistant coaching for this past summer). So I'm pretty athletic. I'm pretty laid back. I'm kinda nerdy I guess (as in I actually like learning and do my homework). I'm really awkward to be around (some people love it, some hate it) Um... I dunno! I don't know how much I will update livejournal but when I do, I wanna see what people think! I'll do my best to read and comment on my friend's walls too.

Um...yeah! If I don't sound completely boring to you, add me!
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looking for new lj friends!

My name is Angel Sea! I don't eat animals! Let's be friends!

I've been with livejournal for 7 years now, all under old names. I'm an avid commenter and poster. I like to try to keep my livejournal entertaining and interactive. My livejournal seems a bit empty now just because I switched to elkfolk on October 1st. I'd like to find interesting journals to read as well as be interesting to others. My journal is 50% public & 50% friends only. The friends only entries mostly contain personal thoughts about my personal life while public entries are mostly pictures and links to websites.

As for a description of myself, well I'm 21 years old, I live in Canada with my boyfriend in our brand new 2 bedroom apartment. I love animals and I'm on my way to a career in the animal health care field. As posted above I don't eat animals or their products. Yeah that could make me a preacher or self righteous but it doesn't. You do what you do, I do what I do. I love Star Wars. I have giant mom & dad tattoos of Darth Vader & Padme Amidala as well as a vast collection of novels & comics. I love to read and drink tea too. I have a whole cupboard dedicated to my tea collection and I own probably too many teapots. I hate heights and spiders, both give me the heebie-jeebies.

So there you have it, if you think I'm worthy of becoming a new friend, add me! Comment either in this post or on this entry and I'll be sure to add you back!
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Looking to meet some new friends on LJ. I post often, and take an active interest in all my friends.

I'm 23 years old, and a newlywed. I live in SLC, UT but I was born and raised in Hawaii/California. I care for my 2 year old stepson, whom we have joint custody. I am a stay at home mom. It's an interesting experience becoming an instant mom. I am learning as I go.

I write mostly about my day. My stepson, cat, husband and yeah, sometimes I post TMI about our relationship, but it's my journal. So if x rated things and foul language is a problem you probably shouldn't add me. My journal is my own and I dont make excuses or apologies for its content.

I am looking to meet any and all types of people. What other place do I have to friend people whom otherwise I would never get to know? Thats whats great about LJ, there is every type of person here, and i'm interested in getting to know a variety of them. How boring to stick to your own "kind."

Comment here or on my friends only post if you add me so I can add you back :)

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hi! i'm looking for new friends. my name is bradey and i'm 22. i'm a bit shy but only with new people. i'm a good listener too. add me if you like!

also, i was wondering if anybody wanted to sign up for SwagBucks? It's similar to Lockerz. You basically go to their homepage and search for things like you would on google. You randomly win points for doing a search and you collect the points to redeem for things from their store. 45 points = a 5 dollar amazon.com gift card. I've gotten 4 amazon.com gift cards since I joined 3 weeks ago.

Click here to sign up
(If you sign up at that direct link you get extra points)
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My name is Shelby; I'm eighteen years old.
I'm Norwegian-Swede, but I reside in the tropics of South West, Florida.
My heart however, resides in the state of Tennessee.
I'm a vegetarian and a chain smoker and a real life walking contradiction in every way.
I enjoy art in all it's glorious forms, reptiles, Norse mythology, photography, comic books, craptastic fantasty novels, and all the music that everyone else seems to hate.

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Comment on this post, or on my journal to be added-- Or just add me! I always add back.
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Hii!! *Waves*

My name is Sazzy, and I come from Sweden. I am a very shy, but awfully nice girl (or, that's what I've heard).

Here are some of the things that I like

- Everything that has to do with Harry Potter
- Manga and Anime
- Yaoi/Shounen AI
- Write fanfics
- Disney
- Read
- Sit around and do nothing (that's pretty much all I ever do xD)
- Hang out with friends

I am 20 years old, and I'm unemployed. I've been searching for a job for three months now, but I can't find one >.< It sucks royal Hippogriff!

Erm... I'm nice xD

I mostly post about my not-so-dramatic life. Either that, or something fandom-ish.

My fandoms are:

Harry Potter, Kyou Kara Maou, Buffy the Vampireslayer, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Skip Beat, and ten thousand other stuff I watch or read :P

OH! I also love modeling! That is also something I do for fun sometime. I love standing in front of the camera!

Hmm... Anyway, if you feel like adding me, do so ^^ Just leave a comment on my Friends Only entry before you do.

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