October 19th, 2009


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Heyy. I'm not new to LJ but this is a new journal and my friends list has finally dwindled down a a small list of active users so it's time to seek out some new friends! I tend to keep my livejournal friends around for years and get to know each other as well as possible. One of my best friends is a girl I met on Livejournal 6 years ago. :)

Anyway, about me!

My name is Emily but I hate my name and would strongly prefer to be called something else. I usually ask people to call me E, EK, Frodo, or something someone invents themselves.
I am 21 years old and I still can't believe it. I'm a Gemini and an INFP. I am pansexual and mostly attracted to other females. I'm extremely liberal in politics and lifestyle. Art is my passion and what I want to be remembered for, but I also want to teach and participate in as much activism for women's rights as I can. I am not in college although I have been before, and I do plan to go back one day.
I am an extremely nice, accepting, and tolerant person... but I have trouble making friends due to bad social anxiety. I observe people more than I participate. I love people who are different because I see myself as different. I love to laugh and make others laugh. I like to make a positive impact on peoples lives.
I don't shave my armpit hair or leg hair as a personal protest against society's expectations of women, and because I think natural is beautiful. Also, I had an abortion back in 2006 and it is a huge part of my life so I talk about it now and then. If you're going to be on my friends list then you either need to be pro-choice or an extremely tolerant and easy going pro-lifer.

If I sound interesting to you, add me. :)

P.S. I do talk about sex and sometimes post nudity (not for porn's sake, but in more of an artsy and appreciative way). So you should be okay with that too!



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My name is Cree, I'm 18 years old (turning 19 in December), I live in New Zealand and basically, I just want to know more people. I spend a lot of time online and one of the things I enjoy more than the computer is reading. I'm obsessed with True Blood and Skins (and the like) and thoroughly enjoy talking about them.

But apart from sounding really lame, one of my other biggest loves is Disney. Mostly older stuff like Alice in Wonderland but I do have a huge love for Demi Lovato, etc. I don't really have a sexuality (since people seem to be writing about that on here) but if I put a percent on it, I'd be 95% for girls.

I basically like a whole lot and heaps of it is in my interest section so make sure you check out my profile if you want to get to know me! I'm not that interesting but I am positive you won't regret talking to me.

I look like this, just in case anyone wants to see:


Hi. My name is Akaiti, I am 18 and reasonably terrified of everything.

I spend my days volunteering at the salvation army [though these visits have been pretty sporadic as of late], listening to the smiths and wishing that people would take me seriously, despite being a loser. ;)

Also, I will try my hardest to comment should you chose to friend me, good folk of livejournal!

Obligatory photo

[I'm not the one picking my nose, if that makes the thought of adding me slightly more appealing.]

Hullo. :3

Im Paige Nicole. Yes, I am young, 14 years old to be exact.
But I am mature for my age.
Ive had a few livejournal accounts, but this is my final one.
I have only but like 3 friends. ):
So I would like new friends.
Something about me? Of course.

Scrubs, True Blood, Family Guy, Ghost Hunters.
Owl City, Bullet For My Valentine, Shinedown, Lady Gaga.
Twilight Saga, Dean Knootz, James Paterson.
Step Up 1 & 2, Pay It Forward, Fluke, Twilight. [<--- Movies.]
Horses, Dogs, Cats, Reptiles, Small Rodents.
Horseback Riding, going to be getting into Barrel Racing.
Myspace, Facebook, Myyearbook.
Aim, MSN, and Yahoo messengers.
I like boys and girls, just to clear that aspect up.

So yeah, Im generally a pretty weird person.
But I can be worth getting to know..
If I don't like you, I will tell you so.
I do not lie to you, simple as that.
Im not going to call you my friend if I truely dislike you.
Add me.

Hello, hello :)

Name: Della/Holly
Age: 19, I'll be 20 December 9th
Location: Orlando, FL

I'm looking for new friends to read about & what not.

And yes, I have
- If you have run-on entries. Please space what you're typing about, other-wise I will not read nor comment you.
- I don't expect you to comment all of my entries, so don't expect that of me. BUT, I will NOT be a number on your list. So you do need to comment/make appearances/talk to me in some way.
- Don't judge me and my journal. It's MY journal so I'm going to write about whatever the hell I want to write about. Deal with it.
- Don't add me if you don't speak english. Sorry, but I don't want to add someone when I can't even read what they're writing.

- If you have a problem with talk about drugs, sex, or jokes on races/religion/sexuality/t.v. stars? Then don't bother adding me. I make fun of everyone and everything. Deal.

NOW, for some stuff about me to see if we have any common interests :]

Movies: Almost Famous, Labyrinth, My Cousin Vinny, Thirteen, The Last Supper, Jennifer's Body, John Tucker Must Die, Nightmare on Elm St. movies, Attack/Return of the Killer Tomatoes, Romeo & Juliet, Beetlejuice, The Craft, Hannibal movies, The Crow, Little Shop of Horrors, Rent, Peter Pan, Queen of the Damned, Interview With a Vampire, Fright Night, Harry Potter, The Doors, Harold & Kumar, Jay & Silent Bob movies, etc. etc. etc.

Books: Vampire Academy series, Harry Potter, Gemma Doyle series, Anita Blake, Cirque Du Freak saga, Merry Gentry, The Outsiders, Jennifer's Guide to Dating on the Darkside, Wings, Tithe, Valiant, Ironside, House of Night series, Where the Red Fern Grows, Blue Bloods novels, Southern Vampire mysteries, etc. etc. etc.

Music: Dimmu Borgir, Lacuna Coil, Alexz Johnson, Nothingface, Lamb of God, Ghost Machine, Job for a Cowboy, Fall Out Boy, Paramore, MGMT, American Head Charge, Kings of Leon, Hinder, Britney Spears, Flogging Molly, Lady GaGa, Black Eyed Peas, Disturbed, Opeth, Korn, Red House Painters, Sevendust, The Smashing Pumpkins, HIM, 80's music, etc. etc. etc.

TV Shows: True Blood, Dexter, Bored to Death, Chowder, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Scooby Doo, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Degrassi, Invader Zim, Family Guy, South Park, The Venture Bro's, Freddy's Nightmares, Ghost Hunters, Destination Truth, etc. etc.

Need to know more? Check out my userinfo.

I know I may sound kind of mean, but I'm only blunt. That's just me. I'm not afraid to say what I think. I'm snarky, witty & a lot of fun.
But, I can be the sweetest person you know.

Please, comment me & add me first. Otherwise, you will not get added.

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Буду рада новым друзьям :)

Основные темы моего журнала, на которые я пишу в открытом доступе - это:
путешествия по США, в ближайшем будущем появятся тексты и фото из Непала и Индии;
и благотворительность в Беларуси - с этого мой журнал начинался в декабре 2007 и до сей поры тема здесь активно продвигается, несмотря на мой переезд в Америку.

Делиться личным я предпочитаю в режиме "френдс онли" :)
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Add me =)

Привет, мне 24.
Я из России. работаю инженерам, конструирую ракеты-носители и модули для международной космической станции.
Давайте общаться =)

Greetings, to me 24.
I from Russia. I work to engineers, I design carrier rockets and modules for the international space station.
Let's communicate =)
thnx translate.ru

add Amacumara

    Здравствуйте. С детства мне пророчили службу точным наукам. Все складывалось к этому, учеба в математическом классе школы, дальше радиофизический факультет. Мое эмпирическое восприятие мира заставило искать новые пути развития, был перенасыщен теоретической физикой без практики, как следствие параллельное обучение на экономическом факультете. Стараюсь узнать новое, интересное, понять, «пропустив» через себя.
    В университете заинтересовался фотографией с технической точки зрения, оптики, чему способствовала родная кафедра «Квантовой электроники». На данный момент развиваю в себе творческие начала фотографа, помимо изучения литературы, посещаю занятия вечерней фотошколы.
    Окончание университета дало свободные выходные, которые приятно тратить на изучение окружающего мира. Можно сказать, начал путешествовать. О России писать буду чаще, такие путешествия легче осуществить в финансовом плане, но это не повод ограничивать свой кругозор. Каждый рассказ пытаюсь сделать индивидуальным, не создаю шаблонов, ухожу от информации путеводителей, стараюсь смотреть глубже и выуживать необычное, оригинальное.
    Не зацикливаюсь на путешествиях, хотя сейчас модная тенденция, также в журнал попадают материалы о культурной жизни северной столицы, рассказы о разных вещах простым языком.

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Hello everyone!
My name is Angela and I am eighteen years old. I live in Eastern Kentucky. I am in a long distance relationship with a boy who lives 600+ miles away. I am weird. I prefer staying home and playing video games to going out. I mostly play my 360 [Left4Dead, BioShock, GH, The Beatles Rock Band and others] but I also love playing older systems such as the NES and N64. ^_^ I'm very shy but every day I am working on coming out of my shell. I have a sick, sad obsession with The Office. I also like Community and I have recently started watching Parks and Recreation. I love Harry Potter and Star Wars. I like to try my hand at what I call "weird and random photography". ;D I enjoy Seth Rogen very much, and I want to find the female Saul Silver to my Dale Denton. I have a terrible memory. I have braces and I complain about them a lot but I love them. Music-wise I'm into Brand New and The Beatles. I work almost every day of my life. I have an awesome blue bike that I pedal around. I start college in January for medical information tech. I'm really shocked that I thought of so much to type. 0.0
Anyway! So feel free to add me, I'm very friendly. ^_^