October 17th, 2009

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lonely journal seeking new readers, ha.

Hey everyone, I'm Jordie, almost 22, and I'm in graduate school for special ed. I live in NY and love it for it's snow =)

I write in my journal a few times a week...about whatever may be going on in my life from school/friends/life/random interests that happen to pop into my mind at the time.

My twitter also posts in my journal all my tweets so theres always something interesting to follow.

I'm a pretty active commenter and enjoy getting to know people through their journals.

Add me if you find me interesting and leave a comment on my friends only page!

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Hi guys!

Hi, I'm Rocco. I'm 17 and from Australia. I graduate next week, and am then heading off to uni to study Pharmacy.

Stuff I like includes books, Photoshop, warm weather, Britcoms, musicals, video games, most music and lots more which is on my profile.

Just one thing: If you typ lyyk diis, or don't speak English, please don't add me. And I'd like it if you were somewhat active. =D

I'm friendly, and always like having another journal to read, so new friends are always welcome. If you wanna add me, head on over to my friends only post so we can get to know each other right from the get go. =D
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I am LMC. I am here to gather some peeps to hang out in my crib aka my journal.
Me, in some words:
Eighteen, university student, mediocre guitar player, quote/random fact collecter, dabbles in code that is not Python, library goer, prone to being claustrophobic, terrified of heights, has irrational fear of phones, wants to go to Venice, Italy someday, loves The Office (currently), hates Windows Vista (a lot).

Be sure to comment hurr, but if you're lazy, here is also fine. Random adds make me feel awkward, please don't spread the awkwardness.

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Hey, would anyone like to sign up for SwagBucks? It's like Lockerz. You get points by searching for things on their website, then you redeem the points for stuff like dvds, ipods, gift cards, etc.

I started about three weeks ago and I've gotten $25 in gift cards to amazon.com

Click here if you'd like to sign up
(You get extra points if you use that link)

Have fun!

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Name: xxdarkphoenixx
Status: Engaged
Age: 21
Location: Oxford, UK
Children: Thomas, 2.5 and Elliana 19months.

Hobbies: Readimg, writing, listening to music, nappy changing, college, studying, cats etc

More about me: I am a young mother of two beautiful children. I have been with my partner and their father for just over four years. I may be a young Mum but I have a mature head on my shoulders. My children are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I love them very much.
I work part-time as a cleaner. I have OCD and Social Anxiety so I thought this occupation was the obvious solution! I love my job, it's a great stress-reliever.
I also go to college on a part-time basis studying Science and Maths.

I am a good LJ friend and comment and post regularly. I am non-judgemental, and will give honest and tactful advice as and when needed. I'm always there to offer support to any of my LJ friends. I don't think a computer screen can make much difference to the friendships built on this website, some of my best friends are online. As well as giving out advice, I can also take opinions as well and am not the type to defriend someone just because I didn't like what they say.
My life has become a little busier since I started College in September, and so I don't post as often as I used to. I always comment on my friends list at least once a day though :)

If you need to know anything else, just check out my profile. Thanks :)


 I've been on LJ under different names before. I'm actually coming here from being a long time native at OpenDiary. The site has become dead so it seems. 

You can read more about me on my profile on my LJ but in general here's a small list about me: 23 years old, live in Cary NC, boyfriend of almost 3 years (actually we're engaged & will wed on 10/10/10), very much into GLEE / Gordon Ramsay shows / PITCHMEN & Billy Mays / all reality TV / RENT the musical, LOVE art & everything about it, own a blackberry phone & love it, USE TWITTER ALMOST EVERY DAY (always looking for new people to follow), love photography, I'm extremely creative & unique, I like the great outdoors, I am very sarcastic most of the time so be aware & I can be ADHD really bad. 

I *LOVE* reading others' lives. I ALWAYS read but if I'm really busy I will go back and comment on almost everything to catch up. I will try to be good with comments. I also like getting them :) If you think I'd be interesting to talk to - just add me - and make sure you let me know you found me here!!!! :) 
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Oh hi!

I'm a twenty-year-old university student studying English only because undergrads don't get to major in creative writing. I'm looking for friends to motivate me to write things more often! I live in an apartment in Philadelphia as a second-semester sophomore. I have some things going on with my life that sometimes I have to get out and baaaaw over, but I try to keep that limited and try to keep it sandwiched between awesome things that are goin' on.

I love stories! I love stories about things that might be considered insignificant, like your battle against the vending machine that ate your dollar. And I like telling stories. I don't always comment, but I do always read.

Body modification is awesome. I've got my eyebrow and lip pierced, but I want about three zillion and one tattoos. I've got four planned out. I think that tattoos are beautiful and that they should tell a story.

I try not to judge too harshly, but I'm only human. If I say something is silly or weird, that doesn't necessarily mean I think it's bad!

Bluh bluh bluh. This is super long. If you want to add me, leave a comment on my friends only entry, please! :D
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My name is Tia. I'm twenty-six years old. I live in Sacramento, CA. I am an instructional assistant at a middle school and a full-time student, for the second time. I initially studied psychology, but because I want to teach high school English, I am currently completing an English Subject Matter program. If all goes as planned, I'll be an intern next fall. My fiance and I are getting married in May.

I'm attempting to turn over a new leaf in which I control my life rather than life merely happening to me. I'm trying to prove to myself that life is what you make it, that I am not just who I am, but I can be whoever I want to be. So, I'm attempting to try new things, like this, to say "yes" when I would ordinarily say "no," to let go of pent up frustrations, and just simply to smile more. But some times are more difficult than others.

LJ has been part of my life for over eight years, but my friends list has slowly depleted over the years. As a result, my posting has become somewhat sporadic, but I am attempting to post more these days. I think having a wider audience than the usual three or four suspects might boost my production as well. I read my friends list every day, though, and try to comment others' entries as much as possible.

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