October 25th, 2009


Heh, Add me?

Okay, so basic thing first.
I'm a girl, I'll turn 16 on the beginning of January so if you have some problems with me being young, don't add me. Or.. on a second thought. Add me so I could prove you wrong.
I judge people quite easily, but I'll change my views when proved wrong.
I'm quite nice, and I've been told I'm quite blunt. I'm honest both in comments and my posts. I rarely lie, so whatever I might say don't try to deny it, that's MY point of view.
I'm definitely NOT a rebel, more of a bookish, shy type.Tough quite temperamental unfortunately xD
I love:
<3 Harry Potter
<3 Lord of the Rings
<3 The Inheritance Cycle
<3 memes
<3 Christmas
<3 Roleplaying
<3 Fanfiction
<3 nice people.

I hate:
Twilight ( I've seen the movie, read the book. BLEGH. and don't try to convince me otherwise it wont go too well)
two-faced people
bees, wasps and such
needles ( the ones you have injections with, I'm perfectly fine with knitting needles and such)
people who just don't care
animal cruelty
mean people ( being mean is VERY different from critique, critique I like, meaniness sucks)

If You'd still like to add me, then please comment in any of my entries, the chances are I won't notice you otherwise, and my posts are mostly friends-only.
There is more to know about me. But like my good friend once said about me xD:
 I'm awsome! So what are you waiting for? Add me!
tomato soup, baby girl

Add Me Please!

I am a 29 yo cancer survivor. I have had my LJ for several years but never had much of a friends list and some of those have stopped posting. I'm looking for some new folks to be real friends, who will tell me when I am being an ass and will support me when I need a little love. I do read my friends' journals frequently and I also comment just as often.

I'm open-minded, honest, fair and a little sarcastic.

You must be:

Over 18
Looking for friendship, not number padding
Reasonably good with spelling, grammar and capitalization.

I know profiles don't show much what the journal is like, but my journal is not friends-only at the moment, so please stop by and if you like what you see, please add me and comment either there or here. Thanks!

(no subject)

Biracial - Native American and Caucasian; direct, not the 'one drop' rule
Soap opera fan
Activist (Far left)
Obsessive Compulsive & Epileptic
Vegetarian trying to go vegan
IMx/Immature/Marques Houston fan ♥
I like a variety of genres; industrial, EBM, goth rock, hip hop, r&b! Things like The Cure, Ayria, but like I said, I like the older R&B and hip hop!
Photographer (pictures yet to be posted, I feel like I don't have a big enough of an "audience" yet)

Looking for:
Vegetarians and vegans (who don't like PETA; no I do not think they are terrorists; they just don't represent me)
People who don't believe in animal testing: both medical and cosmetic
IMx/Immature/Marques Houston fans
People who do NOT do drugs or drink - looking for people with a sober lifestyle!
People who do NOT post graphic (disturbing) images
Obsessive compulsive people who are trying to cure it naturally
People who are far, far, far left - even further left than Obama; I did not vote on Nov 4th, 2008. I found no one I could believe in, but I do my fair share of writing my representatives so I am not politics-apathetic (but I am willing to appreciate Obama as a person and Nov 4, 2008 as a historical moment).

NOT looking for:
Drug addicts
Racists or homophobes (I go to protests for gay rights sometimes so you would NOT like me and some of my photography which is YET to be posted touches the topic of racism and stopping racism + a lot of my posts talk about race issues!)
People who are cruel to animals or even so much as joke about it
People who can't accept all genres of music (including country!) is art - You don't have to like it all, but I like people who can accept that people put their heart and souls into that stuff
Apathetic, brash, rude people; I DO complain, I DO suffer from a disorder, and I am NOT a typical happy-go-lucky person but I can be.
People who do not listen

-Comment on friends only entry to be added-

(no subject)

Hey! So, I've had my livejournal for a while, but I'm always looking for new friends to add.
I'm just a 16 year old girl living in a crazy world...and LJ helps me get by :)
Here's some things about me, and what you can expect from my journal:

-I'm a 16 year old junior, female.
-I have a complicated living situation, one of which you will probably hear about in my LJ.
-I have a long distance boyfriend who I have ups and downs with. I mostly create the downs myself, because of my insecurity and paranoia. I'm trying to work on that and be a more positive person. I do write a lot about him sometimes, so expect that.
-I can be very outgoing and silly at times, and at other times, shy and reserved. It all depends on my mood and who I'm around.
-I love to be around people most of the time, but I cherish alone time as well.
-Reading, writing, and running are just some of my hobbies.
-I love fashion and beauty, but I try not to get too wrapped up in it.
-I get in a lot of arguments with my mom. We're working on our relationship.

Things I love: Food of all kinds, hanging out with friends, laughing, listening to music, dancing, writing, reading, literature, drama (plays, etc), winter, being cozy, cuddling, cute texts and long phone calls, hot chocolate, Christmas season, the beach, tanning, running, shopping, classic video games, anything or anyone that can make me laugh, flowers, being optimistic
Things I dislike: Liars, obonxiousness, people who are mean for no reason, exclusivity, judgmental people, icky foods, mathematics, homework, feeling alone, conflict with other people, selfish people who are obsessed with themselves

I really am a fun loving person who's just trying to live each day to the fullest. :) I try to comment on all my friends' entries and take a genuine interest in their lives. If you think you can do the same thing for me, add me! :)

(no subject)

My names Crystal. I'm 17 and my birthdays December 6th.
I'm still in High School, but I'm a senior.
My favorite colors are green, orange, and purple.
I love coffee.
I smoke (cigarettes).
I don't do drugs, but some of my friends do.
I like to party.
I love reading.
I'm a dumb dork in school.
My favorite bands are Silverstein, Anberlin, Avenged Sevenfold, & Blink 182.
My favorite movies are WALL-E, Step-Brothers, Matilda, & Resident Evil(1,2&3).
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